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  • If you can't, you must. If you must, you can. - Anthony Robbins

    One of the things I love about Bodyweight Training is that you either can do it or you can't, there is no way to cheat it

    Bodyweight training requires stability & strength - 2 things that are often ignored by most people

    To give you a clear example of what I mean, right now stop reading this & go do a handstand

    Do It now! - either against the wall or in the middle of your room

    Keep reading once you have done this

    OK so How did you do?

    Did you just get in your hands & stay in a fixated straight line for time without much effort?

    Or did you attempt it but fell to the side, couldn't control the motion or maybe you did but didn't last long and lost your balance?

    Most likely the latter

    I didn't just tell you to do a handstand for no reason, This was done to prove an important point that will make all the difference in your training career

    But first: I want you to think back & ask yourself:

    Why couldn't I do it? or Why couldn't I hold it for that long?

    I mean your strong a strong guy so why can't you hold a silly move like handstand?

    Little kids can do it, but here you are; a grown ass man (OK maybe not that grown) but still you are stronger than a 10 year old skinny kid, right?

    The reason you couldn't do it is because a Handstand requires both Strength & Stability

  • You fell to the side, backwards or forwards because you have no full control of your body

    A Handstand even tough looks simple, requires you to control your balance, Have strong arms, shoulders, back, glutes, core & to lose your fear of falling!

    This exercise alone can make you stronger overall, fix some of your weak areas & help you lift more weight simply by strengthening some of your weak areas like your coreAnd I don't mean seeing results until you get to be able to walk in your hands, but as fast as your able to hold a handstand hold for 15 seconds against the wall, walk side to side or bang out a couple of handstand push ups against the wall

    Nothing impossible, but will make a BIG difference in your stability since you will be able to control your body a lot more so when you go hit the weights again you will have a lot more control of the bar, have better posture & be able to recruit muscles that were dormant before so you can lift heavier

    weight & get stronger

    Quite simply bodyweight will force you to work on your weak areas, and that in itself will improve everything else:

    Your flexibility & Mobility Tension & grip strength Your ability to tighten up your core The ability to retract your shoulders & fix that hunched over back Improve your stamina Fix your muscle imbalances

    And a whole array of pure awesomeness that will make it easier for you to get stronger & build more muscle

    So now do I have your attention? GoodNow I wanna remind you that you do not need to be a super badass at bodyweight: simply getting efficient at the basics will get you stronger & pack on muscle

    I say this because I personally am not a bodyweight master yet, I am not at

  • the level of gymnasts or bar athletes, but I can for sure vouch for how much of an impact getting more efficient in bodyweight training has done for my strength, mobility & ability to gain muscle

    In 3 months I was able to pack on 5 pounds of muscle just with bodyweight training alone & the core + back strength I gained has helped me to lift heavier weights, so I am telling you how powerful bodyweight can be not because I can see the science behind it but because I have experienced itWe'll later get more into how to maximize & manipulate your bodyweight training, but for now let's go over the 7 exercises so you can add them to your program if your not using them

    These are fundamental & getting efficient at them will quickly get you results - Don't avoid them unless you wanna stay weak!

    Always Remember: Attack your Weaknesses & Get Stronger!-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    The 7 BADASS Exercises You Must Be Doing for Strength & Muscle Gains!#1: The all Mighty Pull Up (And Chin Ups)

    If I could only do 1 exercise for my upper body it would be without a doubt the pull up

    Not only is this a hard move for most people as they have weak backs but but the amount of tension & back muscles recruited makes this a MUST if you wanna truly develop back muscle & strength

    Not only does it give you a wider & ticker back, but your forearms, triceps and biceps grow as well since they are always involved in this

    The problem with pull ups is that: Most people suck at them, so they avoid them!

