If I Lived Under the Bridge

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Book Report/Creative Writing

Text of If I Lived Under the Bridge

  • If I Lived Under The Bridge Family Under The Bridge Book Project

    What if you and your family became homeless and started to live under the bridge?

    What would you do to survive? How would you get food and keep yourselves warm?

    What would you do during the day? Would you still go to school, play with your friends, or visit the zoo?

    Would you do anything to help other people who are also homeless, like Armand did for the Calcets?

    Let your imagination fly and write at least 3 paragraphs on the following page.

    Writ ing Rubr ic

    Write 3 paragraphs with sentence starters ____/15 pts. Each paragraph has details describing your

    life under the bridge ____/10 pts.

    Make connections with the characters and plot in the book ____/5 pts.

    Use correct punctuation and spelling ____/5 pts.

    Total ____/35 pts.

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    If I Lived Under The Bridge