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Important Dates - Texas State Universitygato-docs.its. ... Resume Writing Help Job Searching Assistance

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    Texas State University is a tobacco-free campus.


    McCoy College of

    Business Administration

    FYI: Spring 2016 Registration

    Please notice that RRC/AVRY indicates that the section meets at the Round Rock Campus. If you are not willing to travel, please do not register for that

    section. We have RRC/AVRY classes every semester.

    Please notice that MGT 3353 and MGT 3453 labs are assigned to specific lectures. Please verify that the lecture and the lab work with your class schedule.

    If you want to register for a management course that is closed for the spring semester, please fill out a closed class request form found on our website, or

    visit the Departmental Office (McCoy 524). The Department of Management will not handle closed class requests over the phone.

    Who Is My Advisor?

    Management Majors A-K

    Sarah Drennan,

    Management Majors L-Z

    Courtney Cross,

    Management Majors Round Rock

    Gina Escamilla,

    Please view the website for more information:



    Gain valuable hands-on experience and course credit with one of our internship courses: Management,

    Human Resources, or Entrepreneurship.

    For more information, email Mrs. Dietert or visit the website.

    CAREER SERVICES Walk-in Career Coaching Hours

    Location: LBJSC 5—7.1

    Resume Writing Help Job Searching Assistance

    Interview Skills Prep

    Monday & Tuesday 1-3 pm Wednesday & Thursday 3-5 pm

    Editor: Megan Bludau

    If you have anything you would like to include in the newsletter, please email the department at

    Meet your Career Advisor

    Bruce Howard is a Career Advisor and the

    Career Services Liaison to the McCoy College

    of Business Administration. He is available to

    help review resumes, provide interview

    preparation, discuss job search strategies, or

    to answer questions about any career issues

    and/or concerns.

    Please email Bruce or contact Career

    Services (512.245.2645) to make an


    Career Services, LBJ Student Center

    Suite 5-7.1

    Important Dates

    November 19th Withdrawal Deadline, Go to Zero Hours Enrolled

    (Ends at 5:00 PM)

    November 25th—29th Thanksgiving Break (Classes Do Not Meet)

    Congratulations to the students who accepted their invitation to join Beta Gamma Sigma this semester!

    Araceli Aviles Travis Brown

    Sharmaine Ceasar Faye Coffill

    Lauren Dempsey Jennifer Devries Dakota Ditterline Casey Dominguez

    Joseph Fish Samantha Frerich Ryan Georgens

    Blake Griffin Brieann Heaton Dylan Herzog Andrew Hill

    Steven Hite Thomas Johnson

    Nicole Kasper Ricardo Hipolito Larrabure Ruiloba

    Christopher Le Nathaniel Mayes

    Meagan Mize Kohner Morgan Sarah Mounsif

    Lee Nelson Selika Raus Stacy Schaul Cecilia Solis

    Ernesto Viganas Sarah Wall

    Kathelyne Xiquin