Igniting Innovation: Strategic Steps to Drive Growth in Senior Living

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Senior living is increasingly evolving to become a more sophisticated business, creating exponential growth opportunities. Leaders at all levels can take steps immediately to advance the trajectory of their career. Wondering how to position yourself for the next big job? Join this session to hear firsthand from executives who propelled themselves from entry-level positions to the C-Suite. Learn strategies to become a top candidate for promotion, how to measure success through key performance indicators, and why innovation is critical to distinguish what you do, how you do it, and the impact it can have on your business as well as the industry at large. Justin Hutchens CEO & President, National Health Investors, Inc. Shamim Wu Executive Vice President, Sales, Holiday Retirement

Text of Igniting Innovation: Strategic Steps to Drive Growth in Senior Living


    Shamim WuExecutive Vice President Sales, Holiday Retirement

    J. Justin HutchensCEO and President, National Health Investors

  • Career Path 1994PresentEducation

    Justin Hutchens

  • Career Path 2003PresentEducation

    Shamim Wu


  • Prioritize Your Career

    Adopt Mentors

    Create a work/life blend Senior living is 24/7/365 Draw your own boundaries

    An influential senior supporter Teaches you the business Informal and formal relationships

  • Geographic Flexibility

    Create Value

    The best career growth opportunities dont always exist where you live

    Be clear about how your job contributes to the greater good

    Avoid task orientation

  • Measure Your Impact

    Identify Your Next Opportunity

    Goal setting is critical, then measure Avoid status quo: raise the bar Include these metrics in your resume

    It can be vertical or lateral THEN WORK FOR IT Speak up and show initiative for your career


  • Always Be Learning

    Personal Fulfillment

    Is it money or fulfillment? Find a job where you get both Senior living is mission/margin balanced

  • Your Personal Brand is


  • Be in control

    Remain in control of your personal brand.

    LinkedIn is the king of personal brand and reputation.

  • Google is your first impression

    Youve been Googled!Like it or not ;)

    1 billion names are searched in

    Google everyday

    94%of people only look at the first page of Google results.

    15%of people have at least on negative result on their first page.

    1/4of people dont have any positive content on their first page of results.

    *Source brandyourself.com

  • Social Media why you cant afford to fail

    Denver math teacher tweets about her hot students and how she likes to smoke weed.

    I was talking to my Japanese real estate agent. I said is there a school in this area. She said not now, but just wait.

  • Personal Brand online management

    Revamp social sites regularly making sure you are painted in a positive light.

    Stay current and consistent by keeping your work history up to date to avoid discrepancies.

    Show authenticity by joining relevant online social groups, show unique passions, and follow industry news.

    Do this

  • Personal Brand online management

    Dont bash a current working relationship or any at all for that matter.

    Dont post anything unprofessional once you do it you are no longer in control of your fate. Privacy settings arent fool proof.

    Dont ignore a conversation and just listen to what others are saying about you. Be proactive with your response.

    Dont do this

  • I make 50 cents for showing up and the other 50 cents is based on my performance.Steve Jobs

    Innovation Counts

  • Innovative Brands you are one too

  • Intelligence is the ability to

    adapt to change.Stephen Hawking

  • Innovation

  • Innovation

  • Innovation

  • My challenge to you . . .

    Find your blue marshmallow!