Implementing BCM Lynda McMullan CBCI Business Continuity Manager

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  • Implementing BCM Lynda McMullan CBCI Business Continuity Manager
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  • BCM - What, When, Who and How? What is a Business Continuity Management Programme What are the elements of a BCM Programme When should each element of a BCM be created? Who should undertake the BCM Programme? How can BCM be embedded into an organisation?
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  • BCI Good Practice Guides & BS25999 Holistic management process that identifies potential threats to an organisation and the impacts to business operations that those threats, if realized, might cause and which provides a framework for building organizational resilience with the capability for an effective response that safeguards the interests of its stakeholders, reputation, brand and value-creating activities What is BCM?
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  • Business Continuity is the strategic and tactical capability of the organization to plan for and to respond to incidents and business disruptions in order to continue business operations at an acceptable pre-defined level. BS25999
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  • What are the elements of a BCM Programme? BC Policy identifies the organisations definition of BCM / sets out the scope and governance of the BCM programme / documents an operational framework for management / documents BCM principles / implementation and maintenance plan for the policy. BC Strategy agreement on the delivery of the BCM Programme Prioritisation Exercise to determine critical tasks/services Business Impact Analysis (BIA) / Business Impact and Risk Analysis (BIRA) Business Continuity Plan (BCP) Risk Register and Risk Plan BCM Programme Plan Project Plan Exercise and Review Plan
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  • When should each BCM element be created? Policy & Strategy before start of programme! BCM Programme Plan Initial Prioritisation BIRA / BIA BCPs & Risk Plans/Register Exercise and Review Programme
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  • Who should undertake the BCM Programme? Identified Plan Owners Senior Management All staff where applicable
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  • How can BCM be embedded into an organisation? Evacuation Planning Estates & Facilities Business Process Re-engineering (BPR) Value For Money (VFM) Been seen as an enabler not a constraint
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  • Aids? BCI Good Practice Guides BSI BS25999 Legislation / Regulations H & S Requirements Organisations Strategic Plans Daily/weekly Business Impacts
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  • Incident Set-up Time Travel Thinking Time MTPDRTO Activity 1 Activity 3Activity 2 Incident Response Minutes to hours Business Continuity Minutes to days Business Unit Recovery back-to-normal Weeks to months Damage repair or replacement / relocation to permanent place of work / Recovery of costs from insurers Latest point of invocation
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  • Incident Management Plan Members Communications Alt Locations Staff, Student & Visitor Welfare Evacuation Plans Call Out Co-ordination of BC Plans Salvage Plans All non critical areas are planned for utilising a Business Unit Recovery Plan Initial Prioritisation Exercise Business Impact & Risk Analysis Business Impact Analysis Business Continuity Plan Exercise & ReviewsRisk
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  • Questions?