    Don't make this mistake

  • Like the quote at the beginning says: If you can't you must

    So if you can't do an exercise right away do progressions for it or assisted work in order to get efficient at pull ups

    Here are 2 Exercises/Progressions you can do:

    Inverted Rows: Band Assisted Pull Ups/Chin Ups

    Inverted rows alone will get you to retract your shoulders & therefore improve your posture which will make it easier for you to do exercises that require thoracic extension like Deadlifts

    That plus squeezing at the top will force your upper back to pack on size & get you stronger at pulling moves

    Band assisted pull ups will get you to do more reps by releasing some of the weight if they are too hard for you (they are your training wheels for pull ups)

  • But at the same time using a band can help you get more reps as fatigue sets in if your goal is to stimulate more muscle growth as opposed to only strength

    Use one of or the other or both & I am sure you will get efficient at pull ups fast!

    How to Make Pull Ups Harder:This report is meant to highlight the basics, but If you can already do 10 pull us fairly easy, then here are some progressions that will increase difficulty & make you a pull up badass!

    Weighted Pull Ups: Plain and simple, adding weighted resistance to any bodyweight move will make it hard, try to see what is you 1 rep max of weighted pull ups & work to increase that number

    Mixed variations: don't just use a straight bar all the time, change up the grip - this will not only make it more fun but will also get you to train in different directions which is crucial if you play any sports since not everything is linear (you are always moving in different direction not always forward) so you must train this way

    Clapping/Explosive Pull Ups: These requires true strength & you should be very good at pull ups before trying this one, but simply explode up and do a clapping pull ups...A simple way to practice this is to pull up as explosive as you can with your arms still on the bar, so you get used to generating that force before actually removing your hands and clapping

    Fat Grips: Just like you wanna vary your grip you always wanna change the type of grip you train with to make it harder so add some towels to the bar (wrap it around the bar) or get some Fat Gripz to make the bar thicker & get to work (or use a tree Like the pic)

    Towel Pull Ups: the amount of grip this develops is insane, you probably will only be able to do a 1/3 of your pull up max with this, as your fingers play a major role in gripping the towel, so it's a great grip developer + also trains your fingers which rarely get trained

    1 arm Chin Ups: Chin ups are great to grow your biceps but when you are able to master the 1 arm chin up then you truly are taking your


  • bicep strength to the next level...I personally have been practicing these a lot more since I wanna get good at them, and while I can't get 1 full rep yet, here are 2 ways to work up to it

    #1: Do negatives: get on top of the bar & lower with one arm only or try to put most of your weight in just one arm & use the other one just for balance and a little support

    #2: Assisted 1 arm chins: grab a pole or the edge of a door frame so you can use that to assist your 1 arm chins as you pull up and down or at the same time you can hang a towel from the bar & grab it as assistance as you rise up....The goal being to use as little assistance as possible overtime so you develop that chin up strength

    Muscle Ups: A True Feat of Strength & Explosiveness and it's a hybrid of a pull up with a dip...I personally recommend you start practicing these until you can do at least 10 pull ups as they put a lot of strain in your wrists, elbows & shoulders if you don't have the strength & control for them...Being strong & having endurance is great but you also wanna make sure to build up your tendons and ligaments which you will do so with high rep pull ups & explosive pulls, so set the foundation for them first & slowly progress up to the muscle up

    So that's the Pull Up & it's variations, and as you can see is not just doing a couple of reps but really trying to maximize the move & have full control of it, which is what bodyweight training is all about: having control of your own body!

    So let's move on....

    #2: Push UpsOh push ups, so many people can't even do a push ups correctly (their hips are shooting up or they wobble on the way up and down)

    To execute a push up properly tighten up your whole body: core, glutes, legs, back, traps, & with a shoulder width apart stance, put your hands on the floor and push up + down while maintaining a neutral head posture (so your

  • whole body moves up and down in a straight line) and almost touching the ground with your chest (or touching it but not resting)

    Not that hard and there are certainly tons of push up variations, but the principle stays the same: tighten up your whole body so your whole body is an straight line (not your hips going up and down) and push up and down while you maintain everything tight

    The push up not only builds up your chest & arms but strengthens your core big time since it needs to be tightened up in order to maintain good form

    Some progressions for the push up are:

    Girl Push Ups: (no offense to girls since there are many badass push up ladies out there, but for sakes of simplicity this a term everyone can associate with) simply put your knees on the ground to remove a lot of the weight of your body & execute a normal push up

