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IBM System x & BladeCenter Dynamic Infrastructure without Compromise Jarut Nakaramaleerat System x Product Manager, IBM Thailand

IBM System x & BladeCenter

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Building a Smarter Planet With a Dynamic InfrastructureIBM System x & BladeCenter Dynamic Infrastructure without Compromise
Jarut Nakaramaleerat System x Product Manager, IBM Thailand
Dynamic Infrastructure: A smarter planet needs a smarter infrastructure • We need to rethink and revamp our global
infrastructure for the challenges of the 21st century.
• The convergence of business and IT infrastructure into one dynamic infrastructure enables new breakthrough service opportunities.
• The right infrastructure investments can provide the stimulus for societal and business transformation.
• IBM’s leadership in helping clients harness emerging capabilities, like cloud computing, provides a foundation for innovation.
Reduced IT Costs
Ease of Management from Deployment through Lifecycle
x86 share of server market is growing… As workloads migrate to x86, the need for differentiation within each server vendor’s ecosystem is elevated Customers want an intelligent platform and maximum utilization
IBM System x leverages the strength of its portfolio and ecosystem for maximum client value IBM provides solutions tailored to clients needs IBM has a vision for how to improve our customers service so they will better compete in the marketplace as well as a strategy for how they will handle growth
Implementing a Dynamic Infrastructure The value of IBM System x and IBM BladeCenter
$30.3B x86 server opportunity 56.2% of total server market by 2010
Source: IDC Worldwide Quarterly Server Forecast, December 2008
Scale Out
Reduce Cost • Energy-efficient designs that save power and cooling expense • Performance to power critical business applications and higher utilization through server consolidation and virtualization • Management tools that reduce costs to deploy and manage physical and virtualized assets
Improve Service
• Powerful, highly scalable and flexible platforms that easily respond to demands • EASY to deploy, integrate and manage • Interoperates easily with existing data and storage network
Manage Risk
• Resilient architectures and tools for security and minimal downtime • Virtualized environments for backup and disaster recovery • Open and innovative for a flexible business foundation
How can virtualization help you lower costs?How can virtualization help you lower costs? Reduce Costs: Increased UtilizationReduce Costs: Increased Utilization
IBM x3850 M2 and x3950 M2 servers deliver consolidation and virtualization capabilities that the competition does not offer:
• IBM X-Architecture® and eX4 chipset are designed for virtualization with up to 118% better virtualization performance than HP
• Scales easily from 4- to 16-sockets
IBM BladeCenter provides end-to-end blade platform for virtualization:
• Benefit from virtualization end-to-end—client, server, I/O, networking and storage
• BladeCenter chassis are highly reliable with no single point of failure
Virtualization changes everything! A higher degree of server utilization Reduced power and cooling costs Simpler, more comprehensive server management Reliability and availability to minimize downtime
St. Helen’s council consolidated and virtualized 89 standalone servers to 5 System x servers and one IBM BladeCenter – enabling new applications to be deployed in minutes rather than weeks.
Servers designed for efficiency = savings!Servers designed for efficiency = savings! Reduce Costs: EnergyReduce Costs: Energy--Efficient InfrastructureEfficient Infrastructure
• For like configurations, IBM BladeCenter can save up to 58% on power vs. 1U servers
• IBM System x iDataPlex™ lowers power consumption, up to 40% more efficient through highly dense design for massive-scale datacenters
• IBM System x3950 M2 delivers 29% better performance per watt and 13% lower power consumption than competition
• IBM Systems Director Active Energy Manager™ meters actual power usage and produces trend data for a single physical system or a group of systems
Savings beyond the power bill… Avoid datacenter expansion Increase ROI in IT projects Reduce wasteful power consumption
AISO.net reduced power and cooling costs by 60% through virtualization-based data center consolidation.
Bryant University implemented an IBM Scalable Modular Data Center solution yielding 40- 50% reduction in floor space, and an estimated 30% better efficiency in power and cooling.
• IBM BladeCenter portfolio of 5 chassis, 9 servers, and extensive I/O offerings that work together provide clients long term stability and room to grow
• IBM System x3850 M2 and x3950 M2 scale easily from 4 to 16 sockets and up to 96 cores as your business needs grow
• IBM BladeCenter LS42 server allows clients to buy a 2- socket blade and easily “click and scale” to a 4-socket server
• IBM Systems Director provides a platform foundation to easily deploy and manage both physical and virtual servers
Scalability for investment protection and increased responsiveness Buy what’s needed to today and expand when business needs require Scale out with IBM BladeCenter and System x iDataPlex or scale up with IBM System x Enterprise Servers and BladeCenter LS42 blade servers Unmatched choice in how to build your infrastructure
“In every area, IBM gives us the connectivity, the scalability, the support and the price-points we need to achieve our goals. The result is a scalable, reliable, efficient infrastructure that offers superb availability and performance.”
