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Literature poem form 2

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POEMSI WONDERPractice 11. What does the use of the word wonder in the poem show?A. thinkingB. solving problemsC. making silly remarksD. feeling of shock

2. The phrase how the wind looks like tells us that the writer is.A. curiousB. confusedC. passionateD. angry

3. What is hanging according to the persona?A. starsB. cloudsC. rainbowD. wind

Practice 21. In this poem, the persona is aA. manB. childC. womanD. father

2. The persona is enthusiastic in A. exploring the natureB. finding out if his dad knows anythingC. looking at the skyD. finding out more about the moon

3. What is the best title for to replace I wonder if you have to?A. I am LostB. Oh My GodC. Please Answer MeD. Please Help Me

Practice 31. Which word means to make something look bright?A. paintsB. hangsC. lightsD. makes

2. The title of the poem implies that the persona has A. desire to knowB. very little patienceC. a lot angerD. no desire to know

3. State one value that we can learn from the poem?A. Nature should be appreciatedB. Nature should be left aloneC. We must not be so curiousD. We should not ask too many questions.

Practice 41. Who is the persona disappointed with?A. GodB. Her motherC. Her fatherD. Nature

2. What is invisible?A. The lightningB. The windC. The cloudsD. The moon

3. The word fluffy meansA. lightB. featheryC. thinD. crispy

Practice 51. The phrase blow out meansA. explodeB. brightenC. disappearD. appear

2. What is the persona wondering about the birds?A. How the birds can flyB. How they can build their nestsC. Why they are so smallD. Why they cannot talk

3. In the fourth couplet, the word they refers to theA. lightsB. starsC. moonD. rainbow

Practice 6

1. What does the phrase the missing bit refers to?A. fluffy cloudsB. parts of the moonC. parts of the starsD. the trees

2. How does the rainbow look like?A. hangingB. fluffyC. paintedD. round

3. Two pairs of rhyming words from the poem.A. fluffy- cloudsB. round- foundC. lightning-flashD. birds-build

Practice 7

1. Which characteristics will allow a child to learn more?A. Being lazyB. Being curiousC. A happy go lucky attitudeD. Always being suspiciousPOEMHEIR CONDITIONINGPractice 1Questions 1 3 are based on the extract from the poem Heir ConditioningHeir ConditioningGrand dad did you breathebefore air cons were invented?was it hard stayingalive without modern inventions?Grandma werent you flusteredas you fluttered with paper fans?could you communicate beforefaxes and long distance callsbecame basic necessities?Grandchild we livedbefore your age. Becauseof our ignorance,we did not knowpollution, stress, traffic jamsdestruction of forests, streams andhillswe feared God and naturenow nature fears you andmoney is your new God.

1. Which word rhymes with heir?A. hareB. airC. airyD. hair

2. What is the tone of the poem?A. SadB. SarcasticC. AngerD. Sorrow

3. How does the poet view modernization?A. optimisticB. pessimisticC. confidentD. cynical

Practice 2

1 In stanza 1, the grandparents did not have all the following exceptA. air conditionersB. telephoneC. fax machineD. paper fans

2. What does the title of the poem suggest?A. Changes on how the younger generation thinks.B. Changes in the mindset of the older generationC. We must appreciate all the modern inventionsD. Technology is very important to mankind

3. What is meant in the line we feared God and nature now nature fears you?A. we are scared of natureB. we are scared of GodC. we actually destroyed natureD. nature destroyed our faith to God

Practice 31. What is meant by money is your new God?A. Money can buy all the new inventionsB. The younger generation worship money.C. Money is very important in our lives.D. The older generation realizes the importance of money.

2. What does the word feared imply?A. scared ofB. believed inC. hatedD. angry at

3. How many speakers does the poem have?A. oneB. twoC. threeD. four

Practice 41. What is the theme of the poem?A. The usefulness of modern inventions.B. Technology is not good for usC. Respecting GodD. Effects of development

2. What can you infer from the line Grand child we lived before your age?A. Grandparents enjoyed a long lifeB. Grandparents have more experience than grandchildC. Grandparents have lived a difficult life for a long time.D. Grandparents do not understand grandchilds lifestyle

3. What is the poets main concern in the second stanza?A. Spiritual well beingB. Natures giftC. Gods giftD. Respect for the elders

Practice 51. What is the message that the poet wishes to express in this poem?A. Grandchild is very modernB. Grandfather is very modernC. Effects of progressD. Nurture of spiritual beings

