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Yearbook Edition.


  • 1 SEPT- DEC 2014

    IMPACT: Yearbook Edition

  • 2 SEPT- DEC 2014

    IMPACT: Yearbook Edition

    With this here third edition of IMPACT, 2014 comes to an end, as does my term as VP Communication and Information Management. This edition is my favourite for a number of reasons.

    First, I had so many pictures to choose from! The biggest challenge I normally have when putting together this magazine is normally content, and pictures are a big part of that! Well, this semester, that was not a problem. Several members with magnificent cameras and a knack for pictures really came through on that end, as well as the pro-bono photo shoot Twenty Degrees Photography did for us! (Check out their details below!)

    Second, this edition contains a lot of contributions from members. I asked several peo-ple to write about their AIESEC year in a paragraph and the response was heart-warming. Everyone came through with some giving me about three times as many words as I needed, which then became a challenge for metrying to edit and bring down the words to fit my word count while trying not to dilute the message and emotion in peoples words! In the end, the more the words, the smaller the font, I didnt have the heart to start cutting people short by editing their words to shorten their paragraphs

    Third, I had a lot of help from Symon, my successor with putting this edition together. More hands make for lighter work, as well as new ideas. I cannot wait for the next edition of IMPACT to see what he has in store for us as well as for once, be surprised by the contents.

    In conclusion, I have had an amazing year! I keep having mini-panic attacks when I try to envision what my life will be about when AIESEC is no longer at the centre of it all but the show must go on. The show must always go on! Wake up, get dressed and show up!

    See you all in 2015!

    Happy Holidays.

    Kathleen Siminyu

    Editors Note...

  • 3 SEPT- DEC 2014

    IMPACT: Yearbook Edition

    AIESEC Jomo Kenyatta University of

    Agriculture & Technology



    Inside this issue...

    Member experiences



    6-7, 10-11, 14-15,

    18-19 2014 in Our Words

    12-13 The John Mulatya

    Award for Excellence Winner 2014

    16-17 Q&A with The New


    4-5 Amplified

    Conference 14

    8-9 AIESEC

    JKUAT Gala Dinner 14

  • 4 SEPT- DEC 2014

    IMPACT: Yearbook Edition

  • 5 SEPT- DEC 2014

    IMPACT: Yearbook Edition

    Conference is where AIESECers go to recharge their batteries. Of this I am convinced.

    If you are an AIESECer and have attended a conference, you know what I am talking about. If you are not an AIESECer and have interacted with them, you are no doubt aware of this con-stant energy they always seem to have in plenty. If you do not fall in either of those two catego-ries, well, reading this is a good start.

    Amplified was amazing. 4-days of learning, ex-ponential learning might I add, networking, sharing, goal setting and strategizing, regroup-ing and planning for the year to come. It is im-portant for any entity to always sit down every so often, perhaps annually, and look back on the year that has been. This conference came at a time when the seasons were changing. Current leadership of each entity nearing the end of their term. Their successors already elected and gearing up for the year ahead. Both groups get to sit together and look back as well as ahead. For AIESEC JKUAT, as an already nostalgic outgoing leader, all I can say is am already excited about what this new group of people is going to bring. I really enjoyed sitting back and listening to them dream and plan, see our situation with a fresh pair of eyes, come with a new set of ideas. It reminded me of my former selfhowever recently that might have been. Theres something magical about the changing of the seasons.

    We had intensive trainings on the new AIESEC online system, the GIS (Global Information System), which comes to replace the loved and hated in equal measure that has been around for as long as I can remember (legacy technology that has served us well).

    We learnt the new customer flows that this new system is accompanied by as well as redefined

    (or rather more concisely defined) who our target customer is, how to market to them and deliver the relevant AIESEC experience.

    The conference was facilitated by AIESEC Kenya national leaders as well as Vice Presi-dents of various chapters, they were a de-lightful and vibrant team.

    Another great highlight of conferences, na-tional in this case, is the fact that you get to meet people from many other universities. Making new friends can sometimes be a daunting task but with AIESEC as an ice-breaking topic, 4 days is enough to make life-long friends, I kid you not.

    Finally, no AIESEC conference is complete without themed parties and the best part is that AIESECers, for the most part, take these themes seriously! From roasting marshmallows at bonfire night to the white party andthat epic party on the last night whose theme I cannot quite remember (come as your geek self maybe?!), the lack of sleep was worth it. I must mention, for those not familiar with AIESEC conferences, that sessions are actu-ally very very intense and the schedule is ad-hered to without deviation. When sessions were scheduled to run till about 10pm before the schedule ends and they run late, the show goes on. We were often still going through session content up till midnight on various occasions but as the shows must go on with the session, so with the party, well deserved unwinding.

    I personally got home with just about enough energy to eat and sleep and as if sleeping for 14 hours straight was not enough indication of just how intense the conference had been, I had no voice for a little over 3 days after.

  • 6 SEPT- DEC 2014

    IMPACT: Yearbook Edition

    2014 in our words

    My AIESEC experience has been one of a kind. I have grown in ways I would never have imagined. I have learnt numerous things about the world, my friends and myself. Not

    only do I feel equipped for the world but have also made relationships

    that will last a lifetime. I am thankful for what AIESEC is doing and con-

    tinues to do for my career.

    Ive been in AIESEC for 4 months now, its a relatively short period of time but then in that period Ive had some of the best experiences and learnt a lot. Its through AIESEC that Ive learnt to master my confi-dence, talk in front of a crowd without freaking out and facing issues head on, things I rarely did before. My experience so far has been awesome especially the con-ference where I learnt a lot and also made many friends. The attention I got when I joined was good and the oldies there taught me well about AIESEC. The main challenge I had was learning the acronyms which are so commonly used but then Ive gotten used to them. AIESEC has been awesome for me so far and I look forward to having better experiences and learning a lot more.

  • 7 SEPT- DEC 2014

    IMPACT: Yearbook Edition

    Mine has been just 6 months of non-stop fun, from my experi-ence with the interns, community work in the slums to the unfor-gettable memories made during Amplified. This has been one hell of a ride and I look forward to a bigger AIESEC in 2015.

    One word for this year,

    AMAZING! The experience, the people, the learning, it has all been a fulfilling journey for meand I suspect the best

    parts of the journey are yet to come.

    2014 in our words

  • 8 SEPT- DEC 2014

    IMPACT: Yearbook Edition

  • 9 SEPT- DEC 2014

    IMPACT: Yearbook Edition

    The fifth AIESEC JKUAT Gala dinner was held on the 5th of December at Oak Place. Fifth, five is still very young, we as AIESEC JKUAT are still young and finding our footing and this dinner is always a wonder-ful space for us to acknowledge progress and successes, inter