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Text of I Miss Her SAD STORY

I miss herKimberly. Thats my name. Im a regular high school girl and Im 17. I have two best friends, Anne and GaGa. Were best friends since 9th grade. Im so lucky that I have them. Im more close to Anne than to GaGa. Maybe because Anne was more silly than GaGa. I really hoped that our friendship will last. Maybe I wasnt so lucky. At school, Ive a crush on a guy named Keane. He sits behind me in class. And Ill get nervous every time he speaks in front of the class. I can hardly breathe. Ive a crush on him since 8th grade. Anne and Gaga knew that. But I never try to speak with him. I just cant. I cant speak or even breathe when hes near me. I try to talk but I dont want to look silly in front of him. The sad part was when one day I knew that Keane have a crush on Anne, my best friend. That night, Anne came to my house just to make sure that Im fine. I would never break your heart. You knew that. , Anne said. I know. Its just that I cant believe all this. He knew that I liked him but how come he . . . , I started to cry. Hes not the only one. You can get a better guy than him. , she told me. Thank God I have Anne. She knew how to handle all these things. Shes been dating guys since 8th grade. Its not surprising because shes very pretty and kind. Gaga, already have the love of her life, Kevin. A week later. I was busy to settle everything for my birthday party. That evening, Anne came to my house with him, Keane. This is not like what you think. , she said. Never mind. Its nothing. Im so over him. , I replied. I gave her a smile and went to my room. I really wanted to scream but I cant. How could she do this to me? She said that shell never break my heart. Now what the hell happened? Is she falling in love with him or what! That night, I dont even want to talk to Anne. Somehow her face was just so annoying. The next day I didnt go to school. Just lying in bed all day long thinking what will happen to our friendship. How could she betray me? I trusted her all my life and I would rather lose everything as long as shes fine. How could she do this to me? I didnt eat hell a thing since last night. I decided not to go to school for a few days. I told my mother that I want to go to my village for a few days to relax. She totally supported me. She knew that every time I have serious heart problems, Ill go to my village. There we can only see peaceful scenery. With all those flowers, pond, small hut. I would never refuse to go there. I stayed there with my aunt. One day, without even thinking about anything that would happen, a girl came and sits next to me. Anne, she

came. Why are you keep avoiding me? Dont tell me that this is all about that boy. , she said. I stand up and said no. Nothing. Just leave me alone! . She shouted what are you doing? Running away from me? For all these years weve been through. How could a boy, ruin our friendship? What the hell are you doing? You cant just run away from me. You knew that. Stop acting like fool! Please! I need my friend back. I need Kim. I really wanted to see her and hug her. And I really need to tell her something. I said you want to hug her? Why dont you hug Keane? Kims no longer your friend. I never thought you could do this to me. You knew that I like him damn much. Why on Earth you came with him to my birthday party? Its not a joke! Dont you know you already broke my heart? You promised that youll never hurt me. I guess, you tend to break promises. I should never trust you all these years. I should trust what people said about you! . She cried and went away. I dont know. What have I done? Shes my friend. My best friend. Ive shouldnt say that to her. I totally felt that I was wrong. But this is all her fault. Ive done nothing wrong. One day I go to school, they told me that Anne moved to Australia with her mother. So, its just me and Gaga. I miss her. I miss Anne. I would never laugh hard the way I laugh when Annes here. Somehow she brought a part of me with her. Two years later, I graduated and continued my studies in Australia. I chose to stay there because I wanted to see her. And then one day, at the market, I saw Annes mother. Aunt Reese, how are you? Wheres Anne? , I asked. Aunt Reese smile and shed a tear and said would you mind to have dinner with me? Theres something I wanted to give you. Id love to, I said with joy. The house was big and lovely. Lots of flowers. My favourite flower, Lilies. Its her favourite too. We have dinner without Anne. I wondered where she is. After dinner Aunt Reese gave me an envelope. This is it. Open it. Read it when you come home. Its from her, Aunt Reese told me. I went home and quickly open the envelope. In the letter, it said Hi there Kimberly. First of all, I want you to know that I miss you. I hope you miss me too. I know youll be wondering why I wrote this letter. When you read this letter, Im no longer here. Im not here. Not anymore. Remember the last day we see each other at your village? I wanted to tell you something. I was sick. Brain tumour. Yes. I suffered from brain tumour. I really wanted to tell you. Its just that, I cant. I really hope you can forgive me. I want you to know too, that I came to the party with Keane because he wanted to tell you that he likes you. I was surprised too when he told me that. He just saying that he likes me because he wanted to know whether you really like him or not. So, now you know. I forgive you. And I hope you can forgive me too. Please. Kim, I know. You love me. And I love you too. See

me in heaven. P/s: I love you and forever youre my best friend. Dont blame yourself. Its not your fault. Suddenly, tears running down my cheeks. I couldnt believe it. Ive totally done a big mistake. I went to see Aunt Reese and hug her. Remember dear. Dont you ever blame yourself. She loves you. And always do, Aunt Reese gave me a smile. I miss Annes smile. I really do. I hope I could tell her that I miss her smile. I couldnt believe that shes not here anymore. Shes not with me. I miss her. All of a sudden, a guy came. I could tell that I knew that guy. Dont you miss me? Hi Kimberly. He came closer to me. I cant say anything. I can hardly breathe. Oh my God! Its him. Why dont you tell me? Why? , I started to cry. I love you. Ive been searching for you. Kim, I want you to be my wife. I dont know. I love you too, but. Anne. Shes . . ., I cried. She would be happy if youre with me. You knew that too. Please. Dont break my heart, he said. I would never break your heart, then I cried because its the same thing Anne told me. If I can go back to the past, I would never do such a thing. Maybe I can still hang out with her until her last day. But, its okay. Shes already gone. Life must go on. Now I have Keane, I will always remember her and keep her in my heart forever.