Improved Symptom Relief and Quality of Life With Desloratadine in Pollen-Induced Allergic Rhinitis

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  • CONCLUSIONS: Desloratadine therapy, with or without concomitant

    corticosteroids, was highly effective in the treatment of allergic rhinitis

    in children aged 6 to 12 years. It was also safe and well tolerated.

    Funding: Schering-Plough

    249 Improved Symptom Relief and Quality of Life WithDesloratadine in Pollen-Induced Allergic RhinitisD. Dumitrascu; University of Medicine and Pharmacy Iuliu Hatieganu,

    Cluj Napoca, ROMANIA.

    RATIONALE: To evaluate once-daily desloratadine therapy in patients

    with pollen-induced allergic rhinitis.

    METHODS: In a multicenter, open-label study, 496 patients with pollen-

    induced allergic rhinitis were treated with desloratadine 5 mg/day for 14

    days. Three visits were scheduled: one within 30 days before patients en-

    tered the study (V1), one at baseline (V2), and one at the end of study (V3).

    Symptom scores were assessed at V2 and V3 on a scale of 0 to 3 (where

    05no symptoms and 35severe symptoms). Patients also rated quality oflife using the Mini Rhinoconjunctivitis QOL Questionnaire

    (MiniRQLQ), where 05unaltered and 65extremely altered.RESULTS: After 14 days of desloratadine treatment, the total symptom

    score decreased from 9.686 2.55 to 1.856 1.97 (P


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