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European expansion

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  • 1. 1800s Imperialism
    lorenapajares otraglobalizacinesposible?, 9/23/2010, Creative Commons Attribution NoncomercialSharealike
    Mr. Saukas

2. For Raw Resources
Military Advantages
Spread Culture/Civilization
Rapidly Expanding Population
Why Imperialize?
No Author, Amazing quality photo. Men of Reserve Infantry Regiment 78 during training, 9/23/2010, Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial Sharealike
3. Industrial Revolution needed resources
After Age of Exploration
Causes of Imperialism
Alberto Avramidis,
Money, its a crime, 9/23/2010, Creative Commons AttributionNoncommercial No Derivative Works
4. Official recorded colonizing started in 16th century
China, India, North and South America
Major players are Spain and Portugal
Early Cases of Imperialism
5. Britain
The major Imperialists in late 19th Century
6. Britain
Most powerful imperialist
In peak held of world
Held territory in all continents
Vaughan Leiberum, Flag - Great Britain, 9/23/2010, Creative Commons Attribution
7. India crown jewel of British colonies
Governed India through East India Company
Also illegal trade in China Opium
Westernization of India caused war
Decolonization after WWII
British Influence in Asia
Manda Mia, 2007 birthday 'cake, 9/23/2010, Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial No Derivative Works
8. Egypt, Suez Canal, Egypt defeated
Rhodesian diamond mines- One mans empire
Conflicts with other European powers
Governed lands directly
Any African resistance brutally put down
British Influence in Africa
Rachel C. Gibbons, The Rhodes Colossus, 9/23/2010, Public Domain
9. 3rd most powerful in Europe
2nd most powerful colonial
Primarily in North Africa and Vietnam
Jules Ferry Theory
10. Territory gained in the scramble
French West Africa
Any resources stripped, grew cotton, groundnuts
Gave political rights in 1946
France in Africa
No real name given, Africa. 1910, 9/23/2010, Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial Sharealike
11. North, South, Central Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos
French used ruthless tactics to control
During World Wars control was lost
Japanese controlled, after WWII indepedence
France Reclaimed, lost, followed by US
France in Indochina(Vietnam)
Jean Randier, French "Marsouins" (Troupes de Marine) in Indo-China in 1888, 9/23/2010, Public Domain
12. 2nd most powerful European
3rd strongest colonial
Small sections in lower Africa
A handful of Pacific islands
RajkumarKanagasingam, German East Africa in red, other contemporary German colonies in blue, 9/23/2010, Public Domain
13. Germany got in late
Colonies were few
Harsh treatment of natives
Quickly taken over and lost in WWI
German colonies
14. Belgium and the Congo
Very small country, high industry
Colonized Congo
Very Harsh treatment of natives
Colony like kings private fief
Horrors of Congo publicized, brought infamy
Mirko Tobias Schaefer, Imperialism/Colonialism 9/23/2010 Creative Commons Attribution
15. Positive: jump started Europe
Supposed culture and civilization brought
Set up trade with Europe and beyond
Consequences of Imperialism
No real name given, School Blackboard, 9/23/2010, Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial Sharealike
16. Negatives: Set Africa up for failure
Stripped resources the country could of used
Brutalized natives, sometimes wiped out
Set up racism
Advanced countries that werent ready
Consequences of Imperialism cont.