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Lines from the poem I wonder why the grass is green, And why the wind is never seen? Who taught the birds to build a nest, And told the trees to take a rest?

Meaning The persona wonders why the grass has to be green. The persona wonders why she can feel the wind but cannot see it. The persona wonders how the birds know how to build a nest. The persona wonders why the trees are always standing straight and tall, never once sitting down to have a rest. At night, the persona sees the crescent moon and wonders why it is not always round. During the day, the persona cannot see the stars. So, the persona wonders who light the stars at night. The persona wonders who causes the lightning to flash. The persona wonders how the colourful rainbow appears in the sky. The persona wonders who hangs the fluffy clouds up so high in the sky. Finally, the persona wonders why his father does not answer his questions. Maybe, his father does not know the answers.

O, when the moon is not quite round, Where can the missing bit be found? Who lights the stars, when they blow out, And makes the lightning flash about? Who paints the rainbow in the sky, And hangs the fluffy clouds so high? Why is it now, do you suppose, That Dad wont tell me, if he knows?