“I Can”.  Learn  Become a Doctor  Become a Surgeon  Become a Lawyer  Become a Judge  Become a Teacher  Become a Professor

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Text of “I Can”.  Learn  Become a Doctor  Become a Surgeon  Become a Lawyer  Become a...

  • I Can

  • LearnBecome a DoctorBecome a SurgeonBecome a LawyerBecome a JudgeBecome a TeacherBecome a Professor

  • Student Population: 823234

    Limited English Proficiency8%Special Education13%Free & Reduce Lunch33%










    Am Indian 2%2%

    Asian 6%6%

    Black 10%10%

    Hispanic 6%6%

    White 76%76%

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  • http://education.state.mn.us/ReportCard2005/stateStaffing.do;jsessionid=LsXBsp4tZ5s6zbxvQGf3QmLvk0gvGbhnGmyPM2VJYSnwQwBNtFk1!1720387978?SCHOOL_NUM=000&DISTRICT_NUM=9999&DISTRICT_TYPE=99

    Core Academic ClassesCore Academic Classes Taught by Highly Qualified TeachersTotal NumberTotal NumberPercent Highly QualifiedTotal RemainingElementary LevelHigh Poverty8,9798,66796.53%312Low Poverty8,5968,43898.16%158All Elementary Schools32,65631,98697.95%670Secondary LevelHigh Poverty9,0708,27791.26%793Low Poverty22,14021,80298.47%338All Secondary Schools61,38359,59597.09%1788All Schools In State of MN94,03991,58197.39%2458

  • School ReconstructionParent ConnectionCommunity ConnectionStudent ConnectionDemocracy & PowerCurriculum ReconstructionRedevelopment Teacher Bonus & Incentives

  • http://www.hcz.org/media/hcz-tv?task=videodirectlink&id=5

  • Up To Date ConstructionPicture PostingArtEnvironment

  • Mary Midgley :

  • Parent opportunity to learn what their student is learning according to subjects with their studentEvening Coursework OpportunitySaturday Coursework Opportunity Communicating Practical SkillsParent Volunteer Tutoring / MentoringSaturday SchoolTransportation Opportunity

  • Family BarriersSchool Barriers

  • I CanSchool Can

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E_gN-1gmwiU&feature=relatedhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hKLTJVvhFgM&feature=related

  • Human Being to Human Being RelationshipSincere ConcernDesire To Learn from the studentsEnvironment for QuestionsPassion

  • Select 4 teachers in different subjectsHave remainder as the students in the classSelect a teacher not in your teaching subjectOpen class with discussion Teacher/Student PassionsLikes / DislikesFears / WorriesInterest Favorite SubjectNew SuccessWeakness

  • What is the new trend?What are students interest?What concerns or issues are the students faced with?Have your students been successful in your teaching subject?What suggestions did the students have in being successful in your teaching subject?How can I apply what I have learned to my curriculm?

  • Relationships with StudentsDiscipline & PunishmentHomeworkGrading & Testing

  • Skilled Practitioners Expect ProblemsClasses made up of Normal childrenProblem ChildrenProactive DisciplinariansStrong Personal RelationshipStudent Involvement Teachers who feel harried act harried

  • Two groups of TeachersOne Group misbehaving students get yelled atOne Group complete activity demonstrating positive behavior

    Use Franks Example: Teacher takes writing and degrades penmanship to class and ask class if he should rewrite the assignmentUse bullying Example: Students ask for seat change because of being picked on. Teacher tells student first come first serve seat plan. No help from avoiding bullying.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oehUnEw7ZMs&feature=relatedwww.youtube.com/watch?v=egRRoGqrRfQ&feature=related

  • Can you Meet State Standards in a classroom that allows the students power & democracy?

