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Human Resource Management Practices of Submitted To: Mohammed Jonaed Kabir Assistant Professor & Coordinator DBA,IIUC 1

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Human Resource Management Practices ofSubmitted To: MohammedJonaed KabirAssistant Professor & CoordinatorDBA!!"C Submitted B#: $usrat Hossain Matric no% R &'()*+ MBA%*rd semesterDate%,(%,-%(,&'


&.Shah/a0a0 !s0ami Ban1 2imited : Profi0e3ith the motto 4Committed to Cordia0 Ser5ice6 Shah/a0a0 !s0ami Ban1 2imited7SJ!B28 has startedits acti5it#on&,Ma#9 (,,&.!t commencedits commercia0o:eration in accordance ;ith :rinci:0e of !s0amic Shariah. During 0ast fifteen #earsSJ!B2 has di5ersified its ser5ice co5erage b# o:ening ne; branches at differentstrategica00# im:ortant 0ocations across the countr# offering 5arious ser5ice:roducts bothin5estment &de:osit. !s0amic Ban1ing inessence is not on0#!$T