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<ul><li><p> 1</p></li><li><p>2</p></li><li><p>IMPORTANT PAINTINGS &amp; CONTEMPORARY ART </p><p>COver Lot 24. Bill Hammond Last Night Jar in Congested Sky </p><p>$250,000 - $300,000</p><p>INSIDe FrONT COver Lot 26. ralph Hotere Vidyapatis Song </p><p>$210,000 - $270,000</p><p>INSIDe BACK COver Lot 2. Chris HeaphyUntitled</p><p>$3,000 - $4,000 </p><p>New ZealandsPremier Auction House18 Manukau roadNewmarket, Auckland 1149New ZealandP +649 524</p><p></p><p>Wednesday 27 March 6:30pM</p></li><li><p>T-Handle Desk by Jens risom Pollock executive Chair by Knoll Associates Double Cone Desk Lamp attributed to Greta Magnusson Grossman Starburst Clock by Westclox</p><p>It was the Jet Age: a burgeoning period of optimism, technological </p><p>advances and social change. Designers were quick to embrace the American </p><p>desire for the good life. Glamorous new materials were underpinned by </p><p>traditional modernist ideals of form and function. The result was some of the </p><p>most iconic designs of the mid century and proof that good design wasnt </p><p>just a Hollywood dream; good design was for everyone. Mr Bigglesworthy </p><p>presents The American Collection, a suite of mid-century designs including </p><p>original pieces by Charles and ray eames, George Nelson, Ib Kofod-Larsen, </p><p>Adrian Pearsall, Knoll, Jens risom and Broyhill. Prepare for lift-off.</p><p>COME FLY WITH ME MR. BIGGLESWORTHY PRESENTS THE AMERIcAN cOLLEcTION</p><p>Modern design</p><p>APRIL 10WEDNESDAY 6:30PM</p><p>Contact Josh Williams e: P: 09 524 6804</p></li><li><p>oceanic &amp; african artA sale comprising several significant collections of Maori taonga and artefacts, </p><p>a word-class collection of African objects and a range of Oceanic material from </p><p>an array of cultures. A superb collection of Maori and Polynesian weaponry and </p><p>adornment, and a quality selection of Melanesian shields will be on offer; African </p><p>highlights include a superb Pende mask and a fine Kuba cup. Also included is </p><p>a private collection of tribal rugs and jewellery. This auction will be on view with </p><p>the Important Paintings and Contemporary Art included in this catalogue. Please </p><p>join us to preview these sales, Tuesday 19 March, 5:30pm - 7:30pm and daily </p><p>until the sales.</p><p>Contact Jeff Hobbs E: P: 09 524 6804 M: 021 503 251</p><p> FIN</p><p>E E</p><p>AR</p><p>LY W</p><p>AK</p><p>A H</p><p>UIA</p><p> est</p><p>imat</p><p>e $2</p><p>0,00</p><p>0 - </p><p>$30,</p><p>000</p><p>MARCH 26TUESDAY 6:00PM</p></li><li><p>NIGEL SMITH +64 9 307 1777</p><p>Talk to Covisory Partners on how we can help achieve the </p><p>financial future you intended, not just how your child, </p><p>or even their children may interpret it.</p><p></p><p>Intergenerational art ownership. Just one of many challenges you may need to address at some point in your life. Is that something you should plan for now, or later?</p><p>Covisory Partners offers intergenerational wealth advice, </p><p>ongoing guidance, and provides financial structures so </p><p>your family wealth is appropriately protected. </p></li><li><p>When you enjoy a bottle of Peregrine or Saddleback you not only experience a taste </p><p>of Central Otago, you also directly contribute towards the survival and recovery of </p><p>our New Zealands endemic Falcons and Saddlebacks.</p><p>Peregrine is a major sponsor of both the New Zealand Wingspan Trust and </p><p>the Fiordland Conservation Trust, who are fully committed to the protection </p><p>and survival of these rare and unique birds. We think this is something worth </p><p>savouring. To order our wines and to find out more information on these projects </p><p> visit our website or call into our cellar door.