    Incline Push Ups basically grab either a bar, bench, the stairs, a chair or anything that is higher than the ground & do a push up with your palms elevated on it...This is good for beginners that have no upper

  • body strength, and the goal is to each week lower the platform until you are doing full push ups on the ground

    Book to Chest: a lot of people can't do full Range of Motion, so a simple progression for this is to put a big book below your chest & go all the way so you touch it...slowly each week or day put a less thicker book until you are touching a super thin book or the ground (it's a simple trick and sometimes having something that we can physically touch instead of just keep in mind can help a lot to develop good habits)

    How to Make Push Ups Harder:While there are tons of variations and styles of push ups I will give you simple cool ones so you can get to work with.

    Hindu Push Ups (AKA Dive Bomber Push Ups): Imagine there is a bar above your head that you must under, so as you push down go under that bar & do the opposite when coming back

    Spiderman Push Ups: Quickly picture spiderman walking on a wall, OK now as you go down with your push up shift your weight to one arm and move your knee from the opposite side up to your elbow...So in the end it looks like you are walking like spiderman - you can do this either in a fixated spot or you can walk, doing push ups every step you take (you will really feel this one in your core)

    Elevated Push Ups: simply place your feet on top of a surface a couple inches or feet high & push up...(usually when you elevate your feet most of the pushing starts to happen with your shoulders and triceps & not much chest, so if you wanna target the chest as much as possible with elevated push ups, don't raise your feet too high so the tension stays there)

    Weighted push ups: simply add weight or have a person sit on your back - Simple & powerful..specially if your goal is to develop absolute strength & also build up more thick muscle

    1 Arm Push Ups: This requires a lot of tricep strength but simply push up with one arm - have a wider stance with your legs so you are more balanced

  • Clapping Push Ups: Explode up as you push up and clap your hands (if you can't do this then simple do small jumps when you push up and slowly build up your plyometric strength

    There are tons more of awesome variations that I could share & frankly you are only limited to your imagination when it comes to push ups as you can do some many combinations of it

    So I will leave it at that...don't be limited to these options and if you come up with another variation feel free to do it + let me know about them :)

    (there are no rules that say you can't use your own creative genius inventions)

    #3: HandstandsI didn't just tell you to do a handstand to prove my point above but this is a powerful exercise that will give you tremendous strength, stability & will get your back, shoulders and arms to grow dense looking muscle + it's also fun

  • as hell!

    The handstand is something you just work your way up to

    At first you will be unstable and wobble, or won't be able to hold it for long, but this is because this a completely new stimuli to your body since your not used to shifting things upside down

    Essentially you are teaching yourself how to walk again, only this time it's on your hands...and if you have ever seen how long it takes for a baby to learn how to walk, then you know it's not a one day or 1 week thing, constant practice will get you there so have patience & enjoy the process!

    The main point I wanna highlight here is that you will fall, just like the baby fell tons of times, so will you, but don't get discouraged you will eventually get it...laugh at your falls, have fun & keep getting back up!

    Before we start One tip I will give you is that if you don't get a good handstand stance at first don't try to fix it while your upside down...get down & try it again - this is because

    #1 Your not too used to all the weight on your arms so this will make it hard &

    #2 you wanna teach yourself good habits, so practicing good technique is crucial so you execute the move properly later on (developing good habits is key not only with bodyweigth but also with weight training, as it sets the foundation to fire up the right muscles & reduce chances of injury)

    How to do a handstand:1. Look directly at a wall, lower yourself down & place your hands 2-3

    inches away from the wall (a little further if this is your first time)2. With a slightly wider than shoulder with apart stance, have one leg in a

    lunge position and the other one straight out3. Tighten up your arms and core and now4. The leg that is straight out is the one that you will throw up & the other

    one will slowly follow (make sure to not violently kick up as you might make a hole in your wall [at least I've heard stories of people doing so]

  • + this will also teach you to control the move...it's about control and actually mastering the move vs using momentum

    5. So now your upside down, make sure your core is tight and try to pint your feet as high as possible

    6. Hold it for as long as you can or do short 12-5 second kick up and holds7. If your strong enough you can do a handstand push up

    That wasn't to bad right?

