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<ul><li> 1. Use Of ICT Equipment Elise Daniels</li></ul> <p> 2. Video Camera -To create the variety of scenes which make up my trailer I will need touse an appropriate video camera with the use of a tripod to takesteady shots. I will use a video camera or a camera with videofunctions to film the individual shots which will then make up myscene and overall trailer.The chosen camera that I will use to record my trailer needs to have azoom function. This is due to some of my shots being taken fromdifferent distances and for the horror conventions that I am trying tocreate.My video camera will also need a light feature. This is based on thedifferent scenes I will be filming in different lighting conditions. Someaspects of my trailer are filmed at night. Therefore I will need a goodquality camera. 3. Memory Sticks-I will be backing up all my work onto memory sticks. I will be doing this to make sure I save all aspects of my work and do not loose them. I will use a memory stick in my video camera so all the scenes are saved straight away. Once I then begin to edit I will also save any work I do on to another stick. This will enable me to do work on the school computer, schools laptops and my laptops at home quickly and easily.I will need to regularly save my work to make sure its up to date and so I dont have to risk doing my work over again. 4. Laptop/ComputerI will be using the school computer during lesson times to edit and produce any of my work. As the school systems can sometime be un-reliable or run slow, I will also be working on my school and home laptops.Working on the laptops and computer will allow me to access anyinformation on the internet or any programmes/software that I needto use. Using laptops will also allow me to carry on with my workoutside of school time. 5. Software - Premier ProI will be using software such as Adobe Premier Pro to edit my trailer.Premier Pro is time line based video editing software. Premier Prosupports high resolution video quality and audio sample levelediting. Premier Pro allows you to import footage and then have playback options directly on the time line. Therefore this means you canedit in sections and choose which part on the time line you want towatch or edit. I will also be able to add dialogue or audio onto the time line and editmy scenes. This means I can add sound effects, or music within thebackground. 6. Software - PhotoshopAdobe Photoshop is a graphics editing programme. Photoshop is animportant piece of software to use during the development of mytrailer. I will be able to create scenes of Photoshop to add into mytrailer. For example, opening blank screens with writing on. I willalso be able to edit my shots. Photoshop will allow me edit scenesfrom Adobe Premier Pro directly. Any changes I make in Photoshopwill immediately be updated on Premier Pro.Features include, cropping and slicing, Typing, Video editing, touch upand healing tools etc. Overall Photoshop will allow me to developmy trailer, enhancing the horror genre. 7. Software - iMovieiMovie is video editing software application for Mac and iOS, (iPhone,iPad and iPod touch). iMovie enables footage or photos to be imported,and the user can then edit the clips. This may include adding titles,music, effects, colour correction and video enhancement tools. Alongwith the other software, iMovie will help me to develop my trailer. Forexample, I would be able to fade the transitions of my slides.Overall the use of the software and devices will allow my trailer to becreated to a professional standard, and become more appealing to mytarget audience.</p>