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IN Bedford County Winter 2011

Text of IN Bedford County


    Rural Firefighters Get Funding

    Old Bedford VillageHosts Christmas


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    WINTER 2010 -1 1

    Health and Wellness News You Can Use

    Whats Insidepage 2 Narrowing the Miles for Medical Care

    page 3 The Di.erence a Number Can MakeWinter Eating and Diabetes:Tips to Stay on Track

    page 4 Be Happy and Healthy This WinterAre You Sad?Understanding Seasonal Aective Disorder

    page 5 New Hope for Pancreatic Cancer Patients

    page 6 Who Knew Rehab Could Be So Much Fun?

    page 7 Meet Our Sta.When the Snow Piles Up ... ShouldYou Be Reaching for Your Shovel?

    Heres to a Happy,Healthy Winter

    If winter isnt your favorite season, look inside for some great ways to keep your health and spirits intact.

    2010 UPMC


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    Fluffy, the Barred Owl

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    Bedford County | Winter 2011 | 1

    Bedford County | WINTER 2010 |


    Please recycle this magazine when you are through enjoying it.

    Publishers Message | 2

    FEATURES | Old Fashioned Christmas Evenings at Old Bedford Village | 4

    | Bureau of Forestry Announces Record Funding for Rural Firefighters | 6

    | Cardio Exercises | Keeping the Most Important Muscle Fit | 8

    | Back Pain | Many Causes, Few Cures | 10

    COMMUNITY INTEREST | UPMC Today | Health and Wellness News You Can Use | 13

    | Older Adults in Bedford County | 22

    | Bedford County Municipalities | 24

    | INKIDS | 27

    ON THE COVER | One of the many Stained Glass windows at St. Thomas the Apostle Catholic Church.The church is located at 215 E Penn Street.

  • 2 724.942.0940 TO ADVERTISE | Bedford County

    IN Bedford County is a non-partisan communitypublication dedicated to representing, encouragingand promoting Bedford County and its comprisingmunicipalities by focusing on the talents and gifts ofthe people who live and work here. Our goal is toprovide readers with the most informative and

    professional regional publication in theCommonwealth of Pennsylvania.


    Wayne Dollard


    Mark Berton [email protected]


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    Leo [email protected]


    Jamie [email protected]


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    Pamela Palongue


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    Nicholas Buzzell David MitchellBrian Daley Tamara Myers

    Gina DAlicandro Gabriel NegriTina Dollard Robert OjedaRose Estes Annette Petrone

    Beatriz Harrison Tara ReisJason Huffman Vincent Sabatini

    Jessie Jones Michael SilvertConnie McDaniel RJ Vighetti

    Brian McKee

    This magazine is carrier route mailed to all district households and businesses.

    All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or in part without written permission is prohibited.

    Copyright 2010.

    CORRESPONDENCEAll inquiries, comments and press releases

    should be directed to:IN Community Magazines

    Attn: Editorial603 East McMurray RoadMcMurray, PA 15317Ph: 724.942.0940 Fax: 724.942.0968

    www.incommunitymagazines.comSPRING ISSUE DEADLINE:

    FEBRUARY 3, 2011

    WINTER 2011

    Welcome to the Premier Issue of Bedford County Magazine!You may be asking yourself, What is this new magazine and why am

    I getting it? Allow me to answer that.I founded IN Community Magazines over a decade ago with the

    belief that people want to read news about their community and thepeople who live and work there. They want positive, uplifting news, andinformation about their municipalities and schools.

    We are supported entirely by advertising, not taxpayer dollars. Whilewe do offer school districts and municipalities the opportunity topurchase pages in our magazines, we give them rates that, in most cases,are less than what they are paying to put out their own newsletters toconstituents.

    We accept no advertising for alcohol, tobacco or firearms. We canguarantee that what you read in our pages will be family-oriented,upbeat and something that you can be proud of. In fact, we encourageyou to submit your ideas for stories to our managing editor, MarybethJeffries, at [email protected] Whats a goodstory? That depends on you! We routinely cover nonprofitorganizations and the good they do in the community. We coverfundraising events. We feature local houses of worship. We want toknow about the Boy or Girl Scout troop thats working on a communityproject. We want to feature the team that makes WPIALs. We want tofeature the team that is just starting out as a club sport. Weve donefeatures on centenarians, librarians and veterinarians. If you think hardenough, I bet that you can think of at least one person whos making adifference in your community. Thats what we want to know about.

    I look forward to a long and fruitful relationship with you,Bedford County!

    Wayne DollardPublisherAs we embark on a new year, I hope you take a few minutes

    to enjoy the information we have compiled for this edition of Bedford County Magazine.

    As always, our goal is to offer a bit of insight into the community.Some of our most interesting features focus on residents and theirpassion in all things "community." As you are going through yourbusy days , please don't forget to let us know about any person ororganization who you feel would be interesting for us to feature. Weget some of our best story ideas and are so inspired by our readers!The amount of good will and charitable activity that seems to flowfrom the Bedford County community is amazing and awesome.

    From all of us at IN Community Magazines, we hope your yearwill be filled with a good dose of peace and a little bit of joy, and thatyou're surrounded by the love and companionship of those who meanthe most to you.

    Marybeth JeffriesManaging Editor

    Every piece of theuniverse, even thetiniest little snowcrystal, matters

    somehow. I have a place in the pattern, and so do you.

    TA Baron

  • Bedford County | Winter 2011 | 3

    St. Thomas the Apostle Parish wasfounded in 1816. FatherDemetrius Gallitzin, thelegendary Prince Priest of theAlleghenies, was the first priest tominister to the Roman Catholicpopulation of the Bedford area asearly as 1795, celebrating Mass andstaying in various homes throughoutthe Diocese. Among these was theHeyden home. Following Father Gallitzins example and with his help,young Thomas Heyden was sent to Mt. St. Marys College inMaryland, ordained a priest on May 21, 1821 at the age of 23 andshortly afterwards became the pastor of St. Thomas, serving the parishfor nearly 50 years until his death on August 25, 1870.

    The original church was completed in 1817 and still stands onEast Street next to the original cemetery. A larger second church wasbuilt across the street to accommodate the growing population. Italso proved inadequate in size and so the present St. ThomasChurch was built in 1868. The original church, or little church, asparishioners lovingly refer to it, was restored and declared aCommunity Shrine in October of 1958.

    The present church located at the intersection of East Penn andSouth Richard Streets bears the inscription Built A.D. 1868 By VeryRev. Thos. Heyden, D.D.. Father Heydens remains repose in St.Thomas old cemetery very near to the original church.

    The carved wooden altars and figures were imported fromEurope, and along with the stained glass windows, have earned St.Thomas Church the reputation of being an artistic jewel.

    Our gratitude goes to all of the priests and parishioners who haveworked so hard to provide us with a beautiful church.*

    Bedford Student Wins PennDOT Aviation Art Contest

    Winning Entries on Display in State Capitol Nov. 29-

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