Flintshire County Council 10
Consolidating many to one = downtime not an optionConsolidating many to one = downtime not an option Manage Risk: Reliability, Availability, SecurityManage Risk: Reliability, Availability, Security
• IBM BladeCenter has comprehensive redundancy with no single point of failure
• Predictive Failure Analysis for advance warning on power supplies, fans, VRMs, disks, processors, and memory
• Redundant, hot-swap components
• Light Path Diagnostics to easily diagnose failed components and IBM Systems Director provide systems management and control capabilities that the competition cannot touch
• The ServeRAID-MR10is Vault controller offers full hardware-based encryption to protect against security threats and costly data breaches
Peace of mind to run mission critical applications… IBM X-Architecture blueprint equips System x, System x iDataPlex and BladeCenter servers with innovative technology that makes IT more reliable and secure Proactive tools help you manage complexity and support the growth of your business and data center
“We chose IBM System x with Intel technology as the platform for our mission-critical SAP environment on the basis of its reliability, build-
quality, serviceability and performance characteristics.”11
Power to turn information into resultsPower to turn information into results Improve Service: increased application performanceImprove Service: increased application performance
IBM x3850 M2 and x3950 M2:
• TPC-C Benchmark, first x86 server to break 1M transactions
• Achieved #1 benchmarks for 4- and 8- socket SAP SD users and 24% advantage over HP’s DL785
• Using six-core Intel Xeon processor X7460, achieved leadership 8- processor result of 9200 SAP SD benchmark users
• Achieved #1 TPC-C and TPC-E performance with SQL Server on both 4- socket and 8-socket servers; perfect for an SQL Server solution
• Top result for new Intel Xeon six-core X7470 processor
Performance leadership across the x86 ecosystem ISV Applications Operating Systems Strong relationships with industry leaders Benchmark leadership
Three-way solution plays with Intel and AMD
“We chose IBM System x with Intel technology as the platform for our mission- critical SAP environment on the basis of its reliability, build-quality, serviceability and
performance characteristics.”
Streamline the way physical and virtual systems are managedStreamline the way physical and virtual systems are managed
Plug-ins for advanced platform management
•IBM Virtualization Manager allows you to discover, visualize, and manage both physical and virtual systems from a single console
•Active Energy Manager monitors, measures and controls server energy usage and activity
•BladeCenter Open Fabric Manager allows you to manage a wide range of industry Ethernet and Fibre Channel switches
•IBM Tivoli Provisioning Manager for Operating Systems Deployment to provision an operating system via a library of disk images to any supported system on the network
Improve Service: Systems ManagementImprove Service: Systems Management
Enabling new and innovative ways to manage IBM Systems… Find and identify systems on the network Easily configure and deploy new systems Keep system firmware and drivers up to date Manage energy Reduce virtualization complexity
“The IBM solution is now up and running, and we are happy to see that it surpasses our expectations.”
…… System x delivers extreme business value for clients through x8System x delivers extreme business value for clients through x86 industry leading 6 industry leading scalability, availability, virtualization and management capabilscalability, availability, virtualization and management capabilitiesities
IBM System x & BladeCenter
REDUCE COST x86 industry-leading performance, virtualization, energy efficiency, and scalability
Unified systems management tools that reduce the cost to deploy and manage physical and virtualized systems
MANAGE RISK Resilient architectures and management tools for security and high availability Robust portfolio to meet current demands today and scalability to increase capacity as business requirements grow
System x innovations for a dynamic infrastructureSystem x innovations for a dynamic infrastructure
Performance to drive new demanding application workloads Respond quickly to changing needs with dynamic management tools
IBM System x and IBM System x and BladeCenterBladeCenter IBM x86 innovation for the next generation IBM x86 innovation for the next generation
Thank you!Thank you!
Dynamic Infrastructure: A smarter planet needs a smarter infrastructure
In today’s challenging environment, businesses need:
Implementing a Dynamic InfrastructureThe value of IBM System x and IBM BladeCenter
Robust Portfolio for a Dynamic Infrastructure
IBM System x® and BladeCenter Can Help Improve the IQ of Your IT
System x innovations for a dynamic infrastructure