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<ul><li><p>7/27/2019 imp gk dec 2012 to sept 2013</p><p> 1/3</p><p>Who scored fastest-ever debut century of 85 balls in Test cricket for India?</p><p>Shikhar Dhawan</p><p>What role did H.S.Goindi handle before quitting TVS Motors?</p><p>Head of marketing</p><p>Who took charge as the first head of Tagore studies at Edinburgh Napier University in Scotland?</p><p>Professor Indra Nath Choudhuri</p><p>Which country revealed 1-child policy has boosted its economic growth by</p><p>preventing overpopulation?</p><p>China</p><p>Which is the guest country and focus country at the 9th edition of India-Africa</p><p>Project partnership conclave?</p><p>Cameroon and Ethiopia</p><p>Who is appointed as MD and CEO to replace Shinzo Nakanishi at Maruti Suzuki India with effectfrom 1st April 2013?</p><p>Kenichi Ayukawa</p><p>Whom did China re-appoint as governor of its central Bank?</p><p>Zhou Xiaochuan</p><p>Which company bought email app Mailbox within a month it hit markets?</p><p>Dropbox</p><p>Which international fashion brand sales has gone past Rs.1,000 crore in India during the year 2012?</p><p>Benetton</p><p>Expand NETA. (Hint: Tea)</p><p>North Eastern Tea Association</p><p>Who was elected as chairman of Andhra Pradesh councils Confederation of Indian Industry for</p><p>2013-14?</p><p>B.Ashok Reddy</p><p>Who won his 3rd Indian Wells ATP Masters title?</p><p>Rafael Nadal</p><p>Who won her 2nd Indian Wells WTA title?</p><p>Maria Sharapova</p><p>Who became the 3rd Thai national with a two-stroke win at the Thailand Open?</p><p>Prayad Marksaeng</p><p>Who won the Australian Grand PrixFormula 1 world championships 2013?</p><p>Kimi Raikkonen</p></li><li><p>7/27/2019 imp gk dec 2012 to sept 2013</p><p> 2/3</p><p>How many schools have Gems Education planned to start in India over next 5 years?</p><p>50</p><p>Which insurance company launched eShield, an online term plan?</p><p>SBI Life</p><p>As part of Social Corporate Responsibility which Public Sector Bank will recruit graduate</p><p>unemployed youth of Jammu and Kashmir under UDAAN?</p><p>Canara Bank</p><p>Name the device developed to prevent driver from sending text messages while driving the car.</p><p>ORIGOSafe</p><p>List the 6 fundamental rights mentioned in Part 3 of Constitution of India.</p><p>Right to Equality</p><p>Right to FreedomRight against Exploitation</p><p>Right to Freedom of Religion</p><p>Cultural and Educational Rights</p><p>Right to constitutional remedies</p><p>How many fundamental duties are set in the Constitution of India?</p><p>11 after 86th Amendment in 2002</p><p>How many schedules does Indian Constitution contain?</p><p>12</p><p>Who has the right to declare National Emergency in India?</p><p>President</p><p>What are the three types of emergency that can be declared in India?</p><p>National Emergency, State Emergency and Financial Emergency</p><p>List of renamed or re-spelt names of</p><p>Indian states2UttaranchalUttarakhand</p><p>MysoreKarnataka</p><p>West BengalPaschim Banga</p><p>Madhya BharatMadhya Pradesh</p></li><li><p>7/27/2019 imp gk dec 2012 to sept 2013</p><p> 3/3</p><p>United ProvincesUttar Pradesh</p><p>Tranvancore CochinKerala</p><p>Madras StateTamil Nadu</p></li></ul>