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<ul><li><p>Immigration: Debates and DiscussionsClass Discussions</p></li><li><p>Immigration Laws QuizLog on to and join room 917563.Take quiz.</p></li><li><p>Why is the 14th Amendment always a good answer?Nationalized citizenship requirements &amp; Overturned the Dred Scott decision.14th Amendment defines a citizen as anyone born in the US or territory under its jurisdiction. What does this mean in application?Congress later defined a citizen as anyone born to one or more parent who is a citizen.Both are considered natural born citizens.</p></li><li><p>Citizenship StudyClick on the SAS tile in Symbaloo.Click Login at the Top right.User name is Currituck. You do not need a password.When the page re-loads, enter QL #414.Click the blue links to answer the questions on the handout I gave you.Discuss the information.</p></li><li><p>US CitizenshipBy what 2 methods can someone become a citizen?Automatic: AKA natural bornJus sanguanis, Jus soliNaturalizationDiscuss the Naturalization ProcessToo easy, too difficult, or ok</p></li><li><p>Defining the termsWhat is an alien? What types of aliens are there?What is an immigrant?Are all immigrants aliens? Explain.Are all aliens immigrants? Explain.</p></li><li><p>The Contentious Nature of ImmigrationWhat fears underlie the issue?Cultural changeEmployment fearsTerrorismDo organizer with +/^When did these fears begin? With which wave of immigration?See chart.Read quote by famous American</p></li><li><p>Immigration LegislationFor each act, Complete the organizer assignment in small groups: Chinese Exclusion Act 1882Immigration Act of 1924 (Johnson-Reed Act) The Immigration Act of 1965Immigration Act of 1990Immigration Control &amp; Reform Act 1986Proposed DREAM Act Look at other laws (see sheet).</p></li><li><p>AssignmentRead Lifeboat Ethics and complete the prompt on a separate sheet of paper. WARNING: This piece is very controversial!Read through the 4 options. Complete chart and be ready to defend your positions.Due Tuesday!</p></li><li><p>Lifeboat EthicsCollect prompts.Discuss the conundrum of the piece.In 1974, Hardin predicts the population explosion that is currently occurring. Check out these statistics:</p></li><li><p>What should the US do about immigration?Overview of Option #1Open ourselves to the worldPros vs. ConsOverview of Option #2Make Emigration unnecessaryPros vs. ConsOverview of Option #3Admit the talent we needPros vs. ConsOverview of Option #4Restrict ImmigrationPros vs. Cons</p></li><li><p>Why is the 14th Amendment always a good answer?Nationalized citizenship requirements &amp; Overturned the Dred Scott decision.Contains the Equal Protection clause. States may not discriminate.Contains the Due Process clause. Interpretation of this clause has led to Selective Incorporation of BOR.</p></li></ul>