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ICPE-5 2012 Universiti Teknologi Malaysia 18 Dec. 2012 By Prof. Dr. Nik Maheran Nik Muhammad Universiti Malaysia Kelantan

ICPE-5 2012 Universiti Teknologi Malaysia 18 Dec. 2012 By Prof. Dr. Nik Maheran Nik Muhammad Universiti Malaysia Kelantan

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  • ICPE-5 2012Universiti Teknologi Malaysia18 Dec. 2012

    By Prof. Dr. Nik Maheran Nik MuhammadUniversiti Malaysia Kelantan

  • ICPE-5 2012

  • In the new economy, financial capital is no longer at the forefront. The countrys competitiveness relies heavily on a critical resource the human capital

    9MP aspire to increase the number of Malaysian doctorate degree holders to achieve world-class knowledge workers in Malaysia.

    Top-class human capital is critical to drive the nations economic growth, trigger sustainable and highly competitive economic development and explore new areas of research that can sustain its competitive advantage over others;

    The strategies aggressive of MYBRAIN15 - aim of 60,000 doctorate degree holders within 15 yearsICPE-5 2012

  • ICPE-5 2012

    PUBLIC UNIVERSITIES / AREA OF STUDYENROLMENTADMISSIONGRADUATE200820092008200920082009ART & SCIENCE SOCIAL6,3007,6411,8152,080350328SCIENCE3,6504,2191,1601,192290234TECHNICAL2,2932,809669878145139TOTAL12,24514,6693,6444,150785701

    PRIVATE UNIVERSITIES / AREA OF STUDYENROLMENTADMISSIONGRADUATE200820092008200920082009ART & SCIENCE SOCIAL59412251695122726SCIENCE516691952021514TECHNICAL2213623978139TOTAL133122783037925549GRAND TOTAL13,57616,9473,9474,942840750

  • Total doctoratesMalaysias total of 5,992 doctorates compared to Korea, which has the highest number of S&T doctorates of about 52,595 (ISI web knowledge, 2007)ICPE-5 2012

  • 2.PatentsEach Malaysian doctorate generates only 0.0164 patent as compared to 0.43 of the TaiwansICPE-5 2012

  • 3. PublicationsEx: Each Singapore doctorate generates 1.437 publications compared to Malaysias 0.0166.

    ICPE-5 2012

  • Secondary School Output and Tertiary Educationonly 32% of secondary school leavers in Malaysia enter tertiary education.

    81% in Korea, 73% in US, 70% in Finland and 48% in Japan,

    Malaysia needs to increase the percentage of its school leavers who enter university.

    ICPE-5 2012

  • the percentage of doctoral to bachelors degree Malaysia ranked 4.1% in getting its undergraduates to pursue doctoral degree programmes with a percentage of 30.2%. ICPE-5 2012

  • R&D ExpenditureThe national R&D input indicators lag behind comparable competitive nations, and are still below their target of 1.5% of GDP (GERD/GDP). ICPE-5 2012

  • Admission to doctoral programme (e.g. length of time, selection process and supervisors acceptance criteria); Research support, Supervision quality,Facilities and equipment availability; Completion rate;Financial Aid;lack of career attractiveness or opportunity for career development for people with a doctorate;relevant programmes; and world-renowned professors

    Note: These are issues emerged in the findings of a case study conducted in one of the top Malaysian public HEIs

    ICPE-5 2012

  • Concern over potential shortages of doctorates to academia, Malaysias action plan to produce 60,000 doctorates within the next 15 years has led to the coining of the programme name MyBrain15.

    Malaysian government, through MOHE, PSD, MARA and MOSTI, has supported Malaysians with funds and financial aid for postgraduate studies

    The need for many more doctoral degree holders in Malaysia is evident that Malaysia is now moving towards knowledge-driven economy.

    ICPE-5 2012

  • Malaysias targets for the short, intermediate and long terms

    ICPE-5 2012

  • Target Setting for Admission, Enrolment and Output of Doctorates(aggressive intervention will result in 60,000 doctorates in about 8 years at a CAGR of 41%,medium intervention will result in the same number in about 15 years at a CAGR of 16%. )

    ICPE-5 2012

  • The approach to develop MyBrain15 strategies, initiatives and implementation planAssess the factors attracting candidates and producing sufficient doctoral graduates;MOHE, to propose to the Government, initiatives/plans/changes which are outside of its sphere of control (e.g. MOE, MOSTI, government research institutes and industry players). Define the need for a doctoral-qualified (or equivalent) workforce; study successful models adopted by other nations to enhance their research-based innovation system

    ICPE-5 2012

  • Admitting the right studentsSpecial Reward SchemeBuild alliances with undergraduate programmes.Industry-faculty linkagesDiversified of Doctoral SetupInvesting in ScholarshipAdequate mentoring from faculty to student.Creating partnership with all involving in doctoral studies