Il Piccolo Giornale - Club Italo America from one end of the keyboard to the other and observing the

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    L. V. Teofilo

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    Patrick Kloster


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    Mary Prisco

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    Richard Gollnick


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    Richard Daley

    Susan Milewski

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    Paul Marino

    Il Piccolo Giornale November, 2018

    Founded 1994

    Club ItaloAmericano

    Annual Spaghetti Dinner

    By Jo Anna Kloster

    Saturday, October 13, was a lovely

    day for a gathering. After weeks of

    gloomy gray skies, the sun made a

    brilliant appearance for our annual

    spaghetti dinner at Green Isle Park

    Pavilion. We actually had more

    guests than members this year of

    the fifty four that attended.

    From 5:00 until 5:45 the crowd had

    a lively social time. Teofilo, our club

    president, kicked things off by

    reading Mayor Schmitt’s proclama-

    tion which declared October in

    Green Bay as Italian Heritage

    Month in honor of all the contribu-

    tions Italian Americans have made

    world wide.

    Then it was time to use a little grey

    matter. Patrizio Klosterelli, aka

    Patrick Kloster, moderated a Q & A

    heritage session. Members and

    guests tried their best to answer

    questions determining which Italian

    -Americans were responsible for

    what noteworthy contributions to

    the United States and the world. A

    few of the questions stumped the

    crowd but not without lots of logi-

    cal attempts and close calls. This

    session dovetailed into a short but

    sweet Italian lesson led by board

    members Marlene Feira and Linan-

    na (Lynn) Thompson.

    Mark Mariucci provided back-

    ground music with a fun assort-

    ment of familiar tunes by Italian

    entertainers. Then it was time to

    mangiamo! Club members, Dick

    (Riccardo)Daly, Victoria Sobeck,

    JoAnna Kloster and Lynn Thomp-

    son manned the food line serving

    Il Piccolo Giornale is the official newsletter of Club ItaloAmericano of Green Bay, Wi.

    Website: Facebook: Club Italaloamericano of Green Bay

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  • up generous portions of rich pasta with

    red sauce, Italian sausage, warm bread-

    sticks and garden salad with homemade

    Italian dressing prepared by Luigi's Italian

    Bistro. The surprise dessert was a colorful

    serving of sponomi or sherbert and bis-

    cotti donated by Dick Daley. For those so

    inclined, Teofilo provided espresso, as


    As usual, this event could not have hap-

    pened without a planning committee.

    Molto grazie to the following members

    for their efforts to make this event possi-

    ble: Victoria Sobek, Patrizio (Patrick)

    Kloster, Dick Daily,Lynn Thompson, Mar-

    lene Feira, Jo Anna Kloster ...and any and

    all who helped with clean up. We thank


    Musicale XI ..23 ottobre, 2018

    By Lenora Fiorenza Rhyner

    When it was announced that Paolo Tosti

    would be our featured Italain composer

    at the XI Musicale, the question asked

    was “Who is Francesco Paolo Tosti?” The

    92 Italo Americano Club members and

    guests at the Unitarian Universalist Fel-

    lowship Church got the question an-


    As the lights were dimmed the evening

    began promptly at 7:00 with Giovanni

    Contratto playing his concertina and sing-

    ing his way down the center aisle to the

    popular “Reginella Campagno-

    la” (Woodpecker’s Song/La Piccin.

    John described himself as a procrastinator

    and his co-chairperson, Marlene Feira, as

    having the “organized mind.” It takes a

    team to successfully accomplish an event

    such as this. The two of them complement

    each other well and are a perfect exam-

    ple of the Italian saying “Sono buono

    come el pane e burro..”

    In an emotional and unexpected moment.

    Marlene Feira’s daughter, Becky, present-

    ed her Mother with a beautiful and color-

    ful bouquet of flowers.

    Continuing with the introduction, John

    mentioned three returning soloists: Mela-

    nie Riley, Mary Hall and Genardi Maltyn-

    ski. Later, in the evening, John read im-

    pressive biographies/credentials of three

    recent additions to the group of extreme-

    ly talented singers from the Green Bay

    and Sturgeon Bay areas: Tomas

    Dominguez, Alexis Daoust (John Con-

    tratto’s granddaughter), and Marisa

    Balistreri. How fortunate we are!!!

