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iChecked Inc. Blind Spot Detection System (BSDS)

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iChecked Inc. Blind Spot Detection System (BSDS). TEAM 8 Barry Li Victor Chen Elyas Sepasi Aron McKinnon. ENSC 305/440 April 1 5 th , 2010. Outline. Introduction System Overview Product Design Budget and Timeline Future Development What We Learned Conclusion Q&A Demo. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of iChecked Inc. Blind Spot Detection System (BSDS)

  • TEAM 8 Barry Li Victor Chen Elyas Sepasi Aron McKinnonENSC 305/440April 15th, 2010*

  • OutlineIntroduction System OverviewProduct DesignBudget and TimelineFuture DevelopmentWhat We LearnedConclusionQ&ADemo*

  • IntroductionTeam MembersMotivationExisting ProductsOur Solution


  • iChecked TeamBarry: CEOLead, R&D, Circuit, Documentation

    Victor: CFOR&D, Funding, Purchasing, Circuit, Installation

    Elyas: COOR&D, User Interface, Documentation, Records

    Aron: CTOR&D, Sensors, Purchasing, Documentation*

  • BackgroundCar lanes next to youMust shoulder check, but really?Drivers must be reminded

  • Motivation410,000 lane-changing related accidents annually


    All of us can relate to the danger

    Vast number of cars

    Good drivers want to drive more safely


  • Existing ProductsBlind spot mirror2 mirrors to look at?

    Only on very recent modelsNot widely available

    Other similar products ~$500Too much


  • Our SolutionIncrease road safety


    Universal to personal cars

    Accurate (rain/snow, night/summer)

    Friendly toward all types of users

    Seen as a part of the car


  • *

  • Speed is over 30km/hTurn signal is on.BSDS checks for car in blind spot.Car found in blind spot, driver is warned.Collision is imminent.*

  • Current State of System


  • Product DesignSensors

    Processing circuit

    Warning system


  • SensorsWide angle (40 degrees)Should not detect past 3m (do not want to sense vehicles 2 lanes over)Should be fairly inexpensive

    Infrared , Laser, Photo Recognition, Sonar, Ultra SoundCostly, narrow angle, range issues


  • SensorsUltrasound Sensors meet our criteria (Wide angle +/- 20 degree, short range 2m, low cost)Parking Sensor purchased , sensor and driver used.Easily InstallableProven Field experience

  • SensorsSupposed to work up to 2.5mReliable results at 1.5m to 2.0mStill works for most vehicles in the parallel lane


  • Proposed Processing stage

  • Processing Circuitry

  • Warning SystemDiscreet and non-distracting





  • Location*

  • *

  • Other PossibilitiesIntegrating with car audio systemVibrating steering wheelAudio car on left*

  • Speedometer / accelerometerSimulated solutionSensor quality and rangeImproved sensors / receiversFit better our needsWarning System

    *Overall Future Improvements

  • Under Budget!*

    ComponentExpectedSensors and receivers$260.00Microcontroller$100.00


    Actual$110.00(for 2 sets)$30.00$50.00$190.00$500.00

  • ON Time!*

  • Complete cycle of an engineering projectTime managementWorking with othersConstructive criticismProfessionalism

    *We Learned

  • Affordable productLarge target marketSimple to install & useClear & timely warningReduce accidents (cost & life)

    *Business Opportunity

  • Set goalsThorough planningTeam collaborationGood, better, bestBudget & time managementGoals achieved / useful product


  • AcknowledgementENSC 305 / 440 profs and TAsPatrick Leung for sensor ideasBrad Oldham for function specsJustus Li for working on the carDr. Mohammad Sepasi for design specsENSC lab resource office for partsMark Zhou and others


  • *