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Humble Photography teacher takes your trough the basics of photo shop. Enjoy it, have fun and stay humble


<ul><li> 1. Getting started with Photo Shop<br />With Linda Schaefer<br />At the beginning there was sound,<br />Then there were pictures<br />Lots of good imagescapturing light on a tiny card and then transferring the data to a computer before making an award winning print. <br />Lets get started by transferring the data. It begins with a card reader.<br /><ul><li>Remove memory card from camera </li></ul></li><li> 2. Insert card in card reader and attach to computer </li></ul> <p> 3. Open Bridge 4. Click on computer and open file from your memory card and then review photos in Bridge 5. Click on photo to preview image in Bridge: not the bridge you drive over 6. Drag the file image to Photo Shop or the PS icon (the big blue box that looks like a kids block on your desktop. The PS doesnt stand for Pig skins) 7. First things first in photo shop before you get too excited. 8. Size your image: Go to Image and Size: should be within the 8x10 frame at 300 to 1200 resolution. Crop image to desired proportions. 9. Now go to all your adjustment tools: 10. Image, adjustments levels curves color balance hue/saturation filter shadow/highlights, etc. 11. Tools (no screwdrivers please): 12. Levels: adjusts shadows, midtones and highlights 13. Adjustments: Color balance. Make changes using your color wheel to create harmony and balance with colors. It can also be achieved by changing your attitude. 14. Go through remaining adjustment levels. 15. Additional basic tools 16. Clone stamp: means of copying nearby pixels, duplicating them and filling in areas with that information. For instance, to get rid of glare on glasses, clone the area next to the glare and fill in the trouble spot. If you dont agree with biological cloning youll be fine with cloning pixels. 17. brush tool: use your eyedropper tool, grab the color you want to use for the brush tool, and paint on subject. Great for eyes, softening lines on face, neck and filling in areas. Freda has great laugh lines so I wouldnt even consider making cosmetic changes to her face. But for all of us who want to rub out those lines of wisdom, miracles happen everyday in photo shop.In this case I am using the eyedropper tool to find a place on Fredas teeth to imitate, and using the brush tool, gently pass over the silver and fill in missing tooth area. Voila! A new tooth.<br />Additional tools for motivated shoppers :<br /></p> <ul><li>Hand tool to move photograph around on screen </li></ul> <p> 18. Magnifying tool to increase the image size 19. Burn and dodge tool: When an area of the image is to light you use the burn tool and when the image or parts of the image are too dark, you can use the dodge tool.Some other things to think about in your spare time:<br /></p> <ul><li>Brush size </li></ul> <p> 20. Opacity 21. Sampling all layers 22. ModeDont worry, the pages will grow just like magic<br />Bye for now.<br /></p>