    The main thing that might hold you back is the fear of being upside down at first, that's why you wanna practice this against a wall, so when you kick up the wall will be there so you hit it

    As you progress you wanna get your hands closer to the wall so essentially your barely using it and moving on until you don't need it

    Handstand alone will get you strong, and since you already felt how much strength & stability it takes to hold this posture, so you can clearly see how getting good at handstands will have tremendous carry over to any other barbell exercise + improve your posture


    Walking up the wall: The one I showed you is a progression but essentially you can do the inverse, so you are actually walking up the wall (so your facing away from the wall and walking backwards with your feet)

  • The only reason I wrote the other variation first it's because it keeps your spine in better alignment (doesn't force you to round up as much as this one) but still both are valid approaches)

    kick up with your knees flexed: your essentially gonna smack the wall gently with the bottom of your feet instead of being fully in a straight line (this removes a lot of the core stability needed but it's a good progression to get used to the motion and lose the fear of being upside down)

    Frog Stands: This one forces you to work on your core so that's why I use it as a progression - get into a frog stance position, put part of your inner tights (close to your knees) in your elbows & balance out your body - really focus on balance!

    Have a Partner hold your Ankles: I've personally never done this but I have heard is the ideal way to learn the handstand

    Rolls: not a direct progression for it, but getting used to rolling on your back will help you out when falling from a handstand position or when you lose your balance (a lot of fear is generated because of the fall, so if you know you can roll, this fear diminishes a lot since you know you can just land and roll your way out) + rolling on the ground is fun

    Wheel Barrows: This move will strengthen your core a lot making it easier to transition to handstands- you can have a partner hold your feet so you walk in your hands or use the following:

    Ab wheel Roll outs or Furniture Sliders walks: simply walk with these for distance + do roll outs to build up your core strength (having core strength is crucial and will make it easy to hold a handstand)

    How to Make Handstands Harder:I am not at the level that I can do a full handstand without assistance for more than 2 seconds, but these are thing you can do to increase the difficulty with or without a wall

    Handstand Push Ups: Simply push up and down your own bodyweight: it's an upside down overhead press, so you will need a lot of shoulder & tricep strength for this one, + your lats will get swolle! (if you can't do it, make sure to practice elevated push ups & dips to build up the


  • strength for it) Side to Side Walks: While on that handstand position against wall, walk

    side to side, this will really test & develop your core strength since you need to tighten up so you don't all as you move

    Add ankle weights: any bodyweight move can be made harder with added weight & handstands are no exception, this can be a great addition to add when doing handstand push ups to not only do more reps but heavier reps as well and get stronger

    Have a partner push you down when doing handstand push ups: adding more resistance is always good & this another way of doing so

    Wohh so that's a lot for the handstand, but initially you wanna master the hold, then progress from there

    #4: Leg raises & Any bar move for the AbsAm not just talking about raising your legs to just pump up the abs, but to really force the abs to stabilize which is what they are designed for - This is Real Core Training

  • So I am referring to any ab exercise on the bar & really the goal here is to get efficient at hanging & moving your whole body on the bar - this will require lots of tension & strength since your gonna be holding on the bar for time, not just reps

    This will not only develop incredible core strength but also your grips will improve big time & your upper body will grow from the constant tension+ there are variations to also work on building your back & arm muscles at the same time which I'll share in a moment

    So with that in mind here are a couple bar exercises for your abs:

    Leg raises: get on the bar & raise your legs in a straight line Knee Tucks: just like a knee raise but your tucking in your knees &

    moving your hips up Toes to bar: just like the name says get your toes to or over the bar,

    some elbow flexion will be required to do at first Windmills: similar to the toe to bar, except that this time when your

    feet are up you are moving your feet left to right like your car's

  • windshield wipers Skin the Cat: This is a lot easier on rings as you can move your hand

    position, but essentially you are taking your body into a full roll on the rings/bar & ending in a back lever position & then falling down or rolling out the opposite way - this is great if you have shoulder mobility & it's pretty fun...I recommend you try it on some type of ring first & have a partner assist you in case you can't hold yourself

