HUMN 1301: Humanities Through the Arts

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HUMN 1301: Humanities Through the Arts. Aesthetic Encounters on the Silk Roads. GPC. 3 rd largest in the University System of Georgia w/ 23,000 students Five campuses around metro Atlanta Dunwoody Campus is the fastest growing with 10,000 students - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of HUMN 1301: Humanities Through the Arts

HUMN 1301: Humanities Through the Arts

HUMN 1301: HumanitiesThrough the ArtsAesthetic Encounterson the Silk Roads

Before beginningopen the following: 1) HUMN ppt, 2) Ice Cream on the Silk Road ppt 3) Postcards from Asia 4) Sinescope website1GPC 3rd largest in the University System of Georgia w/ 23,000 studentsFive campuses around metro AtlantaDunwoody Campus is the fastest growing with10,000 studentsWe have 3 East-West Center fellows at DunwoodyCultural Diversity: more international students than any other USG institution, including African, Caribbean, Eastern European, Indian, Vietnamese, Iranian, Pakistani, Korean, Afghani, Iraqi, and Diversity of Academic BackgroundNew Chinese language and culture club at Dunwoody campusInternational students can fulfill their core requirements 2Re-designing GPCs Study Abroad to China

Yes, its me with the yellow hair. Reflecting on our CIEs goal of cultural competency for our students and measures of student success. Other than student evaluations, we had a very weak regime for assessment of learning outcomes, but a consensus that inadequate context contributed to under-performance in some areasculture stress, disconnect with some of the cultural experiences, weak performances in Chinese language courses, lack of interest in returning to China. Introduce Postcards from Asia blog (resource for study abroad leaders)3China-themed Learning Community, Year of China, and China Study AbroadHUMN 1301-200 (CRN 24168) and ECON 2105-204 (CRN 20414) are joined in a Learning Community for six credit hours. The courses are scheduled so that discussions in economics are complemented by a survey of seven major art forms- film, drama, music, literature, painting, sculpture and architecture. This Learning Community is designed for business majors participating in the GPC china program: however all eligible students may enroll. The GPC China Program culminates in a five week study abroad Learning Community in Shanghai, China where SURB 1105 and ENGL 2111 will be taught. IIf you have any questions about the China Program, or about this Learning Community, please contact Prof. Fred Bounds (770-274-5153), 404-428-6630,, or Prof. Liam Madden(770-274-5547, 770-883-8811, will be team taught with me sitting in and occasionally lecturing in Freds class and he in mine. Our intention was to heal the split between Andrew alluded yesterday to the disparate interpretations of China resulting from Econometric approaches and cultural approaches by integrating business and humanities instruction. This institutes emphasis on the role of trade in cultural transmission was quite felcitous. 4HUMN 1301: Humanities thru the Arts:Aesthetic Encounters on the Silk Roads Course Overview

Week 1: Overview: Chinese History and the Silk RoutesWeek 2: a. Introduction to spoken Chinese: U of Hs Say it in Chinese DVD set. b. Viewing and discussing High Museum video series on the Qin Emperors Tomb.Week 3: Analects of Confucius & The Ethics of Confucian ArtistryWeek 4: Mapping the Silk Road: Intercultural Cartographies and Historiographies (group work)Week 5: Presentations (Building a virtual museumselection & interpretation)Week 6: Midterm Assessment: Objective Exam & Essay

Provide list of Silk Road Travellers such as Fa Xian, Xuan Zang. Rabban Sauma, Ibn Battuta, Marco Polo. Locate a map of the Silk Routes that date to that persons era. Map his or her journey, make an inventory of cultures, sites, and cities encountered along the way. Locate a cultural object (object of art) that this person could have seen, traded, or encountered along the way. The items gathered will be used to produce a virtual museum).5HUMN 1301: Overview (cont.)Week 7: Mahayana Buddhism & Chan Buddhist Thought & Practice a. The Buddhist Art of Dunhuang b. The Heart-Mind Sutra c. The Kung Fu Connection & Tai Chi Workshop d. 845 C.E.Week 8: a. Tang Dynasty/Chang An (Cultural Commerce in the Golden Age of the Silk Road) b. Prince Pirooz, Yang Gui Fei, Persian Star-Crossed Lovers & The Story of Ying Ying c. The True History of Tea d. 845 C.E.Week 9: Islam & The Silk RoutesWeek 10: The Three Perfections: Song Dynasty Painting as Self- expression & Dissent

HUMN 1301: Overview (cont.)Week 11: a. Khublai Khan, The Il-Khanate & Marco Polo b. Music Week 12: a. Ming China & The Voyages of Zheng He b. Film Week 13: Discussion & Evaluation of Virtual Museum ExhibitsWeek 14: Review for Final Exam & Exit Conferences

Co-curricular activities include:Guest lecturers from local expertsDecatur Book FestivalAnnual Teaching the Middle East Workshop (USG)Atlanta Asian Film FestivalVisit to Hindu Temple , Lilburn GADragon Boat RaceDunwoody Campus Chinese Language & Culture Club

TextsAnalects of Confucius (Norton selections & Ames)Ethics of Confucian Artistry Tang Poetry (Norton Selections)Chan Buddhism (Hershock)The Heart-Mind SutraThe Monkey and the Monk (selections from Anthony Yu)Life Along the Silk Road (selections from Whitfield)Religions of the Silk Road (selections from Foltz)Silla, Korea, and the Silk Reality Through the Arts, SporeNon-Western Art: A Brief Guide, McKenzie

This list will be expanded. Probably add Tansen Sen. 8

High Museum


Types of AssignmentsAssigned ReadingsGroup Work (Mapping & Inventorying Art)2 Aesthetic Encounter ReportsMidterm: objective and essayVirtual Museum Exhibits & CritiquesFinal Exam (objective and discussion)

Aesthetic encounter reports are interpretive essays based on field experiencescould be a museum visit, a viewing at the Asian film festival, our visit to Atlantas Hindu temple, or other. Ill be developing an expanded menu of sites and activities that qualify as appropriate topics for aesthetic encounter reports).14