HUMN 5 the Visual Arts

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THE VISUAL ARTSElements of the Visual Arts,Principles of Organization andAnalysis of Visual ArtsRefers to still unmoving objects,PaintingsPhotographsDigital imagesInstallation artsAnd architecture

Elements of the Visual ArtsLineLeads the viewers eyes throughout the art work.Line also evokes emotion and ideas.It also shows movement.

Shapes and formsThere are two types of shape: geometric and free-form

(picture of geometric shapes)Picture of free-form shapesElements of the Visual Arts

Texture(roughness or smoothness)Refers to how things feel when touched.How can you tell the texture of a particular object?Tactile texture if you touch it and feel it.Visual texture it reminds you how the thing actually feels.

Elements of the Visual ArtsRough texture = reflects light unevenlySmooth texture = reflects light evenly.Elements of the Visual Arts

ColorCool pictures (moving closely)Hot/warm pictures (receding effect)Elements of the Visual Arts

Be proud to wear the color that you call your own.

Space and movement both outer and inner space.

Positive and negative spacePositive: space occupied by the object.Negative: empty space between the shapes and forms.Even pictures can express movements.Elements of the Visual Arts

Principles of OrganizationPrinciples of OrganizationUnity and HarmonyShows relatedness and oneness. Connection of elements.(pictures of unrelated things)Picture of well coordinated things.

Principles of OrganizationVariety contrast or difference of object.More interestingHighlights the message of the art work.(picture showing irony)Quotation about variety.

Principles of OrganizationProportion/balance (pictures expressing proportion and balance)

Perspective it creates the illusion of depth and volume. (different perspective in drawing)It makes the work of art more interesting.

Assessing a Work of ArtWhat makes any work or art great?Sincerity whether the intention of the artist is perfectly honest. (one can feel and read the message)

Assessing a Work of ArtUniversality (picture that shows universal truth)It expresses the truth in which everyone can relate.Assessing a Work of ArtMagnitude scope and significance of work of art.Unfathomable. You cannot grasp it fully.

Assessing a Work of ArtCraftsmanship presents mastery in style(quotation about craftsmanship)