    Levers: this one really requires pure core strength as your keeping your body in a straight line, so push your hips up & extend your legs out while keeping tension on your arms to keep a straight position (It's a real tough exercise)

    L-Sits: grab some parallets or chairs & simple hold your legs directly straight in front of you & keep constant tension (this is pure core strength)

    I encourage you to look at video tutorials of these exercises in YouTube as it is tough to clearly explain them in writing


    Lever progression: tuck one knee in and try to only extend one leg for time (as opposed to both)

    Start out with small reps & holds for all exercises - your building an skill here not just pumping the muscle

    There is not much of a progression with these exercises other than the fact that each gets more advanced, so start with the basic knee tuck & leg raise & progress to more advance one like levers

    How to make Leg raise exercises harder:

    Add resistance: either a weighted vest or ankle weights Hold for Longer times Slower tempo (really control the move & put tension in your core) Use Gymnastic Rings: I love rings since they force you to stabilize your

    whole body, if you have used them before you'll notice that you were shaking all over the place at first since you had no stability, but the more you do ring work the more that shaking stops & you have more


  • control of the rings - training with rings is highly recommended (although not required)

    Combine multiple exercises like these 2 hybrids:

    1. Pull Up + Knee Raise2. Dip + knee/leg raise

    With hybrid combiations like the above you are killing 2 birds with one stone: working on core stabilization + muscle building

    So as you can see these are not just ab exercises like crunches, although they will get you badass abs the goal with them is to develop real core

    strength & stabilityBodyweight is never an isolation exercise, so you see can see how even though you might be doing leg raises to work on your abs, at the same time you have to be efficient at pull ups to really maximize the power of them or to do hybrid exercises like the pull up with knee raise for example

    Since we are on the topic of pull ups and ab exercises let's move onto another badass exercise along those lines

    #5: DipsDips are simply awesome, not only are they mass builders for your chest & triceps but for your whole upper body

  • A lot of people wonder about the Range of Motion to use when doing dips & I would say that you go down as far as it feels comfortable

    Lots of people have shoulder issues so mobility is an issue, but if you don't dip as low as you can, if not at least to the point where your elbow & shoulder are in the same height

    DIP Progressions: have a partner hold your feet negatives: work on the lowering part of the dip or simply have bars or rings low enough so your having some

  • assistance from your feet & not your full bodyweight

    How to make Dips Harder: Add weighted resistance: either a weight belt or vest Use rings: the less stable you are, the more work you have to do

    Dips alone will increase your pressing power, which will help you press a lot more weight on your bench or any dumbbell press move - So Dip it out!

    So you now know how to do 5 badass exercises for the upper body,

    What about the Legs?That's something you always hear & to be honest yes you can train the legs with just bodyweight but in my opinion nothing can beat weighted squats & deadlifts to develop powerful strong legs & muscle size

    Simply because you need a lot of resistance to gain strength from your legs & build them up, so deads & squats are fundamentals...I mean all your life you have walked on your legs so you are used to constant weight over them so a greater stimuli is required to make them grow, however the mobility & flexibility you gain from bodyweight training done for your legs is crucial to avoid pain and injury so it should not be avoided!

    With that said here are the 2 exercises you Must be doing to develop your legs with just bodyweight taining

    #6 - Squats & PistolsNothing can beat squats for the legs, simply because this is an everyday move (you do it every time you go to the bathroom)

    Not too mention that the weighted squat is the king of all exercises since it is a BIG mass builder!

