ILCE-6100 ®±6100 ... ILCE-6100 ®±6100 Use this manual if you encounter any problems, or have any questions

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  • Help Guide

    Interchangeable Lens Digital Camera ILCE-6100 α6100

    Use this manual if you encounter any problems, or have any questions about your product.

    Interval shooting

    You can automatically shoot a series of still images with the shooting interval and number of shots that you set in advance.

    Looking for valuable information, such as essential points on shooting (Tutorials)

    This website introduces convenient functions, ways of usage, and setting examples. Refer to the website when you set up your camera. (Another window will open.)

    ILCE-6100 lens compatibility information

    This website provides the lens compatibility information. (Another window will open.)

    Names of parts/Icons and indicators

    Identifying parts


  • Basic operations

    Using the control wheel

    Using MENU items

    Assigning frequently used functions to buttons (Custom Key)

    Using Fn (Function) button (Function menu)

    How to use the Quick Navi screen

    How to use the keyboard

    Icons and indicators

    List of icons on the monitor

    Switching the screen display (while shooting/during playback)

    DISP Button (Monitor/Finder)

    Preparing the camera

    Checking the camera and the supplied items

    E PZ 16–50mm F3.5–5.6 OSS (Power zoom)

    E 55-210 mm F4.5-6.3 OSS (supplied with ILCE-6100Y)

    Charging the battery pack

    Inserting/removing the battery pack

    Charging the battery pack while it is inserted in the camera

    Charging by connecting to a computer

    Battery life and number of recordable images

    Supplying power from a wall outlet (wall socket)

    Notes on the battery pack

    Notes on charging the battery pack

    Inserting a memory card (sold separately)

    Inserting/removing a memory card

    Memory cards that can be used

    Notes on memory card

    Attaching a lens

    Attaching/removing a lens

    Attaching the lens hood


  • Attaching accessories

    Mount Adaptor

    LA-EA1/LA-EA3 Mount Adaptor

    LA-EA2/LA-EA4 Mount Adaptor

    Setting language, date and time

    In-Camera Guide


    Shooting still images


    Focus Mode

    Auto focus

    Focus Area

    Phase detection AF

    Focus Standard

    AF/MF control

    AF w/ shutter (still image)

    AF On

    Face/Eye AF Set.

    AF in Focus Mag. (still image)

    Tracking subject (Tracking function)

    Focus Hold

    Pre-AF (still image)

    Eye-Start AF (still image)

    AF Illuminator (still image)

    AF Area Auto Clear

    Disp. cont. AF area

    AF Micro Adj.

    Manual focus

    Manual Focus

    Direct manual focus (DMF)


  • Focus Magnifier

    MF Assist (still image)

    Focus Magnif. Time

    Initial Focus Mag. (still image)

    Peaking Setting

    Selecting a drive mode (Continuous shooting/Self-timer)

    Drive Mode

    Cont. Shooting



    Cont. Bracket

    Single Bracket

    Indicator during bracket shooting

    WB bracket

    DRO Bracket

    Bracket Settings

    Taking pictures of yourself by monitoring the screen

    Self-portrait/ -timer

    Interval shooting

    Interval Shoot Func.

    Using touch functions

    Touch Operation

    Touch Panel/Pad

    Func. of Touch Operation: Touch Shutter

    Func. of Touch Operation: Touch Focus

    Func. of Touch Operation: Touch Tracking

    Touch Pad Settings

    Selecting still image size/image quality

    File Format (still image)

    JPEG Quality (still image)


  • JPEG Image Size (still image)

    Aspect Ratio (still image)

    Panorama: Size

    Panorama: Direction

    Selecting a shooting mode

    List of mode dial function

    Intelligent Auto

    Superior Auto

    Superior Auto Img. Extract.

    Switching the auto mode (Auto Mode)

    About Scene Recognition

    Program Auto

    Aperture Priority

    Shutter Priority

    Manual Exposure

    Bulb shooting

    Sweep Panorama

    Scene Selection

    Recall (Camera Settings1/Camera Settings2)

    Movie: Exposure Mode

    S&Q Motion: Exposure Mode

    Controlling the exposure/metering modes

    Exposure Comp.

