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Imagine. bringing. Peace to your. Home School Town Country Between Nations. A woman had a vision. To create a Peace Room. A place where her grand children could learn about Peace. The Outside View. The view from the Peace Room. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Page 1: Imagine



Page 2: Imagine

Peace to your

• Home• School• Town• Country• Between Nations

Page 3: Imagine

A woman had a vision

• To create a Peace Room

A place where her grand children could learn about Peace

Page 4: Imagine

The Outside View

Page 5: Imagine

The view from the Peace Room

The outside view of the Peace Room as drawn in the Peace Room minutes

Page 6: Imagine

Side view of Peace Room as it is today

Page 7: Imagine
Page 8: Imagine

Peace Room plan

Page 9: Imagine

The Rainbow Bookshelves

• Contained “short accounts of the lives of constructive workers in the world”.

• These were called “World Contributors” as they were people who had contributed to the world in some way.

Page 10: Imagine
Page 11: Imagine

What happened in the Peace Room?

• Children visited• Someone acted as Chair person• Visitors nominated people they thought

should be called a “World Contributor”• All present debated whether the nominee

was worthy• If they agreed, the person was put in a

book on the bookshelf

Page 12: Imagine

The lady who made the Peace Room kept Minutes of the meetings.

Page 13: Imagine

World Contributors:

• Elizabeth Fry – prison reformer• Grace Darling – first lifeboat rescue• Thomas Edison – invented the electric light• Dr Simpson – helped develop chloroform• Dr Barnardo – cared for homeless children• James Mackenzie – heart specialist• Akhenaton – Pharaoh – united lower and upper


Page 14: Imagine

World Citizens

Many of the nominees were true “World Citizens”, working across nations for peace.

But nominees were not always accepted.

Page 15: Imagine

Who was refused nomination?

• Napoleon Bonaparte• Adolf Hitler

• Why?

Page 16: Imagine

Who would YOU nominate?

• Someone famous?• Someone you know?• Someone who has had a real influence?

• Take a few minutes to think about who you want to put in the Peace Room.

• A real World Contributor?

Page 17: Imagine

This meeting now in session

• Nominees:

Page 18: Imagine

My nomination

• “The old woman with the spade” whose vision made this happen.

Page 19: Imagine

Impact of the Peace Room

By 1945 there were many books on the Peace Room bookshelf. They painted a Rainbow above it.

“Traditionally the ends of a rainbow point to pots of money. This rainbow pointed ‘not to gold or material wealth but to things of spiritual and ethical value’”.

Page 20: Imagine

Impact continued

By 1946 news of the Peace Room had reached adults working for Peace in Philadelphia USA (Paul Fischer).

In 1952 someone present at the International Peace Congress in Vienna wrote a letter to the Peace Room members telling them about the conference.

Page 21: Imagine

The Virtual Peace Room• The Peace Room has now been put on the

internet so that everyone can visit it.• http://

www.worldecitizens.net/wecitizens/peace_room • Lets have a look• We have made the people who have a place in

the Peace Room e-citizens – electronic global citizens.

• And every person who has their biography put on the web page will receive “e-citizenship” too.

Page 22: Imagine

What next?

• Think about who YOU want to nominate.• Someone who could be considered as

World e-citizens?• What information would we need to know?• Do they have to be famous? • Write a biography of the person YOU think

should have a place in the Peace Room

Page 23: Imagine

Your Nomination

• Write about your nomination. Who is it? Tell us about their life. Important dates and happenings in their life. Make sure all the facts are correct!

• Tell us what they have done to deserve e-citizenship? How have they contributed to the world?

• You can put pictures in about them (with their permission of course!)

Page 24: Imagine

And then…• Put your nomination into electronic format (Word) You

can include a picture if you want with the person’s permission

• Go to the Peace Room website: http://www.worldecitizens.net/wecitizens/peace_room

• Click on the table to submit a nomination• Register, and copy and paste your nomination, then click

on “Submit”• Click on the chair to vote.• Read other people’s nominations.• Vote for the one you think should have a place in the

Peace Room.

Page 25: Imagine

The End

Page 26: Imagine

QuotesP10 “I believe they like the idea of a Peace Room, and

I hope they will help me to build it up into something beautiful, and lasting, and strong!” (Madge to Old Woman with Spade)

P33 “Then I hope the influence from the bookshelves will gradually envelope their minds – their actions – their outer and inner lives”

Page 27: Imagine

Quotes 2

P77 “Countries also get cross and unhappy because they need something they cannot find in their own lands. Perhaps they want coal, oil or gold, or more land on which to grow crops to feed their people.”

“Then they try to take these things from other nations and there is war and nothing can be more wicked or senseless than throwing bombs at each other and killing little children and their mummies.”

Page 28: Imagine

Quotes 3P107 Peace on earth and good will to all men.“Have you ever thought how many millions of

people have repeated those words millions of times during the last 20 centuries? And how far they have brought us to eliminating war and violence? The message is sound, but have our ears become immune to their meaning? May practical suggestions succeed where sentimental phrases have failed? Should not sentiment develop into principles which, like foundation stones, should be strong enough to carry any weight placed upon them?”

Page 29: Imagine

Quotes 4P70 “How is a big ant heap built?” “By hundreds of thousands of ants, each carrying a tiny

load, I suppose.” “And every load, however small, is well worth while – even

great men and women rise on steps ‘built by others’. Some of the ‘steps’ were made hundreds, even thousands of years ago.”

“Don’t many names become indistinct and are forgotten?”“Perhaps, but the joy of having helped to make a step,

however small, will always remain”

Page 30: Imagine

“Enter Citizens of the World” Motto:-

P72 “I will do my best to understand and remove the cause of any trouble that may arise in my home, my school, my town or my country.”

This will lead to “peace at home, in school, town and country leading to International understanding, tolerance and peace.”

Page 31: Imagine

The Peace SongStop up well! We are working for peace

As we all go marching along.

A great ideal we’re determined to build,

On foundations both lasting and strong.

Who’ll join us?

We’ll not rest till all Nations agree

To a system that’s just and strong,

Then free from care, race-hatred and fear,

We will all go marching along!