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ImageNow & Imagine Services

ImageNow & Imagine Services

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IST DS Imagine Demo UPDATED• Some areas and components
• Research Technologies – Environments, Museums, Collections – Informatics, CollectionSpace, Bamboo
• Content Management Technologies – Domains
– Services • Imagine (ImageNow) • Calshare (Sharepoint) • Drupal • Research Hub (Alfresco)
Cost of Managing Paper
• $120 in labor searching
• $1 per document to store
• $5 per document to retrieve … and on average, 5% of documents are lost
• 25 hours to recreate
• Processes are inefficient as they are run today
• Information incomplete / inaccurate / inaccessible / misplaced
• Difficulty of enforcing compliance
• Imagine - SERVICE • Hosting and Management for ImageNow product on campus • Business analysis (workflow, data, integration) • Design and deployment • Training, support & user group
Current Customers and Implementations
• Accounts Payable • Controller’s Office • Residential and Student Services Program
• Billing and Payment Services • Controller’s Office
• Re-imbursement Tracking and Approvals (Travel System) • Controller’s Office
• Correspondence Tracking • Chancellor’s Office
• Student Records & Transcripts • Office of the Registrar • University Extension
ImageNow helps manage every step of the document lifecycle
Document Lifecycle
Capture Options
Process – Screen Scraping
What is involved?
Views Document and approval history Custom meta data fields Thumbnails of documents
Electronic Routing Parallel workflows Ad-Hoc workflows
Collaborative Decision Making Tasks Annotations
All Tasks List
Document Types e.g. Invoices, 1099, Grade Change, etc.
Workflow Queue e.g. Invoices, Transcripts, Scan, etc.
Individual Users
Roles and individuals can also be restricted to specific activities
Financial Reduced document handling and business
processing costs Fast return on investment
Improves Productivity Business process optimization & automation Leverage automation to speed processing Synchronize your documents, databases and
processes Improve distribution of corporate content
Reduces risks Ensure document management and compliance
processes Improve data accuracy and reduce manual errors

Seeking Partnerships and Customers for Business Case Advisory and Governance
OE Proposal in Development