i Killed Him Because i Loved Him Declamation Piece

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I KILLED HIM BECAUSE I LOVED HIM honourable judge, gentlemen of the jury, people of the Philippines judge me, am I guilty or not guilt? but before you sentence me to death let me tell you my story, there was a young girl seventeen years of age with a curvaceous body 36, 24, 26, a long hair and sizzling eyes being rich as she was she studied at an exclusive school . oh my gosh! I met this guy, he's the best player in our basketball team, and he's the heartthrob of our school. Oh my gosh! His name? Guess what? who? Robbie satillain isn't sweet? oh my gosh we became friends, we became friends later more than that after one year of relationship, we decided to settle down the marriage that cut-off the ties of our families and since his parents disagree that's why he was not supported on his studies. so i decided to gave up my studies and work as a sales lady in the supermarket. then one night he returned home, he asked for money but i can't gave him for i just gave him last night, so he walked out the door and the next day he returned home, he was cold as ever and hard as a stone. one day his graduation came i was so happy, i expected Robbie to invite but he never said a word, i didn't mind it i still attend his graduation ceremony and when his name was called with a degree of medicine a suma cumlaude robi santillain i shouted with glee! when i stood up i was shock when another girl stood up, and gave that medal to him,I'm suppose to gave that medal and pin that ribbon,because i'm his wife, i'm his wife right? I AM HIS WIFE! with that unpleasant thought i fain when he returned home that night i confronted him robie who was that girl? i asked he answered "it's none of your business" he said but robie i'm your wife, "your just my wife" robie how could you do this to me i gave up my studies and worked as a sales lady and this? this is how you payback? i have to leave he said and when he had packed his this things i decided to get my 45 mm revolver Robbie you can't just leave me, pointing the gun to his face you can just leave me Robbie you can't just do this honey be calm, be calm....... no, no, no you can't just leave me Robbie you can't just do this but he still decided to go and i did threw worst in my whole painstaking life "Mr. Robbie santillain with a degree of medicine a Suma cumlaude you will pay all my labors and sacrifices" BANG! , BANG! i shot him Robbie....... i had killed him....... i had killed him with my bare hands..... huhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhu I'm so sorry and now honourable judge gentlemen of the jury people of the Philippines judge me am i guilty or not guilty? I KILLED HIM BECAUSE I LOVED HIM


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