  • Public AchievementCommunity EngagementPeer EngagementLife SkillsSocial SkillsCharacter Building

  • Science (DNA)MathReading

  • Three groups of teachersTeachers to come up with a math problem & solution in song.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FhvaDFwmfBYhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T6m1RqsEze0&feature=related

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QWrAhQ9T_OI&feature=relatedhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zjl4f1BCLxY&feature=relatedhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UzG6mV0wCLY&NR=1


    *No other people have been taught systematically to hate themselves psychic violence-reinforced by the powers of state and civic coercion-physical violence-for the primary purpose of controlling their minds and exploiting their labor for nearly four hundred years stated Cornel West, Race Matters. Throughout history we have seen that diversity is not respected nor desired in America. We have seen racism in the open and abuse by one group of people afflicted on other groups of people. The degrading of individuals have emerged in the learning institutions of today's educational system. Example: Educational debts being a big topic focusing on why Minority students are not learning like White students. This continue topic and questioning possess the ideal that something is wrong with one group learning capabilities instead of questioning the learning style.

    All students should be given the opportunity to know that they can be whatever they desire to be. All youths should feel that regardless of race, gender, social class, etc that they can obtain their goals/dreams/ visions. However this isnt the case in the US Educational structure. You will find the elite with the passion and motivation to achieve their goals and the underprivileged unidentified and struggling to reach their goal. Is this due to the youth lack of motivation, the family support, or the educational structure that allow such a wide difference between the two groups? *According to the MN Dept. of Education the student population in MN schools are 823,234 students and almost one-quarter of the student population are non-white. This is about 197,576 students in MN schools. Jennifer Godinez, associate director of the Minnesota Minority Education Partnership (MMEP), had stats. The percentage of teachers of color has never risen above 3.3 percent, figuring at about 1,560 teachers, she said, pointing to the organization's 2009 State of Students of Color and American Indian Students report in a recent article Making the case for hiring teachers of color. The stats indicates that most diverse students do not see teachers that resemble them nor teachers who understand the crisis that most students encounter. *The MN Dept. of Education school report for all MN schools indicates an overall 97.39% core academic classes being taught by highly qualified teachers for elementary and secondary level education. The numbers also reflect a total 1788 core academic classes are not being taught by highly qualified teachers. Although, one may see 97.39% and think that this is good, excellent, better than most. I see 1788 core academic classes without qualified teachers and students in the numbers of at minimal 20 per class attending these classes. This calculates to 35,760 students minimal being taught by unqualified teachers. How can we get 100% of our future leaders to be taught by qualified teachers who are comfortable with practical teaching, cultural relevance, and applying democracy & power in the classrooms. The only way to accomplish such a mission is to complete a demolition of the educational structure as we know it today. The educational structure must be reconstructed in order to successfully reach all students potential and grant all students the opportunity for passions, motivation, and success.*The rebuilding process should include the upgrading of schools. The teachers, parents, community, & students must work together to ensure a firm education structure for the student population. They must allow democracy & power to have its place in the classroom and curriculum reconstruction. Bonus & incentive programs for school officials & teachers have no requirements other than teaching. This leaves for inner city schools to lack qualified instructors. Glenn Loury, an economist, stated at a 2006 conference at Harvard regarding the educational debt, is that society as a whole has failed to commit itself to the development of the human resources of its entire people. Immanual Kant philosophy is that people should never be used as a means to an end; however this has become reality for our educational system. Exceptional teachers would focus their talent in educating the disadvantage student populations if the bonuses and incentives required such an attention. A redevelopment of teacher bonus & incentives is a definite must in order to ensure qualified teachers to teach where students need them.**I have walked into a school building where the water was yellow and the atmosphere was steal. When I look around there were no sign of hope for the students. The lunch was pre-packaged and the students had to eat in their classroom, because the cafeteria was the gymnasium. The environment made me depress, now imagine the students who had to live it daily. The school building must be up to date. A school building falling apart will only build disparities amongst the students. In order to educate the students with a solid education the building must stand on solid ground. The building must welcome all cultures. There must be encouraging words, pictures, & art that represent all cultures and ethnicity in order for the students to feel as though they belong. The education institution would only find success in educating all cultures in offering a unbiased and unconditional learning env