    Dial/Wheel Ev Comp

    Exposure Set. Guide

    Exposure step

    Metering Mode

    Face Priority in Multi Metering

    AE lock

    AEL w/ shutter (still image)


  • Exp.comp.set

    Zebra Setting

    Correcting brightness and contrast automatically

    D-Range Optimizer (DRO)

    Auto HDR

    Selecting the ISO sensitivity


    Using the zoom

    The zoom features available with this product

    Clear Image Zoom/Digital Zoom (Zoom)

    Zoom Setting

    About zoom scale

    White balance

    White Balance

    Priority Set in AWB

    Capturing a standard white color to set the white balance (custom white balance)

    Setting how to process images

    Creative Style

    Picture Effect

    Soft Skin Effect (still image)

    Auto Object Framing (still image)

    Color Space (still image)

    Shutter settings

    Release w/o Lens

    Release w/o Card

    Silent Shooting (still image)

    e-Front Curtain Shutter

    Reducing blur


    Lens compensation


  • Lens Comp.

    Noise reduction

    Long Exposure NR (still image)

    High ISO NR (still image)

    Face detection

    Regist. Faces Priority

    Smile Shutter

    Face Registration (New Registration)

    Face Registration (Order Exchanging)

    Face Registration (Delete)

    Using the flash

    Using flash

    Red Eye Reduction

    Flash Mode

    Flash Comp.

    FEL lock

    Wireless Flash

    Recording movies

    Shooting movies

    Movie w/ shutter

    Movie recording formats

    File Format (movie)

    Record Setting (movie)

    S&Q Settings

    Proxy Recording

    Audio Recording

    Audio Level Display

    Audio Rec Level

    Wind Noise Reduct.

    Auto Slow Shutter (movie)


  • Initial Focus Mag. (movie)

    AF drive speed (movie)

    AF Tracking Sens. (movie)

    MOVIE Button

    Marker Display (movie)

    Marker Settings (movie)

    4K Output Select (movie)


    Viewing images

    Playing back still images

    Enlarging an image being played back (Enlarge Image)

    Rotating recorded images automatically (Display Rotation)

    Rotating an image (Rotate)

    Playing back panoramic images

    Enlarge Initial Mag.

    Enlarge Initial Position

    Playing back movies

    Volume Settings

    Photo Capture

    Playing back images on the image index screen (Image Index)

    Setting the method for jumping between images (Image Jump Setting)

    Switching between still images and movies (View Mode)

    Display as Group

    Cont. PB for Interval

    PB Speed for Interval

    Playing back images using slideshow (Slide Show)

    Protecting data

    Protecting images (Protect)

    Setting Rating function



  • Rating Set(Custom Key)

    Designating images for printing (DPOF)

    Specifying images to be printed (Specify Printing)

    Deleting images

    Deleting a displayed image

    Deleting multiple selected images (Delete)

    Delete confirm.

    Viewing images on a TV

    Viewing images on a TV using an HDMI cable

    Customizing the camera

    Registering frequently used functions

    Memory (Camera Settings1/Camera Settings2)

    Customizing the functions of the dial

    Dial/Wheel Setup

    Dial / Wheel Lock

    Customizing MENU (My Menu)

    Add Item

    Sort Item

    Delete Item

    Delete Page

    Delete All

    Checking images before/after recording

    Auto Review

    Aperture Preview

    Shot. Result Preview

    Live View Display

    Monitor/viewfinder settings

    Grid Line


    Monitor Brightness


  • Viewfinder Bright.

    Finder Color Temp.

    Display Quality

    Bright Monitoring

    Memory card settings


    File Number

    Display Media Info.

    Select REC Folder

    New Folder

    Folder Name

    Recover Image DB

    Camera settings

    Audio signals

    Tile Menu

    Mode Dial Guide

    Power Save Start Time

    Auto Power OFF Temp.

    NTSC/PAL Selector

    HDMI Settings: HDMI Resolution

    HDMI Settings: 24p/60p Output (movie) (Only for 1080 60i compatible models)

    HDMI Settings: HDMI Info. Display

    HDMI Settings: CTRL FOR HDMI

    USB Connection

    USB LUN Setting

    USB Power Supply

    PC Remote Settings: Still Img. Save Dest.

    PC Remote Settings: RAW+J PC Save Img


    Date/Time Setup


  • Area Setting


    Demo Mode

    Initializing the camera

    Setting Reset

    Using network functions

    Connecting this product