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1. Ideas GenerationWithin the music video which we are creating, it can be defined using Laceys repertoire of elementsthough the characters represented within it, the type of video narrative used, the iconography usedwhich references to the music genre, the setting and mise en scene and also the various technicaland audio codes all relate to the style and are again identifiable within the genre of the bandsmusic.CharacterThe main idea we are thinking of using as the narrative of our music video contains the use ofcharacter, which primarily focuses on two main characters, a teenage male and female which areperceived as a result of their body language towards each other to be in a romantic relationship. Itwill not be interpreted to be that much of a serious relationship despite this between the two,possibly as a result of their age. The male character will be conveyed to be both caring anddismissive towards the female character, almost to ensure a sort of dual or split personality isconveyed to the audience. The female character herself will be portrayed to be quite caring towardsthe boy, and almost infatuated with him, as she is a figure of his imagination.NarrativeIn relation to the narrative of the music video, we had the idea that the first half of the music videoconveys there to be an almost stereotypical representation of a young relationship through the useof character and iconography. Although this changes towards the second half and end of the musicvideo which goes on to portray how the female character is actually a figure of the male charactersimagination, and shows that the scenes involving the two were actually just the male character byhimself. In relation to the meaning of the song lyrics it is widely interpreted to convey a relationshipwhich contains both feelings of love and almost hatred, so this idea we have for our music video isslightly different in comparison. Within our main idea we wish to have both performance elementsand narrative elements too, as there is usually some sort of performance elements within musicvideos of a similar music genre. The narrative itself will most likely be non-linear as a result of therebeing a story line and a plot but it will not be conveyed like a seamless narrative, due to theelements of performance and also possibly creating a narrative enigma for the audience. Thenarrative itself will show the relationship as it started, and progressed as well as conveying how theboy character will have some sort of dual personality, the ending of the music video will portray howthe boy created the girl as a figment of his imagination.IconographyThe music video will feature almost stereotypical elements within it when referencing to the twocharacters to be in a relationship. This will most likely be conveyed through the use of objects suchas hearts and also flowers, which could also have some sort of indirect reference to the band whichpossible fans of Morrissey would pick up on as he has been known to dance with Gladioli hangingfrom his back pocket or in his hands during the time the band were still together. It can alsoreference to another famous The Smiths music video for This Charming Man where Morrissey isseen swinging a bunch of Gladioli whilst singing. During the performance elements within the musi cvideo we will use instruments such as guitars which can be iconic of the band and the music genre ingeneral.SettingThe setting of the music video will feature the characters outside on the streets and also inside inthe confinement of the boys bedroom, in which the boys mind-set will be conveyed through the 2. mise en scene of the room being messy and unkempt. The outdoor elements within the music videowill most likely be in public places such as The Lowry and other popular areas.StyleThe editing will in some places be quite fast paced, and the edits in general will be quite soft to addto the dream like state of which the main male character is in, and link to the narrative within themusic video. Additionally, high key lighting will be used when the relationship between the twocharacters is being established at the start of the music video, but this will change when therevelation occurs that the girlfriend character is actually a figure of his imagination. This will directlyestablish the male characters frame of mind, and convey the direct contrast to his pleasant happylife with his girlfriend to his unhappy life where he is alone.