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ICM 2003 - Willkommen — Verbundzentrale des · PDF fileICM 2003 Technical Program v ... A. Khadem-zadeh, Iran Telecommunication Research Center, Iran ... Aziza I. Hussein, Minia

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Text of ICM 2003 - Willkommen — Verbundzentrale des · PDF fileICM 2003 Technical Program v ......

  • IEEE */. -y'sf-

    ICM 2003

    CA I

  • Conference ProceedingsTable of Contents

    ICM 2003 Organizing Committee iiiICM 2003 Sponsors ivICM 2003 Technical Program vICM 2003 authors Index 417

    Session SMnalogi: Analog Circuits" CMOS Digitally Controlled Amplifier For Low Voltage Applications" 2Fathi A. Farag , Zagazig University, Egypt

    " Design of Low-Voltage Low-Power Preamplifier for Hearing Aid Devices " 6Sherif A. Saleh, H. A. Elsemary, Electronics Research Institute, EgyptH. F. Hamed, M. H. Azzam, Minia University, Egypt

    " dB-linear V-I Converter Using Composite NMOS Transistor" 10Quoc-Hoang Duong, Trung-Kien Nguyen, Hoang-Nam DuongAnd Sang-Gug Lee, Information and CommunicationUniversity, South Korea

    11 Low-Power CMOS Circuits for Analog VLSI Programmable Neural Networks" ...A AM. A. Abo El-Soud, Mansoura University, EgyptR. A. AbdelRassoul, Arab Academy for Science & Technology,and Marine Transport, EgyptH. H. Soliman, Mansoura University, EgyptL. M. El-Ghanam, Mansoura University, Egypt

    Session SB.Digiti: Processors and Testing"Optimal Digital Design of Signal Processing Applications Using HybridArchitectures" 19Habibullah Jamal, University of Engineering and Technology, Taxila, PakistanShoab Khan, Khalid Mahmood, National University of Sciences andTechnology, Rawalpindi, Pakistan


  • "AnRTL VerilogProcessor" ,-. ......23Habibullah Jamal, University of Engineering and Technology, Taxila, PakistanShoab Khan, Fahed Hameed, Sharjeel Saeed, Moazzam Pasha, NationalUniversity of Sciences and Technology, Rawalpindi, Pakistan

    " Design and Implementation of the New Built-in Self-Test Boundary ScanA rchitecture" , 27Mohamed H. El-Mahlawy, Ehab A. El-Sehely, Al-Emam S. Ragab,Sherif Anas, Egypt

    "ARM/THUMB Code Compression for Embedded Systems" 32Xianhong Xu, Simon Jones, Chris Clarke, University of Bath, U.K.

    Session SC. CADI: Simulation and Testing11 MATLAB - SPICE Interface (MATSPICE) and Its Applications". 37M. Madbouly, M. Dessouky, M. Zakaria, Rania H. Abdel Latef, AhmedA. Farid, Ain Shams University, Egypt

    " An Integrated Approach for Analog Circuit Testing using AutocorrelationAnalysis,Singular Value Decomposition and Probabilistic Neural Network" 41M. F. Abu El-Yazeed, Cairo University, Egypt A

    " Knowledge-Based Design Automation of Highly Non-Linear CircuitsUsing Sim ulation Correction " : 46M. Zakaria, M. Madbouly, M. A. El Nozahi, M. A. Dessouky, Ain ShamsUniversity, Egypt

    " INVAR - A New Approach To EDA Benchmark Generation" 50Michal Kunez, Martin Danek, CTU, Czech Republic

    Session SAJlnalog2.- Analog Circuits" Analysis And Design Of Low-Voltage CMOS Current Memory Cells UsingSwitched Current Techniques" 55Yasser Akl, M. Elsayed, A.K. Abou-Seoud, Alexandria University,Egypt


  • " Low Voltage Low Power Highly Linear CCIIs and its Applications" 59Hesham F. A. Hamed, Minia University, Egypt

    "An Optimized Switched Current Integrator" 63M. Fakhfakh, M. Loulou, and N. Masmoudi,National Engineering School of Sfax, Tunisia

