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If You Want To Know More. About Nutrition. Did You Know…. Lettuce & Fruit are carbs? Why would you go on a “low carb” diet? What is wrong with lettuce & fruit…nothing! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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  • If You Want To Know MoreAbout Nutrition

  • Did You KnowLettuce & Fruit are carbs?Why would you go on a low carb diet? What is wrong with lettuce & fruitnothing!What people really mean is that they are on a low-simple carb diet. This makes sense because the average American should be eating/drinking a lot less soda, juice, candy and other desserts

  • About JuiceToday, children are the biggest consumers of fruit juice. Children (as well as adults) should only consume 6 oz. per day.100% Juice juices should be consumed in moderation (why not eat the apple instead of drinking apple juice?)The more pulp a juice contains the healthier it isDont fall for the enhancements like Vitamin C or E added to juices. Are you really deficient (especially if you already consume a multi-vitamin)?If the product does not say 100% juice on the front of the label, it does not have much (or any) juice in it. These type drinks typically contain about 10% juice. The rest of the ingredients are sugars & other sweeteners, colors and flavors

  • Fruit or Juice?Source: What To Eat by Marion Nestle p. 277

  • Soda, Should It Be Your First Choice?I think you know the answer to this questions but in case you dont, the answer is NO!The calories and added sugars in sodas encourage weight gainSodas also contain phosphorus (phosphorus can also be found in baked goods). Too much phosphorus decreases calcium absorption. If you decrease the amount of calcium being absorbed, you increase the risk for osteoporosis. I find it humorous that 7-UP has calcium added to it. Did the calcium even get absorbed (b/c of the phosphorus)? Cant you find a better source of calcium that is lower in calories and sugars?

  • About Fruits & VeggiesNutrition is about where you are now & how we can make it betterIf you currently do not eat fruit regularly & can only stand fruit cocktail, then eat it regularly. If you currently eat fruit cocktail, rinse the fruit with water before consuming to get rid of the sugary syrup. If you do this already, try eating the fresh fruit

  • Nutrient Composition of Raw, Cooked and Canned CarrotsSource: What To Eat by Marion Nestle p. 308

  • White vs. Wheat breadWhite bread Has fewer nutrients (almost all of which get added back by law), more calories (from processing), has a greater shelf life and typically taste betterWheat BreadContains more fiber, does not spike insulin levels, fewer calories and sometimes more nutrientsNot all brown bread is wheat bread. It must say whole wheat as the first ingredient

    Source: What To Eat by Marion Nestle p. 310

  • Watch Out For Sugar!The average American needs no more than about 40 g of sugar per dayThis is equal to one soda!Typically, processed snacks have a high percentage of added sugars.For example: Sharks Fruit Snacks contain 52% of it calories from sugarYou must get into the habit of reading food labelsIf you see these words in the 1st five ingredients, it has a high amount of sugarSugar, high fructose corn syrup, brown sugar, corn syrup, fructose, corn syrup solids, honey or dextroseCheck out the 1st five ingredients inKellogs Nutri-Grain Honey Oat & Raisin Granola Bars

  • Yogurt, Health Food or Dessert?Yogurt is the fastest growing dairy product in the U.S.The bacteria in yogurt are thought to replace harmful bacteria in the large intestineTrack the calories from sugar in your favorite yogurt. It is better to consume plain yogurt & add your own fresh fruit or tsp of sugar. There will still be a significant decrease in sugar when compared to flavored yogurt.55% of the 80 calories in Go-GURT (kid-friendly slurpable yogurt in a tube) comes from sugar67% of the 90 calories in Danimals Drinkable come from sugarSugar constitutes 53% of the 120 calories found in YoBaby organic yogurts

  • Fat & CaloriesAlmost all fast foods have high amounts of fat & calories. If you want to cut back on theseEat more fruits & veggies insteadCarry food with you so you wont be tempted to binge on these foodsBe aware of the caloric content of the foods you eat. Ask for the nutritional analysis & read food labels

  • Calories in Fast FoodFrosty, med.TunaSweet Onion TeriyakiVeggie Del.Market Fresh Roast BeefRoast Chicken ClubRegular Roast BeefIce Cream Shake, med.Double WhopperWhopper w/ CheeseWhopperLarge FriesChicken McGrillBig MacMcDonald'sBurger King ArbysSubwayWendys

  • Fat Content in Fast Food


    Total Fat

    Saturated Fat

    % fat calories


    Big Mac





    Chicken McGrill





    Large Fries





    Burger King






    Whopper w Cheese





    Double Whopper





    Ice Cream Shake, med.






