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Iggy Azalea -Fancy Becky, Tegan, Beth and Kirsty

Iggy Azalea -FancyBecky, Tegan, Beth and KirstyThe type of music videoWe chose to swede the music videoFancyby Iggy Azalea.The music video uses a narrative which is based on the existing filmCluelessfrom the 90s with a modern take to it.The video has recreated many scenes from the popular film particularly through the use of costume, characters and mise-en scene.The video also used a performance element as Iggy Azalea mimes to the song throughout whilst in the narrative.

Genre of music:The genre of Iggy azalea is pop-rap, the music video is not typical of this genre due to her recreating a famous film called clueless. This music video is different from other artists of the same genre, with many of them doing a performance rather than a typical narrative. But you do see other artists like Eminem creating a narrative throughout the music video. Iggy azalea seems to do narrative music videos like her previous songs change your life and obviously Fancy. However it also has a performance to it with the regular element of eye contact (with the camera).

Director XJulien Christian Lutz better known as Director X is a Canadian music video director who has directed music videos for Drake, Nicki Minaj and The Wanted. He is known for his tweaking of the letterbox format, when there are two black bars above and below the frame, as he also has the bars opening and closing at the beginning and the end of his videos. With many of his videos being very high budget he is involved with everything from the lighting, which is quite bright and stark throughout the music video, to the wardrobe, a key part of the video as it is so accurate to the wardrobe of the film Clueless. Director X likes to have dance montages in his videos as this allows him to work with movement of the camera, however unlike many of his music videos this video is based off of a popular 90s film. Although there is many of his own direction in terms of the quick cuts and camera shots, the wardrobe, hair and makeup will have had the clear direction from the film. His inspiration is also much more apparent in this video and it has a clear narrative with a lot more acting, rather than choreography and singing to the camera. Many of his videos usually feature chorography, therefore the Fancy video is similar to this as therefore are a few scenes featuring dance moves, however many of his other videos do not feature such a strong narrative or take obvious inspiration from a film. He does also appear to use the male gaze as the dancing by the girls I his videos is usually provocative. Overall the narrative of the video does highlight some femininity as although the girls appear to be something for males to look at, they are also very dominant and superior looking through the use of low angle shots, as they walk through the school.

Is the video typical of the artist? Fancy would not be seen as a typical music video by this artist or for the genre. Iggy Azalea recreates scenes from an iconic film from the 90s called Clueless and was said to be most compelling movie about teenagers.This music video challenges the conventions of Laura Mulveys theory of The Male Gaze as the characters are desexualised and not portrayed as objects of desire.In a recent interview she explained why she chose to create the music video in this way; "I loved Clueless for this song because sonically, 'Fancy' is very L.A. sounding, you can't ignore that fact,"

Lyrics linked to the videoAs the song in the clip we used, is rapping, it is quite difficult to understand. However as she uses slang for example em it links well to the high school setting as many teenagers use slang and shorten words. She is generally telling everyone how amazing she is, this also links to the video as the film it was based on Clueless is based around a very self centred girl how thinks she is also amazing. She also talks about Physics, which again links to the setting of a high school. The overall title of Fancy also refers to the character Cher who Iggy Azalea plays in the video as she is shown to have a lot of money and dresses in fancy clothes, for example her yellow plaid skirt and jacket.Listen to this jam, show 'em what you gotInbox, freshFirst things first, I'm the realest (realest)Drop this and let the whole world feel it (let 'em feel it)And I'm still in the Murda BiznessI can hold you down, like I'm givin' lessons in physics (right)

The audienceThe audience of the video is likely to be teenagers due to the school setting and the inspiration of a teen film. Teenagers will be able. As the music video is seen as girly just like the film, the majority of the audience would be girls. The video also give girls inspiration on the clothes and make-up they wear. The use of a drastic and unrealistic portrayal of a school day adds a element of comedy to the video as teenagers know that school is not actually like this. The video also supports the theoryof hegemony in the way that the artist Iggy seems to be dominating the school and in charge as she stands at the front in the centre of the classroom. All the students in the class are also dressed completely differently showing a strong sense of identity and indivuality between them all.

Representation of the music video: The representation of Iggy Azaleas fancy music video suggest that her life has had an affect on the artist she has become, Anthony Giddens believed that to have your own and stable self identity you need to experience it. The film clueless which she recreated was in 1995 during the period of time were new technology was introduced to the young generation and a massive part of growing up, this could suggest that she was inspired to create a new music video which would show the struggles of generations know that are struggling to build an identity. Iggy azalea tends to write about her life story like many other rap artists, such as her debut single work which is showing the struggle which she faced when becoming an artist however this music video shows the inspiration she had to become an artist, maybe the film clues was a massive part of growing up and experiencing new things therefore she created a new type of fancy.

OriginalAt the beginning of the music video the name of the artists have been created using a mix of bright colours used for both the font and background. This automatically reinforces the 90s era which is when the film is set. We attempted to recreate these graphic titles which was fairly simply to do using adobe premier pro however we were unable to replicate the transitions of the words. Ours

OriginalOursIn the first scene of the music video a mid shot is used of the artist Iggy whilst she chooses what to wear. This straight away gives the audience an insight to the character as the begin to realise the similarities between the music video and the film Clueless. In order to replicate this shot we tried to keep costume similar in terms of colour and style although it is not an exact match. The person we chosen to play Iggy was well suited in terms of her hair colour and the re-enactment of the scene. We used a mid-shot of her as well with the us of the same type of setting.The next take is a long shot of Iggy at the front of the classroom she begins to sing her song. This again sets the scene of the school and therefore the narrative of the video. A long shot of Iggy as she stands in the centre of the shot shows her dominance in the video as she is the main part of it. We recreated the same long shot and tried to keep the same setting and props whilst keep the same arrangement of the other characters.

The song also features another artist which changes characters throughout. She stands on the opposite stand at the front of the class almost as though she is in competition with Iggy. The characters that are used are all based on the film clueless as the director has kept everything the same from costume to setting to narrative. We tried to keep the costume as similar as possible by dressing her in a black hat, however we did not have the suitable props of another stand. The editing in this shot and throughout the clip are fast cuts and short 1 second takes which were in line with the beat of the music. We however did not manage to edit the cuts on the beat as well as keep the miming in sync with the sound, therefore does not look as effective.

A mid-shot has now been used of Iggy Azalea as she starts to mime the song. This helps people to know who the artist of the song is if they didnt already know. Her hair and make-up is exactly the same as the main character in the film Clueless , whilst the whiteboard behind her is covered in words such as Best rapper ever this reflects the genre of her music and her style of rap. This also portrays her as self confident in her music. This supports Giddens theory of self-identity as she has a strong sense of her own identity. Through the use of her bright clothes she wants to be notice and the centre of attention.

When recreating this shot we made sure the text in the background was similar to the original in terms of font style and colour as well as a blonde female which supports Laura Mulveys theory of scopophillia the pleasure of looking. As blonde women are stereotypically attractive to men. Unfortunately we were unable to use the same costume or find one similar therefore detracting from the overall image.

For this shot we had slight movement of panning down the students, however the positioning of the students here are not completely the same as the original. We do have the student on her phone and this relates to the audience as the technology used is the same as well as the portrayal of the girl being bored. Due to the positioning of the classroom, we do not have the window on their right ide, although there is the same natur