</p><p> Wines, Kawarau Gorge Rd, Gibbston, Queenstown</p><p> 9</p></li><li><p>It is a pleasure to introduce Webbs first catalogue of Important Paintings and Contemporary Art for 2013. The sale comprises a refined selection of rare and sought-after works, many of which have only ever been seen by the public in major publications and touring institutional exhibitions. In the sale are fine works from all periods including contemporary, modern and historical New Zealand practice and selected editions from international practitioners such as Andy Warhol and Jim Dine. This event follows a successful sale of Important Paintings and Contemporary Art which took place at the end of November last year. With a total turnover in excess of $1.5 million, that was the highest-grossing mixed-vendor sale of artworks held in New Zealand during 2012. </p><p>Bill Hammonds practice is well represented with four major works, each from a different period. The first, which graces the cover of this catalogue, is a monumental triptych on Belgian linen entitled Last Nightjar in Congested Sky, dated 2004. The image relies solely on the use of black pigment and the visible weave of the linen. It exhibits Hammonds virtuoso technical ability, with finely graded body-colour and miniature filigree patterning. The second work, Wishbone Ash, Cornwall Rd Cave 2, was originally exhibited in the artists celebrated exhibition Cornwall Road Cave held at Peter McLeavey Gallery and depicts a dense sky of avian figures surrounding a delicately crafted urn. A further work from Hammond, entitled Art Lover. 3, belongs to the artists sought-after 1990s period. Depicting slender avian silhouettes which are synonymous with the artists early practice amongst a field of horse-headed and humanoid figures, this work constructs a sophisticated dialogue about the taxonomic structures of everyday life. The final work is of a domestic scale and entitled Walters Bird Table, which, as the title suggests, depicts the fictionalised interior of ornithologist Sir Walter Lawry Bullers workroom. It is an iconic subject that was the genus of his avian figures. Alongside these offerings, the sale will also include works by Michael Parekowhai, Peter Stichbury, Paul Dibble, Saskia Leek and Tony de Lautour.</p><p>Modernist painting practice is well represented with a number of works which are of a quality that is seldom seen on the auction market. ralph Hoteres practice is represented by Vidyapatis Song, a significant Song Cycle banner which measures over three metres in height and is dated 1989. This is the first major Song Cycle painting presented to the auction market in almost a decade and, with its heavy use of dripped white pigment, it is certainly one of the finest works from this series held in private hands. Breakfast at Hobson Street by evelyn Page is an important, highly personal work which depicts the artists husband, musician Frederick Page, reading the newspaper at a breakfast table laden with fruit and a vase of daffodils. </p><p>Dated 1975, the work exhibits the lyrical approach to colour and line that defined her practice. Michael Illingworths work is represented with a painting dated 1964, entitled What lies beneath these fragments of reference? which was purchased from a solo exhibition held at Barry Lett Gallery in 1967. The work features Illingworths iconic, two-dimensional geometric figures imposed against a coastal New Zealand landscape. In addition to these paintings, rare, accomplished works by rita Angus, Pat Hanly, Don Binney, Gordon Walters, Frances Hodgkins and Michael Smither are also included.</p><p>Following our recent success with Goldies practice, which saw Webbs cement a position as the foremost seller of the artists work over 2012 our results included a new record price for a female subject alongside a number of other significant prices we are pleased to have the opportunity to present a further important, early depiction of a male subject to the market. The Whitening Snows is dated 1913 and portrays Atama Paparangi, who was chief of Te rarawa iwi and a subject with whom Goldie had a long association and whom he painted throughout his career. Notably, it is Atama Paparangi who appears in the well-known photograph (held in the collection of Auckland Art Gallery) that pictures Goldie trimming the moustache of a Maori sitter. Known as a fearsome warrior, Atama Paparangi would, later in his life, adopt the Catholic faith. In The Whitening Snows, he is depicted against the carved panelling of a marae, wearing a kiwi feather cloak and a greenstone hei tiki with his impressive moko visible.