    Reguar Roast Beef





    Roast Chicken Club





    Market Fresh Roast Beef






    Veggie Delight





    Sweet Onion Teriyaki











    Frosty, med.





  • Find out the caloric content of your favorite fast foodswww.calorieking.com

    (You will be shocked!)

  • How to Avoid Saturated FatIf the food label says that the food has 20% of the daily value for saturated fat, leave it on the shelfLess than 5%, it is considered low fatAny trans fat, consume very little of it or consider leaving it in the store

  • Dietary Protein SourcesSoy products offer good alternatives to meat for those who want protein. Did you know that kidney beans are a close second?

    Eggs are a good source of protein. The protein in an egg is found only in the egg white, not the yolk (mostly fat & cholesterol). There is no difference in protein or nutrients between a white and a brown egg.

    Red meat is also a good source of protein. Unfortunately, it contains large amounts of saturated fatFishSome fish like shark, swordfish and canned albacore tune contain more methylmercury and should not be eaten often. Almost all fish contain some level of PCBs (chemicals released mainly from industrial waste) that cause skin, reproductive, developmental and behavior problemsVisit http://www.environmentaldefense.org/home.cfm or www.oceansalive.org for fish advisory cards to help guide you to healthier fish choices

  • Organic FoodsIn order for a food to be organic it MUST be certified organic . You will see a seal on organic foods that state this.It tells you that the grower has been inspected (and has paperwork)did not use synthetic pesticides or herbicides did not use genetically modified seedsdid not use fertilizers derived from sewage sludgeDid not treat foods or seeds with irradiation

  • Are Organic Foods Better? You Decide ConsMethods are unreliableHigher prices

    ProsCertification from an independent organization (instead of the FDA which may have a conflict of interest) is reassuringLower pesticide levels in humansBetter for the environment

  • Dont Be FooledMany products are advertised as All Natural, Free Range, Cage Free or Vegetarian FedThese products are NOT organicThey must have an organic seal on the package to be organic

  • Genetically Modified FoodsGenetically modified foods (GM foods): Foods whose basic genetic material (DNA) is manipulated by inserting genes with desirable traits from one plant, animal, or microorganism into another one to either introduce new traits or enhance existing ones

  • GM FoodsCrops are genetically modified to make them resist disease and extreme environmental conditions, require less fertilizers and pesticides, last longer, and to improve nutrient content and tasteGM foods could help save billions of dollars in more productive crops and help feed the hungry in developing countries around the world

  • GM FoodsConcerns over the safety of GM foods have created heated public debatesGenetic modifications may create transgenic organisms that have not previously existed and that have potentially unpredictable effects on the environment and on humansGM foods may cause illness or allergies in humans and crosspollination may destroy other plants or create superweeds with herbicide-resistant genes

  • Super FoodsThe following super foods that fight disease and promote health should be included often in the diet

  • Grains, Vegetables, & FruitsProvide nutritional base for a healthy dietDaily fruits and vegetables should includeOne good source of pro-vitamin A or carotene (apricots, cantaloupe, broccoli, carrots, pumpkin, dark leafy vegetables)One good source of vitamin C (citrus fruit, kiwi fruit, cantaloupe, strawberries, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, green pepper)The recommended 5 to 9 servings of fruits and vegetables daily has no substitute

  • PhytochemicalsFruits and vegetables are the sole source of phytochemicalsShow promising results in the fight against cancerTheir actions are so diverse that, at almost every stage of cancer, they can block, disrupt, slow down, or even reverse the process

  • Functional FoodsFunctional foods: Foods or food ingredients containing physiologically active substances that provide specific health benefits beyond those supplied by basic nutrition

  • Functional FoodsCreated by the food industry by adding ingredients aimed at treating or preventing symptoms or diseaseIn most cases only one extra ingredient is