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European expansion


<ul><li> 1. 1800s Imperialism<br />lorenapajares otraglobalizacinesposible?, 9/23/2010, Creative Commons Attribution NoncomercialSharealike<br />Mr. Saukas<br /></li></ul> <p> 2. For Raw Resources<br />Military Advantages<br />Prestige<br />Spread Culture/Civilization<br />Rapidly Expanding Population<br />Easy<br />Why Imperialize?<br />No Author, Amazing quality photo. Men of Reserve Infantry Regiment 78 during training, 9/23/2010, Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial Sharealike<br /> 3. Industrial Revolution needed resources<br />Economic <br />Mercantilism<br />After Age of Exploration<br />Causes of Imperialism<br />Alberto Avramidis,<br />Money, its a crime, 9/23/2010, Creative Commons AttributionNoncommercial No Derivative Works<br /> 4. Official recorded colonizing started in 16th century<br />China, India, North and South America<br />Major players are Spain and Portugal<br />Early Cases of Imperialism<br /> 5. Britain<br />Germany<br />France<br />Belgium<br />The major Imperialists in late 19th Century<br /> 6. Britain<br />Most powerful imperialist<br />In peak held of world<br />Held territory in all continents<br />Vaughan Leiberum, Flag - Great Britain, 9/23/2010, Creative Commons Attribution<br /> 7. India crown jewel of British colonies<br />Governed India through East India Company<br />Also illegal trade in China Opium<br />Westernization of India caused war<br />Decolonization after WWII<br />British Influence in Asia<br />Manda Mia, 2007 birthday 'cake, 9/23/2010, Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial No Derivative Works<br /> 8. Egypt, Suez Canal, Egypt defeated<br />Rhodesian diamond mines- One mans empire<br />Conflicts with other European powers<br />Governed lands directly<br />Any African resistance brutally put down<br />British Influence in Africa<br />Rachel C. Gibbons, The Rhodes Colossus, 9/23/2010, Public Domain<br /> 9. 3rd most powerful in Europe<br />2nd most powerful colonial<br />Primarily in North Africa and Vietnam<br />Jules Ferry Theory<br />France<br /> 10. Territory gained in the scramble<br />French West Africa<br />Any resources stripped, grew cotton, groundnuts<br />Gave political rights in 1946<br />France in Africa<br />No real name given, Africa. 1910, 9/23/2010, Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial Sharealike<br /> 11. North, South, Central Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos<br />French used ruthless tactics to control<br />During World Wars control was lost<br />Japanese controlled, after WWII indepedence<br />France Reclaimed, lost, followed by US<br />France in Indochina(Vietnam)<br />Jean Randier, French "Marsouins" (Troupes de Marine) in Indo-China in 1888, 9/23/2010, Public Domain<br /> 12. 2nd most powerful European<br />3rd strongest colonial<br />Small sections in lower Africa<br />A handful of Pacific islands<br />Germany<br />RajkumarKanagasingam, German East Africa in red, other contemporary German colonies in blue, 9/23/2010, Public Domain<br /> 13. Germany got in late<br />Colonies were few<br />Harsh treatment of natives<br />Quickly taken over and lost in WWI<br />German colonies<br /> 14. Belgium and the Congo<br />Very small country, high industry<br />Colonized Congo<br />Very Harsh treatment of natives<br />Colony like kings private fief<br />Horrors of Congo publicized, brought infamy<br />Mirko Tobias Schaefer, Imperialism/Colonialism 9/23/2010 Creative Commons Attribution<br /> 15. Positive: jump started Europe<br />Supposed culture and civilization brought<br />Set up trade with Europe and beyond<br />Consequences of Imperialism<br />No real name given, School Blackboard, 9/23/2010, Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial Sharealike<br /> 16. Negatives: Set Africa up for failure<br />Stripped resources the country could of used<br />Brutalized natives, sometimes wiped out<br />Set up racism<br />Advanced countries that werent ready<br />Consequences of Imperialism cont.<br /></p>