    The main issue with squatting is having poor mobility, due to our lifestyle (we sit too damn much)

    2 quick things you can do to improve this are:

    #1: Foam Roll your legs, specially your hip flexors, IT Band, Quads, Calfs,

  • Hamstrings & Piriformis (Glute Muscle) as those are the areas that get tight

    #2: Corrective stretching - specifically stretching your hip flexor & pec minor

    These 2 will help you squat with a lot better form

    The main progression with squatting with just bodyweight is to increase your Range Of Motion, so basically become more mobile in your hips so you can squat lower (Ass to Grass)

    Ultimately the goal is to be able to do a pistol (which is a one legged squat)

    The pistol requires you to be mobile & requires a lot of strength Start out by grabbing a door frame or a stick for assistance You can also sit on a box & progress from there When in the bottom you wanna explode up by engaging your glutes Eventually you will want to use less and less assistance till you can do a

  • full pistol Once you can do a couple of pistols with BW, add resistance via

    weights, sandbags, kettlebells or anything heavy

    Pistols and Squats will build a powerful set of legs & dramatically increase the amount you can squat one you start having more mobility

    There are a lot of things I could talk about how to improve mobility that go beyond the scope of this report, but doing foam rolling & stretching will help you become more mobile + you will feel a ton better!

    How to make Squats & Pistols Tougher: Add resistance: either with a barbell or hold a sandbag in-front of you

    (this will hit your hard core as well) Explosive Jumping Squats High Rep Squats & Pistols Overhead Squats & Pistols (add a barbell overhead or start out by

    raising your hands & see how much tougher this exercise becomes)

    #7 - LungesJust like squats, the more mobility you have the better your lunges will be

    The main difference is that a lunge is a unilateral move, which requires a lot more stability!

    Main thing with lunges is you wanna keep your core tight, chest up and lunge down (don't have your knee past your big toe)

    It's a simple but powerful move that often gets neglected by many, because they suck!Lunges are hard, specially once you get to high reps with them but they are incredible for developing lower body strength & size (specially when you add weights) so they are a Must do to build up your legs

  • How to make lunges harder: Do overhead lunges w/weights Hold a sandbag or kettlebell in front of you Explosive lunges

    So there you have it!...

    I just gave you the Top 7 Bodyweight exercises you Must be doing to build

  • Strength & Size

    Now, how do you know if your proficient with them?

    Here is a simple standard list to shoot for (if you can do more the better, but these are just the minimum requirements to have basic strength)

    Pull Ups X 10 Push Ups x 100 Dips x 30 Handstands: 1 min Hold Handstand Push Ups x 10 Leg Raises x 30 Squats x 100 Lunges x 30 (each leg)

    This is a very conservative list & by no means are these absolutes but these are good standards to shoot for when starting out

    There are many more awesome bodyweight exercises you can add to your arsenal, but these are basic fundamentals that should be mastered

    I can guarantee you that incorporating more of these bodyweight exercises will get you Stronger & Build Muscle

    They will not only improve your skills at BW but also help you Lift More Weight, Improve your Posture & help you Overcome any plateau you are currently suffering with

    Final Notes:

    Action Beats Perfection!

    That's how I want you to also approach your bodyweight training

    Things won't be perfect, but doing them will take you further than waiting for perfection

    So practice, practice & practice

    No need to max out on reps yet, but rather practice the skill so you understand how to do the move & pay attention to what's tight or what sticking points you are having when training so you know what to work on

  • You can do bodyweight exercises anywhere so there is no reasons why you can't constantly practice them to get better at them

    If I could only pick 2 for you to start adding immediately they would be handstands & pull ups: simply because they will strengthen your back &

    develop core strength like nothing else

    Those 2 alone will help you lift more weight, with better form & with more control

    So that's it my friend, hope this report shed a lot of light on how bodyweigt training will help you Get Stronger & Build More MuscleIf your already efficient at those moves, add some variations to them, don't be afraid to break the rules & have fun

    I will later be sharing more ways on how to incorporate bodyweight in your training, but for now, practice these moves & get efficient at them!

    Any questions you have about bodyweight training feel free to email me & I will get to you ASAP: BeastLifestyle@gmail.com

    Or if you want me to critique you, feel free to send me a video question

    Am here to help you so anything you need feel free to ask away

    but Enough talking Let's Take Action!

    Attack Life & Get Stronger, Luis Carrillo BeastLifestyle.com


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