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Information,Communication and Technology. (SSI 3013) En.Azmi Bin Ibrahim Nurhamizah Mohamed(D20101037422) Nur Hidayah Badaruddin (D20101037436) Khairunnisa Maskuri (D20101037421)

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Information,Communicationand Technology.

(SSI 3013)En.Azmi Bin Ibrahim

Nurhamizah Mohamed(D20101037422)

Nur Hidayah Badaruddin (D20101037436)

Khairunnisa Maskuri (D20101037421)

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Problem Statement:

• What are issue and challenges in integrating ICT in teaching and learning in our Malaysian schools.

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• Mostly schools in Malaysia have the ICT facilities provided.

• There are some of the student could not afford to explore the ICT devices at home.

• Some teachers tend to ignore their students that are from the lower class compared to the higher class.

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• Every year a very big amount of money allocated by the government to the schools to increase the effectiveness of teaching period at schools.

• The students comes from a family with an average income monthly so this can cause them to feels abandoned and less confident to go to schools.

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• Perceptions of the teachers towards student that are slow learners because they tend to assume that the student will never be able to grasp the knowledge.

• Teachers are lazy to improvise their ways of teaching so that it can suit the pace of learning of their students.

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Learning Issues

• The schools management in using the money allocated by the government.

• The teachers have to know how much money being spends so that the teachers will appreciate more the devices and willing to learn new technologies.

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• Teachers have to know their students in terms of their behaviour, emotion and also their family background.

• In order to convey the teaching teachers have to be creative and willing to try new methods of teaching so that the learning outcome will be achieves.

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• It is compulsory for each schools to inform the teachers regarding the budget allocated by the government and how much money spend only for ICT equipment in order to keep up with the new technologies that constantly evolving.

• Teacher need to carried out a questionairesindividually with their student .

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• If necessary teacher need to visit the home of their student in order to know their family background.

• To change the perceptions of teachers regarding the weakness of their student.

• Teacher need to come up with a new, fresh and creative ways of teaching in order to motivates their students.

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• As a future teacher that will teach the students at schools we need to know the problem and come upo with a solution in order to help the students to learn ICT comfortably with enough facilities.