I Wonder As I Wander chords - ??I Wonder As I Wander” Traditional CCLI License# 989302 I Wonder As I Wander Em G Am I wonder as I wander out under the sky

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<ul><li><p>I Wonder As I Wander TraditionalCCLI License# 989302</p><p>I Wonder As I Wander</p><p> Em G AmI wonder as I wander out under the sky Em Am7 EmHow Jesus our Saviour did come for to die</p><p> G BmFor poor ordinry people like you and like I Em Bm Em AmI wonder as I wander, out under the sky</p><p> Em G AmWhen Mary birthed Jesus, twas in a cows stall Em Am7 EmWith wise men and farmers and shepherds and all</p><p> G BmBut high from Gods heaven a stars light did fall Em Bm Em AmAnd the promise of ages it then did recall</p><p> Em G AmIf Jesus had wanted for any wee thing Em Am7 EmA star in the sky, or a bird on the wing</p><p> G BmOr all of Gods angels in heavn for to sing Em Bm Em AmHe surely could have it, cause He was the King</p></li></ul>