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Idea Generation Inducement prize contestsWeb-based idea competitions, or inducement prize contests often consist of generic ideas, cash prizes, and an Internet-based platform to facilitate easy idea generation and discussion M. Christensen - CareerIn 2000, he founded Innosight LLC, a consulting and training firm which describes itself as "focusing on idea generation, strategy development, commercialization, and innovative process development." In 2005, together with his colleagues at Innosight, he launched Innosight Ventures, a venture firm focused on investing in India - Sources of InnovationThe lead user method focuses on idea generation based on leading users to develop breakthrough innovations - Neurobiology of creativityThe frontal lobes can be seen as responsible for idea generation, and the temporal lobes for idea editing and evaluation - Creativity Profiles(i) "Idea Generation" (Fluency, Originality, Incubation and Illumination) product developmentThere are two parallel paths involved in the NPD process: one involves the idea generation, product design and detail engineering; the other involves market research and marketing analysis product development - The eight stagesIdea Generation or Brainstorming of new product, service, or store concepts - idea generation techniques can begin when you have done your OPPORTUNITY ANALYSIS to support your ideas in the Idea Screening Phase (shown in the next development step). product development - The eight stagesThe team is responsible for all aspects of the project, from initial idea generation to final commercialization, and they usually report to senior management (often to a vice president or Program Manager) capital - Funding*Business idea|Idea generation; model - History These production areas between the gates are idea generation, establishment of feasibility, development of capability, testing and validation and product launch model - Phase 0: Discovery Deciding what projects the company wants and is capable to pursue. During this phase it is common for companies to take part in idea generation activities such as brainstorming or other group thinking exercises. Once the idea generation team has selected a project that they would like to go forward with, it must be passed on to the first gate and therefore screened by the organization's decision makers. model - Phase 0: Discovery Communicating with customers to understand how and why they use products can produce great strides in idea generation - Applications In his award-winning dissertation, Idea Generation, Creativity, and Incentives, published in Marketing Science, Olivier Toubia tackled this problem head on - Osborn's method* stimulate idea generation - Directed brainstormingDirected brainstorming is a variation of electronic brainstorming (described above). It can be done manually or with computers. Directed brainstorming works when the solution space (that is, the set of criteria for evaluating a good idea) is known prior to the session. If known, those criteria can be used to constrain the Ideation (Idea Generation)|Ideation process intentionally. - Business Model @Work provides enterprises the same methodology for idea generation and problem solving but focused upon the existing workforce of the customer techniques'Creativity techniques' are methods that encourage Creativity|creative actions, whether in the arts or sciences. They focus on a variety of aspects of creativity, including techniques for idea generation and divergent thinking, methods of re-framing problems, changes in the affective environment and so on. They can be used as part of problem solving, artistic expression, or therapy. techniques - Problem solvingA random image, sound, or article can be used instead of a random word as a kind of creativity goad or provocation|provocation.[ More On Idea Generation Tools and Techniques - History of the company The customers end up playing a critical role across all its operations: idea generation, marketing, sales forecasting development There are two parallel paths involved in the NPD process: one involves the idea generation, product design and detail engineering; the other involves market research and marketing|marketing analysis development - The eight stages#*Idea Generation or Brainstorming of new product, service, or store concepts - idea generation techniques can begin when you have done your OPPORTUNITY ANALYSIS to support your ideas in the 'Idea Screening Phase' (shown in the next development step). Idea Processor - ApplicationsA highly heuristic multi-level user workspace is manipulated using a wide array of linguistic, analytical, graphical and compositional idea generation tools 2.0 - Idea generation Idea generation - also known as ideation (idea generation)|ideation - can involve a structured business methodology for collecting and incubating innovative ideas that could mature with community participation. Large corporations use idea management systems to solicit ideas from their customers and employees. Idea generation in some cases fuels the product pipeline. - Experimental researchContributions of inadequate source monitoring to unconscious plagiarism during idea generation product management - Content of software product management* Idea generation (e.g. on whiteboards) for a new software product, or for the next version of an existing product. Organization - Business approaches #'Idea generation.' Texas Instruments credits its Lunatic Fringean informal and amorphous group of TI engineers (and their peers and contacts outside the company), according to Fortune Magazinefor its recent successes analysis - ProceduresHis system of 73 specific scales measure three broad areas: Cognitive (Verbal Abilities; Idea Generation Reasoning Abilities; Quantitative Abilities; Memory; Perceptual Abilities; Spatial Abilities; and Attentiveness), Psychomotor (Fine Manipulative Abilities; Control Movement Abilities; and Reaction Time and Speed Abilities), and Physical (Physical Strength Abilities; Endurance; Flexibility, Balance, and Coordination; Visual Abilities; and Auditory and Speech Abilities). management - Resources [ CBDC Idea Generation] leadership - Organizational Encouragement This involves encouragement of risk-taking and idea generation from all levels of management, fair and supportive evaluation of new ideas, recognition and reward of creativity, and collaborative idea flow across an organization leadership - Creative Work Cambridge, MA: MIT Press This type of work must also involve both novel idea generation and novel idea implementation Vincent, A leadership - Idea Generation Current research supports the notion that in the idea generation process, innovation leadership requires a leader to use a more transformational style of leadership.King, N., Anderson, N leadership - Idea Evaluation and Implementation The leader needs to adopt what are known as closed leadership behaviors in order to achieve this; instead of stimulating idea generation, he or she must shift the focus away from generating new ideas toward fine-tuning existing ideas in the interest of achieving progress toward the goal at hand and ultimately implementing the idea leadership - Proposed Model for Innovati