IEEE Career Services Committee Jean Eason Career Services Committee Member

IEEE Career Services Committee Jean Eason Career Services Committee Member

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IEEECareer Services Committee

Jean Eason

Career Services Committee Member

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Committee Purpose

“… develop a plan that integrates career related programs and activities in such a way as to present a coherent and unified IEEE approach to all its members on career issues.”

The process includes defining all current programs with their limitations and possibilities for expansion, analyzing those programs from a global perspective, determining future needs, and developing a comprehensive list of required resources.

Career Resources

From the Top

IEEE Career Portal

• Where we are today

MyIEEE Professional Desktop

• Another Option for Today

The Details

Employment Resources

Employment Resources

• IEEE Job Site

Employment Resources

• IEEE-USA Career Navigator

Employment Resources

• IEEE-USA Career Navigator– Powered

by Jibber Jobber

Employment Resources

• IEEE-USA Employment Navigator

The Details

Networking Resources

Networking Resources

• IEEE-USA Career Navigator

Networking Resources

• IEEE-USA Employment & Career Strategies Forum

Other Resources

Other Career Resources

• Webinars– Spectrum: Career

Accelerator Forum• 11 Oct: Career Strategy for

Technology Professionals


Other Career Resources

• IEEE-USA eBooks– Engineers Guide to Lifelong

Employability:• What are you Worth?• The Transition from School to Work• On Resumes

– The Best of IEEE-USA Today's Engineer:

• On Career Survival• On Career Transitions• On Consulting

– Career Planning Guide for IEEE Members

– Personal Positioning for Engineers– Consultants Profile 2006– Unemployment Survey 2006– Guidelines for Professional Employment:

A Framework for Communication– Strategic Thinking: A High-Tech Strategy


Other Career Resources

• IEEE.tv– Careers in Technology

• “Electric Power: A New Generation”

• “The Emerging Field of Biomedical Engineering”

• “Information Technology: Careers for the Information Age”

• “What’s Out There: Careers for Electrical Engineers and Computer Scientists”

A Look Ahead

Tomorrow’s Career Portal

• Career Lifecycle Management– Segments in Career Life

Cycle– Type of Organization– Type of Functional

Organization– Required Competencies


• Enhancements to MyIEEE– Increased customization– Online member directory

• IEEE Job Site– Posting internships and co-op positions– Academic portal

• IEEE-USA– Enhancing consultants network– (Future) Engineering Skills Symposium

• Invited participants from Industry, Academia, Government• Explore technical skills most needed to sustain an engineering community

• Educational Activities– Centralized access to educational products and services– Coordinate the development and distribution of online educational