2. Which parties are talking in the dialogue in the poem?A. Grandfather and GrandmotherB. Grandfather and GodC. Grandparents and GrandchildD. Grandfather and Grandson

3. The word flustered meansA. comfortableB. uncomfortableC. coolD. good

Practice 1Questions 1-3 are based on extracts from the short story One Is One And All Alone.You mean. Its still done.Certainly. Why to set up a clone laboratory, all that is requiredVP went on and on describing cloning techniques so I decided to press save and listen to it all later. For now I have some serious thinking to do.Ill tell you what I was thinking. The Biolab in this ship is very big. It has to be, because biology is what this trip is all about- the biology of Trion- what lives there now and what, and who, could live there in the future. At the moment the ships Biolab is deserted. It wont become busy until we reach Trion.I need to use it.I need it all to myself.I will make a clone. It will be my perfect friend and companion. Perfect, because I am going to clone myself. Make another Me.

1. Why is there no one in the BioLab?A. No one knows how to use itB. Experiments has not begunC. The ship has not reached TrionD. The BioLab is not perfect.

2. What has Trish decided to do?A. visit the BioLabB. make a clone of herselfC. help her father find TrionD. search for a good friend

3. What was the VoicePrinter doing?A. describing cloning techniquesB. talking nonsense and irritating TrishC. playing games with trishD. printing all that Trish is saying.

Practice 2Questions 1-3 are based on extracts from the short story One Is One And All Alone.Dear Diary,I havent spoken to you for ages because I have been busy with my new friend Clo.Clo for Clone. Clo is me. I am Clo. We are identical twins. No, even closer than that. Clo is made of me, from me. We are one. Except that there are two of us- which is tricky. I mean, suppose Dad put his head round the door and saw Two Trishes instead of one!But Ive solved that. My cabin door leads to an identical cabin next door. Clo can vanish through that door in a split second.The next-door cabin is empty of course. All the cabins are. They wont be filled until the return trip from Trion. So, I sleep here. Clo sleeps there. Clothes, food, toothbrushes?Well, yes. I now need two of everything- but the ship is loaded with stores. No one notices or cares about an extra toothbrush or an extra towel.1. Trish does not need to talk to VoicePrinter very often asA. she now hates itB. she has a new companionC. she has found her mother in TrionD. she has found her twin sister.2. Who is Clo?A. Trishs friend from EarthB. Another name given to TrishC. Identical twin created by TrishD. Trishs biological mother.3. What will all the cabins be used for?A. To hide Clo.B. to store things from TrionC. To store all the toothbrushes and towels.D. They are actually bedroomsPractice 3Questions 1-3 are based on extracts from the short story One Is One And All Alone.Dear Diary,I get so lonely, thats my trouble. I am the only child on this space ship. Everyone else is a grown up with things to do. Theyre all busy running the ship or checking their equipment. We will soon land on the planet Trion. Our mission is to find out more about this planet.Yes, were heading for Trion. Now that might sound exciting, but its not. Its not exciting at all.When we set out, I used to tick off the days on my calendar. We left Earth on 12 March 2045. So I ticked off March 12, 13,14,15then April, May , June. Then I gave up. We dont reach Trion until mid-January 2047. By then Ill be 13.Dad does his best, hes always poking his head round my door, grinning at me.He asks, Hi Trish. Hows things?Everything all right? How do you fancy meeting me in the diner at 6 oclock for a chocolate milkshake?I grin back and say, Yum, Yum! But even as I say it his face changes. The grin is still there but the busy look is back in his eyes.1. How old is Trish now?A. 10B. 11C. 12D. 132. The expected duration to reach Trion is withinA. 1yearB. 2 yearsC. 15 yearsD. 47 years3. Trishs father is A. the only grown up in the shipB. the only human in the shipC. always poking fun at TrishD. an extremely busy personPractice 4Questions 1-3 are based on extracts from the short story One Is One And All Alone.Dad does his best, hes always poking his head round my door, grinning at me.He asks, Hi Trish. Hows things?Everything all right? How do you fancy meeting me in the diner at 6 oclock for a chocolate milkshake?I grin back and say, Yum, Yum! But even as I say it his face changes. The grin is still there but the busy look is back in his eyes.After all he is the ships captain.And I suppose he misses mum as much as I do. Almost as much anyhow. She is on Trion helping set up the space station. Busy Dad, busy Mum.Which leaves me all alone in front of my VoicePrinter, talking to it, talking and talking. Then I watch it print out what Ive been saying. Its my private diary. It corrects my spelling and punctuation. Its clever. I