    As John explained, the idea of featuring

    Tosti in this years’ Musicale came from

    Genardi Maltynski. John pursued the

    idea and shared the information he had

    gained in his research with us. Francesco

    Paolo Tosti (1846-1916) was born in

    Otuna, Italy, in the Abruzzi area of Italy. It

    was appropriate that John chose to begin

    our evening with the “Woodpecker’s

    Song” because it was written by Eldo Di

    Lazzaro from that region!

    The music of the 1800’s in Italy conveyed

    many emotions: sadness, love, anger, pas-

    sion. It was noted that Tosti DID NOT

    compose opera but wrote 350 songs

    based on poetry with Italian, English and

    French texts. Tosti used the text from

    one Italian poet (Gabrile DÕAnnunzio) 35

    times!!! Because of the use of poetry,

    one can hear the cadence in the singing.

    The cultures of the Abruzzesi and Neo-

    politani regions were inspiration for many

    of his compositions. Several noted sing-

    ers, including Luciano Pavarotti, Jose Car-

    reras and Andrea Bocelli have recorded

    his music. Dr. Maltynski, shared transla-

    tions of all three songs that he contribut-

    ed. Nothing was lost in translatingÉthe

    cadence could still be heard!!!!

    Marlene Feira continues to be a Gift

    Among Us!!! Even if you couldn’t hear the

    music/singing, you would have been able

  • to FEEL it by watching Marlene’s fingers

    from one end of the keyboard to the other

    and observing the gestures of touching

    the keys ever so gently when needed. Be-

    cause more dynamics are characteristic of

    the Tarantella Napolitana, for the piano

    solo, Marlene accommodated with a fast-

    er upbeat tempo.

    Thirteen of Tosti’s songs were included in

    the program, along with the aforemen-

    tioned piano solo. Marlene also accompa-

    nied Melanie Riley, Tomas Dominguez

    and Marisa Balistreri. Nonno Giovanni

    Contratto accompanied Alexis Daoust

    and Mary Hall. Emily Sculliuffo accompa-

    nied Genardi Maltynski who mentioned

    the three supportive women in his life: his

    wife, his nurse and his accompanist.

    Among Tosti’s contemporaries were Ver-

    di, Puccini, Mascagni, Leoncavallo and

    Caruso. An interesting side note: When

    visiting Puccini’s house in Torre del Lago,

    there is a picture signed by Tosti and given

    to Elvira, Puccini’s wife. What made it

    even more interesting is seeing his flour-

    ishing handwriting: CON AFFECTO SIN-


    The enthusiasm of the soloists and their

    willingness to share their talent and spend

    an evening with us is greatly appreciated.

    A resounding GRAZIE and BRAVISIMA to

    Melanie, Tomas, Mary, Alexis, Marissa

    and Genardi!!

    Fosber America has again generously

    made a donation towards our expenses.

    This report would not be complete with-

    out thanking them and you, the members

    of Club ItaloAmericano, for your interest

    in learning about Tosti, your welcoming

    open arms to our participants and your

    contributions to our table of plenty that

    included an array of antipasti and dolce.

    As mentioned earlier, it takes a team to

    plan and execute an evening such as this.

    Among those responsible for the success

    are: Victoria Sobeck, Janice Galt, Lynn

    Thompson, Dick and JoAnn Daley and

    those at the Fellowship Church who

    agreed to make their facility available to

    us. (Thank you , Janice) !

    The evening would not be complete with-

    out audience participation. With Giovanni

    (John) as our leader we all joined in sing-

    ing “That’s Amore!!!”

    Next years’ Musicale will be Italian opera

    written by non-Italians.

    Sounds interesting…..Stay tuned..... An-

    other opportunity to learn and at the

    same time, be entertained!!

    Mother Cabrini


    FOUNDRESS 1850-1917

    Feast: November 13

    Submitted by: Rosanna Mazzola

    As sain