</p><p>Looking forward into the sale calendar, entries are currently being accepted for our next sale of Important Paintings and Contemporary Art which will be held in July and our next A2 sale, focusing on works that hold values of between $1,000 and $20,000, to be held in May. </p><p>As all readers of this catalogue will now know, ralph Hotere, who was arguably New Zealands most important living artist, passed away on Sunday 24 February. Having worked in this industry for many years, I have had the rare privilege of seeing many of the artists finest works firsthand. The depth, quality and breadth of his practice will ensure that his legacy will forever remain central to our nations identity. When looking back over the scope of Hoteres lifes work, it is clearly apparent that his paintings mirror many events that are significant in New Zealands social history. From the works which recount his brothers death in World War II, to those engaged with the politics surrounding Treaty of Waitangi settlements, and those which protested against the proposed aluminium smelter at Aramoana and condemned French nuclear testing in the Pacific and the associated sinking of the rainbow Warrior, ralph Hoteres unique narrative is deeply woven into our nations cultural fabric.</p><p>SOPHIe COUPLAND</p><p>10</p><p>introdUction</p><p>Lot 2</p><p>6 E</p><p>vE</p><p>LYN</p><p> PA</p><p>GE</p><p> Bre</p><p>akfa</p><p>st a</p><p>t Hob</p><p>son </p><p>Str</p><p>eet </p><p> Est</p><p>imat</p><p>e $1</p><p>50,0</p><p>00 -</p><p> $20</p><p>0,00</p><p>0 </p><p>10</p></li><li><p>IN FOCUS 11 11</p></li><li><p>12</p></li><li><p>351</p><p>VieWing eveNING PrevIeW Tuesday 19 March 5:30pm - 7:30pm</p><p>Please join us to view the suite of sales and enjoy a glass of wine </p><p>thanks to Peregrine Wines, Central Otago.</p><p>Wednesday 27 March 6:30pM</p><p>iMportant paintings &amp; conteMporary art </p><p>Tuesday 19 March 5:30pm 7.30pm</p><p>Wednesday 20 March 9.00am 5.30pm</p><p>Thursday 21 March 9.00am 5.30pm</p><p>Friday 22 March 9.00am 5.30pm</p><p>Saturday 23 March 11.00am 3.00pm</p><p>Sunday 24 March 11.00am 3.00pm</p><p>Monday 25 March 9.00am 5.30pm</p><p>Tuesday 26 March 9.00am 5.30pm</p><p>Wednesday 27 March 9.00am 12.00pm</p><p>BUYer'S PreMIUM </p><p>A buyers premium of 15% will be charged on all items in the this </p><p>catalogue. GST (15%) is payable on the buyers premium.</p><p>Lot 1</p><p>6 M</p><p>ICH</p><p>AE</p><p>L P</p><p>AR</p><p>EK</p><p>OW</p><p>HA</p><p>I Et</p><p>aple</p><p>s E</p><p>stim</p><p>ate </p><p>$16,</p><p>500 </p><p>- $2</p><p>2,00</p><p>0 </p><p> 13</p></li><li><p>SASKIA LEEK</p><p>Sunset</p><p>oil on canvas signed S. Leek and dated 2006 in brushpoint verso 300mm x 225mm </p><p>ESTIMATE $1,500 - $2,500</p><p>1</p><p>CHRIS HEAPHY</p><p>Untitled (Butterfly)</p><p>acrylic on canvas 400mm x 400mm</p><p>ESTIMATE $3,000 - $4,000</p><p>2</p><p>ANdREW MCLEOd</p><p>Silk Road</p><p>digital print, 2/20 signed A. McLeod and dated 2011 and inscribed Silk Road in pencil lower edge 980mm x 580mm</p><p>ESTIMATE $3,000 - $4,000</p><p>3</p><p>dICK FRIzzELL</p><p>Hes...Gone Again!</p><p>acrylic on board signed Frizzell and dated 10/77, inscribed Painting Diptych Right Panel in brushpoint left edge 525mm x 410mm</p><p>ESTIMATE $15,000 - $20,000</p><p>4</p><p>1</p><p>3</p><p>2</p><p>12</p></li><li><p> 13</p></li><li><p>PETER STICHbURY</p><p>Untitled</p><p>gouache on paper shopping bag signed Stichbury and dated 01 in pencil verso 450mm x 430mm</p><p>ESTIMATE $2,500 - $3,500</p><p>5</p><p>PETER STICHbURY</p><p>Untitled</p><p>gouache on paper shopping bag signed Stichbury and dated 01 in pencil verso 450mm x 430mm</p><p>ESTIMATE $2,500 - $3,500</p><p>6</p><p>PETER STICHbURY</p><p>Untitled</p><p>gouache on paper shopping bag signed Stichbury and dated 01 in pencil verso 450mm x 430mm</p><p>ESTIMATE $2,500 - $3,500</p><p>7</p><p>PETER STICHbURY</p><p>Untitled</p><p>gouache on paper shopping bag signed Stichbury and dated 01 in pencil verso 450mm x 430mm</p><p>ESTIMATE $2,500 - $3,500</p><p>8</p><p>5</p><p>7</p><p>6</p><p>8</p><p>14</p></li><li><p>PAUL dIbbLE</p><p>Study for Little Sister</p><p>lost wax cast bronze, 3/3 signed Paul Dibble, dated 1998 and inscribed 3/3 on base 540mm x 125mm x 35mm</p><p>ESTIMATE $9,000 - $12,000</p><p>9</p><p> 15</p></li><li><p>MICHAEL STEvENSON</p><p>Little Cross of Jesus Christ in Neon</p><p>oil on board signed M. Stevenson and dated 11th April 1989 in brushpoint upper right; signed Michael Stevenson, dated April 1989 and inscribed Little Cross of Jesus Christ in brushpoint verso 490mm x 690mm</p><p>ESTIMATE $6,000 - $8,000</p><p>11MICHAEL STEvENSON</p><p>Harvest Home</p><p>oil on board signed M. Stevenson and dated 8.3.88 in brushpoint upper left; signed Michael Stevenson, dated 8 March 1988 and inscribed Harvest Home in brushpoint verso 510mm x 700mm</p><p>ESTIMATE $5,000 - $7,000</p><p>10</p><p>10</p><p>11</p><p>16</p></li><li><p>TONY FOMISON</p><p>Bacchus: Michelangelo</p><p>pencil on paper signed T. Fomison, dated 9.3.70, 20.8.70 and 10.9-29.10.70 and inscribed Bacchus Michelangelo in pencil lower left 410mm x 300mm</p><p>ESTIMATE $8,000 - $12,000</p><p>12</p><p> 17</p></li><li><p>EMILY WOLFE</p><p>Untitled Screen</p><p>oil on 3 fold timber screen construction, double sided 1700mm x 1170mm (overall)</p><p>EXHIbITEd Screen Show, vavasour Godkin, 1998</p><p>ESTIMATE $12,000 - $18,000</p><p>13</p><p>18</p></li><li><p>TONY FOMISON</p><p>O le Faaluma (The Mad One #3)</p><p>oil on board signed Fomison, dated 1983, started 5.10.83 and inscribed Tauranga, O le faaluma (The Mad One #3) on label affixed verso 202mm x 250mm</p><p>ESTIMATE $20,000 - $30,000</p><p>14</p><p> 19</p></li><li><p>GORdON WALTERS</p><p>Claws with Black and Red Ochre</p><p>1958 goauche and collaged paper on board 545mm x 435mm </p><p>ILLUSTRATEd The Invention of New Zealand Art &amp; National Identity 1930 - 1970, Francis Pound, Auckland University Press, 2009, pl 40. </p><p>REFERENCE Ibid p 59. </p><p>ESTIMATE $12,000 - $18,000</p><p>15</p><p>Throughout his career, Walters made formal studies in which he aimed to find alternatives for or supplements to the koru motif. Claws with Black and Red Ochre belongs to a series of works made between 1957 and 1961 that was based on both the three-fingered claw motif seen in Marquesan art and the three-fingered hand seen in Maori rock carving. Developed contemporaneously with the artists koru works, the two lines of enquiry were alike in that they were both based on a single repeated form and utilised imagery appropriated from a culture other than his own. In Claws with Black and Red Ochre, the motif is repeated to the point where it loses much of its original meaning. In combination with the pared-back koru studies that Walters was making in the late 60s (such as Study for Waitara, held in the collection of Auckland Art Gallery), the grids of positive and negative space that emerged from the Claws series directly influenced the minimal, geometric koru paintings made between 1960 and 1966 for which he is best known.</p><p>Walters employment of red ochre references its presence as one of the two colours used in Maori rock art. Between 1946 and 1947, Walters studied various sites around the South Canterbury region where rock art was present and, from 1947 onwards, the use of the red ochre had become an important conceptual thread that ran through his practice. Outside of its employment in early rock art, red ochre has found a great number of applications in Maori art and architecture; it is the colour with which kowhaiwhai panels are painted and, in many cases, it is the colour used to coat carved panelling. Even in works that do not employ Maori motifs, the presence of red ochre, in itself, has a prevailing and persuasive sense of Maoriness. The fact that Claws with Black and Red Ochre so richly embodies this colour is alone enough to make it a significant work. CHARLES NINOW</p><p>20</p></li><li><p> 21</p></li><li><p>MICHAEL PAREKOWHAI</p><p>Etaples</p><p>c-type colour photograph, from an edition of 8 inscribed in printed letter...</p></li></ul>


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