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IMS – The future of Fixed Mobile Convergence EduCause. Walt Magnussen Ph.D. 12 October, 2010. Current Situation. Landline Fixed device (with the exception of nomadic VoIP devices Dedicated telephone number Voice Mail often with Unified messaging Usually not location aware Cellular Phone - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of IMS – The future of Fixed Mobile Convergence EduCause

  • IMS The future of Fixed Mobile Convergence

    EduCauseWalt Magnussen Ph.D. 12 October, 2010

  • Current SituationLandlineFixed device (with the exception of nomadic VoIP devicesDedicated telephone numberVoice Mail often with Unified messagingUsually not location awareCellular PhoneMobile deviceDedicated telephone numberVoice Mail without Unified messagingLocation aware

  • Early attempts at FMCPBX control trombone trunkedSS7 gateways (Tango networks)Carrier provided

  • Cellular networks working through the generations1G Analog Voice only2G GSM, CDMA, up to 20 Kbps Voice and Data2.5G CDMA2000, EDGE, GPRS up to 384 Kbps. Web browsing, MMDS, location services3.0G CDMA 2000 and 3000, UMTS up to 3.1 Mbps. Full motion video, streamed video, 3D gaming

  • 4G networkingWiMax Sprint Limited markets nowLTE AT&Tand Verizon Wireless begin 2010Bandwidth 100+ MpbsApplications - All of the above Plus:High quality video streamingHigh quality video conferencingHigh quality Voice Over IP4G is built upon IMS architecture

  • IP Multimedia SubsystemDeveloped by 3GPPPUses SIP signalingFMC is based upon concept of Home and Visiting networks

  • IMS AdvantagesApplication IntegrationQoSAuthentication sharing

  • IMS Architecture

  • IMS NodesSIP ProxiesS-CSCF Network Controlling ProxyP-CSCF Border SIP ProxyI-CSCF - Interrogating SIP Proxy Location nodesHSS Function of HLR and VLRSLF Maps current IP address to User/Application.

  • IMS nodes continuedGateway nodesBGCF Border Gateway Control FunctionMGCF Media Gateway Control FunctionMGW Media GatewaySGW Signaling GatewayMedia ControlMRFC Media ControlMRFP Media Proxy

  • IMS nodes continuedApplication Servers (can either be home or visiting networkSIP ASOSA-CSCIM-SSF

  • Examples of ApplicationsCarrierGPS DirectionsOn line gamesVideo on DemandUniversityBlackboard accessEmergency NotificationLibrary and other controlled access systemsVoIP over campus WiFi

  • Integration of SystemsCampus Presence Server with HSSCampus VoIP Proxy with Wireless networkOne number dialingIntegration of Voice Mail SystemsDirect campus access to billing systemsNegotiating QoS

  • Preparing your campus for IMSConsider DAS system (if appropriate)Student/Faculty discount programs with carriersUnderstand the architecture and ready applications for access

  • The future of Emergency CommunicationsFCC InitiativesCSRIC - Traffic Prioritization, CAP and other working groupsERIC Public private integration of 700 MhZ LTE servicesESI Net initiatives-Its more than 911Campuses will connectIt will probably be IPV6 only

  • TAMU ITEC ProjectsNSF GOALI solicitationProposing IU-CRC March of 2011Network project with Verizon WirelessHope to start in June of 2010Stay tuned for more information

  • Contact info and Questions?Telecom@tamu.edu979-845-5588