    " Novel CMOS Voltage-Controlled Current Conveyor".... 67E. A. El-Metwally, I. M. Hafez, H. A. El-Ghitani, H. F. Ragai, Ain ShamsUniversity, Egypt

    "1.5 V Supply, BICMOS Wideband DVCCII And Its Applications AsProgrammable OTA And Analog Multiplier" 72Hesham F. A. Hamed, Minia University, Egypt

    Session SC.Digit2: Digital Design

    " Subthreshold Leakage Current: Challenges and Solutions" 77Mohab Anis, University of Waterloo ,Canada

    " Leakage Control For Large Fan-In Domino Gates Using Substrate Biasing".... 81Ahmed M. Youssef, Mohab Anis, Mohamed Elmasry, University of Waterloo, Canada

    " Gate-Leakage Estimation and Minimization in CMOS Combinatorial Circuits"....85Rafik S. Guindi, Cairo University, Egypt

    " Comparative Energy and Delay of Energy Recovery and Square WaveClock Flip-Flops for High-Performance and Low-Power Applications" 89A.Ghadiri, Iran University of Science and Technology, IranH. M. Meimand, Purdue University, U.S.A

    " An Area-Efficient VLSI Implementation for Programmable FIR Filtersbased on a Parameterized Divide and Conquer Approach" 93Thomas Poonnen, Adly T. Fam, State University of New York at Buffalo, U.S.A

    Vll l

  • _ "7*

    Session SC. RF1: RF Circuit Design

    "2.4GHz CMOS VCO Design With VERILOG-AMS" 98Kuo-Hua Cheng, Christina F. Jou, National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan

    " Tail Current Flicker Noise Reduction in LC VCOs by ComplementarySwitched Biasing" 102Ahmed K. Kassim, Mentor Graphics, Egypt.Khaled Sharaf, Hani F. Ragai, Ain Shams University, Egypt.

    "Phase Mismatch in Phase Switching Frequency Dividers" 106M. A. El sheikh, A. Hafez, Cairo University, Egypt

    uGm-C Complex Transitional Filter for Low-IF Wireless LAN Application" 110T.Hui Teo, Ee-Sze Khoo, Dasgupta Uday, Institute of Microelectronics,Singapore

    wSm W, 64dB SNDR, 4th order Bandpass ZA Modulator for 10.7MHzDigital IF' 114A. M. Noman. MEMSCAP, Egypt.K. M. Sharaf, H F Ragai, Ain Shams University, Egypt

    MmmmmmmmammmumSession SB Digit3: Digital Circuits

    " A 4Gb/s 1:16 DEMUX Using An All-Static 0.18-fim CMOS Logic" 119Yasser Abdalla, Mohamed Ibrahim Elmasry, University of Waterloo, Canada

    " An Asynchronous Low Latency Arbiter for Quality of Service (QoS)Applications" 123Tomaz Felicijan, John Bainbridge, Steve Furber, University of Manchester, U.K.

    "Design of an Energy-Efficient Turbo Decoder for 3rd GenerationWireless Applications" 127

    Ibrahim A. Al-Mohandes, Mohamed I. Elmasry, University of Waterloo, Canada

    "Design of a New CMOS Output Buffer with Low Switching Noise" 131Li Yang, Jiann S. Yuan, University of Central Florida, USA


  • " Four-Phase Twisted-Ring Counter Circuit" 135Serafim Poriazis, Phasetronic Laboratories, Greece

    Session SCDevi: Sensors and Sensors ICs" Thermal infrared detection using linear arrays of poly SiGe uncooledmicrobolometers"... 140P. De Moor, Y. Creten, C. Goessens,, IMEC, BelgiumB. Grietens, XenlCs, Belgium, V. Leonov, IMEC, BelgiumJ. Vermeiren, XenlCs, Belgium, C. Van Hoof, IMEC, Belgium

    11 Design and Implementation of an Area-Efficient MEMS-Based IRStatic Earth Sensor" .143Ahmed Salah, Ashraf Adel, Ahmed Ezeldin, Ahmed AH, Ahmed Hussein,Serag E.-D. Habib, Cairo University, Egypt

    "Programmable Surface Electromagnetic Wave Coupler" 147K. Mehrany, B. Rahsidian, Sharif University of Technology, Iran

    "A Test Structure for Characterization of CMOS APS" ...151T. A. Elkhatib, Cairo University, EgyptS. Moussa, H. F. Ragai, Ain shams University, EgyptH. Haddara, MEMSCAP, Egypt.

