Hydropower Dams By: Brittany Marshall and Maddy Bergethon

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Text of Hydropower Dams By: Brittany Marshall and Maddy Bergethon

  • Hydropower DamsBy: Brittany Marshall and Maddy Bergethon

  • BasicsRelies on the water cycleAC (alternating current) or DC (direct current)AC is easier to useMechanical energy is harnessed from the water and used to spin the turbines

  • HistoryUsing water for energy= back to Romans and Egyptians= water wheelFirst water source to make electricity was in 18821903 began the rush of making them

  • ProsVery reliable power sourceGenerates a lot of power

  • ConsCauses lots of floodingDisplaces wildlife= sufferingMigrating fish= dying

  • Weird FactNew Scientist claims that hydropower dams actually produce more greenhouse gasses than fossil fuel plantsBy deforestation

  • Turbine TypesImpulse- changes potential energy to kinetic energy uses Newtons 2nd law of motion takes momentum of water and forces turbines to move doesnt have to be submerged or enclosed

  • MaintenanceDesigned to run for a long timeLittle maintenanceWater erosionGets hit by rock/stick or other debris in water

  • Steps of Hydropower DamDams holds water back in reservoirGates open and gravity pulls water through penstock and into powerhouse; pressure buildsWater hits large blades of turbine making them turnTurbine blades turn together with series of magnets in generator Magnets rotate past copper coils= AC current

  • Steps Continued6. Transformer converts AC to higher voltage7. Goes through power lines to customers8. Used water is carried through overflow pipes and goes back to river; downstream

  • Hydropower in the USLargest renewable resource 7% of our power#2 producer with 306 billion kilowatts per hour(Canada = #1)Generate enough to support 28 million households= 50 million barrels of gas

  • Hydropower in the World24% of the world electricity674,000 megawattsEquivalent to 3.6 billion barrels of oilSupply 1 billion people with power88% of the renewable energy sourcesNorway= 99%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hydropower in the World

  • Top 31. Three Gorges Dam- China, construction started in 2008 and has not yet been finished when finished will generate around 22,500 megawatts.2. Itaipu- Brazil & Paraguay, finished in 2003, generates around 14,000 megawatts3. Guri- Venezuela, completed in 1986, generates around 10,200 megawatts

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