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the dynamics of water utility line booster systems dp pumps

Hydro-Unit Utility Line booster systems - brochure dp pumps

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Text of Hydro-Unit Utility Line booster systems - brochure dp pumps

  • the dynamics of water

    utility line booster systems

    dp pumps

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  • 3DP-Pumps offers high quality solutions for every

    booster application. From experience, we know

    that buildings in the industry and utility sector

    often require booster systems with advanced

    options; custom-made solutions which usually

    imply longer delivery times and high costs. With

    the introduction of the high quality, broadly

    applicable range of Utility Line Hydro-Units we

    can offer you customized systems at standard



    At DP-Pumps we design, engineer and produce

    innovative products for water transport. We can

    draw on over 50 years of experience in the pumping

    industry. The Utility Line is one of our latest

    developments combining maximum ef ciency and


    Durable stainless steel basis

    Irrespective of the speci cations, durability

    comes rst. The application of stainless steel

    pumps, ttings and headers make this product

    line extremely durable. The systems are entirely

    designed according to the latest standards of the

    European Drinking Water Regulations and the

    European CE marking system.

    The possibilities are endless

    The booster systems are available in a wide range

    of capacities and con gurations.

    hydro-unit utility line

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  • 5Practical design

    Compact assembly, maximum width

    for transport 80 cm (disassembled headers)

    All serviceable components easy accessible

    Durable stainless steel basis

    Vertical pumps DPV AISI 304

    Headers, valves and ttings AISI 304

    Optionally available in AISI 316

    Intelligent accessories

    Non-return valves are integrated in the discharge

    bend ( tted version)

    Minimal line loss as a result of the use of

    ball valves or butter y valves with a full bore

    Flexible control panel set-up

    Solid universal control panel on a base plate,

    integrated into the booster system

    Optional; oor positioned or wall mounted

    Base plate

    Solid, powder coated steel frame / base plate

    Low noise and anti-vibration construction

    Mounted on adjustable machine feet

    Energy ef cient

    Constructed with energy ef cient DPV pump

    Advanced pump control using Megacontrol, for

    maximum optimization energy savings

    intelligent and durable

  • 6applications

    The strength of our products lies in the use of

    high quality stainless steel. The application of

    this high quality material results in a high level of

    operational safety and the preservation of drinking

    and process water quality in the booster system.

    A solid basis for a broad range of applications.

    The Utility Line is applicable in:

    High rise buildings

    Residential buildings

    Commercial buildings




  • 7applications

    Pumps in booster systems are under constant

    high pressure. Therefore, high quality

    connections to the headers are important for


    The integration of the non-return valve into the

    discharge bend reduces the number of connections

    and enables easy pump replacement without

    disturbing the main water supply; an important

    quality change in design when compared to the

    conventional systems.

    Options: customize your installation

    If what you need differs from the standard, we will

    gladly design a customized system. Optionally, we

    can provide your system with many extra technical

    features, such as:

    Other pump speci cations

    AISI 316 components

    Pressure class PN 25

    Testing certi cates for several drinking water

    quality standards for the pumps

    Suitable for hot water applications (60C)

    Several extra control options


  • system control and management


    A control unit must be straightforward and equip-

    ped with the most advanced settings. Of particular

    importance to management and ef ciency is the

    exibility to easily adjust or re-adjust the system if

    the conditions change. DP-Pumps developed the

    Megacontrol as a standard pump control unit,

    which features an optimal combination of all of

    these aspects.

    Versatile control

    Energy savings through intelligent control

    Pump control via Direct On Line,

    Softstarter, star-delta switch or frequency



    LEDs to indicate the activity of the system

    Multifunctional function and operating keys

    Set-up via Man Machine Interface, PDA or laptop

    Technical pump and system data available via

    back-light display


    Operation hours equalization and minimal

    operation hours optimization

    Low-pressure protection via

    pressure transmitter

    Level control or storage tanks as an option

    Alarm and failure reporting via fail-save



    duijvelaar pompendp pumps




  • 9system control and management

    Utility Line booster systems have advanced com-

    munication options for management and control.

    The information from the Megacontrol can be

    converted to communicate with several Building

    Management Systems.

    The booster system with Megacontrol can easily be

    integrated into the existing Building Management


    The following parameters can be retrieved:

    System pressure

    Pump status

    Inlet pressure

    Overall system status

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    working range

    Pump models

    The basis for the Utility Line booster systems is our line of high quality

    vertical DPV pump series. The installations come as standard with

    tting size G2. Starting from NW 65 the booster systems are anged.

    Number of pumps 2 - 6

    Max. head [m] 120

    Max. working pressure [PN] 16

    Max ow [m3/h] 660

    Connection G6/4 up to NW250

    Medium clean/non-aggressive liquids

    Temperature range medium [C] -15 up to 60

    Standard speci cations

    Other options available upon request.

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    working range






    Q [m3/h]

    H [m


    2 3 4 5 20 30 40 50 200 300 400 500





    No. of duty pumps DPV2 DPV4 DPV6 DPV10 DPV25 DPV40 DPV60 DPV85

    1 3,3 6,5 9,0 13,2 35,0 54,0 76,0 110,0

    2 6,6 13,0 18,0 26,4 70,0 108,0 152,0 220,0

    3 9,9 19,5 27,0 39,6 105,0 162,0 228,0 330,0

    4 13,2 26,0 36,0 52,8 140,0 216,0 304,0 440,0

    5 16,5 32,5 45,0 66,0 175,0 270,0 380,0 550,0

    6 19,8 39,0 54,0 79,2 210,0 324,0 456,0 660,0

    Qmax [m3/h]

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