    "Thin film SnO2-based gas sensors fabricated using sol-gel method for thedetection of Ethanol" -155B. Esfandyarpour, S. Mohajerzadeh, A. Khodadadi, B. S. Makki,University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran.

    Session SA.RF2 -. RF Circuits11 Wide Frequency Range (30M-lGHz) Low Noise Figure, Low Power,Active CMOS Mixer". 160E. W. El-Shewekh, M. H. El-Saba, A.O.I, Electronics Factory, Egypt

    11 Parasitic Effect Analysis for a Differential LNA Design" 164Moon-Sun Kim, Jin-Sung Yi, Hyung Joun Yoo, System Integration TechnologyInstitute (SITI), Information and Communications University (ICU), South Korea

  • 11 Design & Implementation of a Low-Phase-Noise Integrated CMOS FrequencySynthesizer for High-Sensitivity Narrow-Band FM Transceivers:" 167M. M. Kamal, E. W. El-Shewekh, M. H. El-Saba, A.O.I, Electronics Factory,Egypt

    " A Low-Cost 110 Db Cmos If/Limiter Amplifier With Offset Cancellation" 176D. Y. Gouda, M. Atef, A. El-Sabban, M. H. El-Saba, A.O.I, Electronics Factory, Egypt" A new lumped model for on-chip inductors including substrate currents" 180A. Savio, M. Carmina, A. Richelli, L. Colalongo, Zs. M. Kov'acs-Vajna,University of Brescia, Italy

    Session SD.Digit4: HDL Synthesis, and SoC

    " Recent Trends in Hardware/Software Description Languages" 185El Mostapha Aboulhamid, James Lapalme, Universite de Montreal, Canada

    " SoC design case study using SystemC specifications" 189Fatma Abbes, ENIS , TunisiaEmmanuel Casseau, LESTER, FranceMohamed Abid, ENIS , Tunisia

    11 High-speed system bus for a SoC network processing platform" .194Jean Pepga Bissou, Mathieu Dubois, Yvon Savaria, Guy Bois,Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal, Canada

    " Ant Colony Algorithm for Evolutionary Design of Arithmetic Circuits" 198M. Abd-El-Barr, S. M. Sait, B. A. B. Sarif, King Fahd University ofPetroleum & Minerals, Saudi Arabia

    Session SAJinalog3: ADC and OTA

    " Exact Formulation of Signal to Noise Ratio in Continuous-Time NoiseShaping A/D Converters" 203A. I. Hussein, N. M. Ibrahim, Minia University, EgyptW. B. Kuhn, Kansas State University, U.S.A

    "A Fast Settling, High DC Gain, Low Power OP AMP Design forHigh Resolution, High Speed A/D Converters" 207D. Shahrjerdi, B.Hekmatshoar, M.Talaie and O. Shoaei, University of Tehran, Iran


  • "Digitally Controlled Balanced Output Transconductor: CMOSRealization and Applications" 211Soliman A. Mahmoud, Inas A. Awad, Cairo University, Fayoum Campus, Egypt

    " Low-Voltage CMOS Transconductance Cell Based on Composite Cells" 215A. R. Nabavi, M. A. M. Birjandi, and M. Jalali, Tarbiat Modarres University, Iran." An Adaptive Digital Domain Calibration Technique For PipelinedAnalog-To-Digital Converters" 219H. Hedayati, S. M. Kashmiri, Iran University of Science and TechnologyO. Shoaei, Universirty of Tehran, Iran

    Session SD.D8git5: Digital Design" Multifunction Generator using Homer Scheme and small Tables" 224H.Bessalah, N.Anane and M.Anane, Center of Development of AdvancedTechnologies, Algeria

    " MOS Implementation of Oscillatory Neural Ellias-Grossberg Model" 228G. A. Bahgat, A. M. Mahmoud, S. A. Mashali,, Electronic ResearchInstitute, EgyptA. E. Salama, Cairo University, Egypt

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