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  • 1. Emelia Wong Karina Pribadi Jesse BarberSara RobertsonVanessa Wong

2. So much of what makes Melbourne unique and beautiful lies Hiddenin the maze of alleyways. Project to generate and feature a crowd-sourced archive of Thehidden restaurants and food experiences of Melbourne. community experience : platform for conversation (Facebook, Twitter) Resource : for Melbourne explorers and citizens. Team aim: To be the moderators to the websites, Period of interactive map : 12 months. 3. Crowd-sourced, Interactive Map created through the participation using Twitter and Face book Use using Google Maps embedding the map withthe interactive elements (Locations + Picture +Additional details). Future aim: to optimise the experience to be viewedthrough mobile and desktop computers or phones. 4. what is the incentive to garner participation : Part 1 To gather participation of over 18 year olds, get sponsorship with Secret Stone Marlborough SauvignonBlanc, Through monthly competition we will provide winners withSecret Stone; 6 bottles. The winner Must have ; posted image (with location, and opinion of why therestaurant is worth entering and eating at, onto their the facebook or twitter pages). 5. .... Part 2 The sponsorship of the Secret stone and therestaurants. Restaurants will be encouraged to participateand gather "likes" as being put on the mapprovides free publicity and advertising. Secret Stone - New Zealand wine, happy toparticipate, get more people aware of product. 6. This is our final product: 7. Professional Professional Used as a main site/hub.Used as a main site/hub. Final end product/Website Possesses all our other destination. Space wheresocial media sites. people can see all the suggested locations from us and other participants at onePersonal/Intimate go and explore/discoverSpace for us to keep in more.touch and talk to ourparticipants. Place toanswer any questions Personal/Professional and promote our project. Used as a second main site/hub. Possesses all our other social mediaProfessional sites. Used as a space toUsed as a site for peopleconnect with participantswho are interested in ourand collect allwork. Details of our our/participants photosproject are listed in this for google 8. 9. 10. 11.,144.971212&spn=0.001151,0.002642 12. 13. Social participation Society and its awareness Ongoing pre-productions Timeline 14. be&msa=0&ll=-37.811386,144.971212&spn=0.001151,0.002642

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