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Jesus Ortega1.) What is Financial Literacy?Financial literacy is the ability to understand finance. More specifically, it refers to the set of skills and knowledge that allows an individual to make informed and effective decisions through their understanding of finances.

2.)How Do I know if I am Financial Literate? you can take a quiz and compare your results to other citizens who has taken the quiz, nation wide3.) How Do I Compare w/ Respect to Others? Same As Question #2

4.)How Does Financial Literacy in the United States (or Italy) Compare w/ Respect To Other Countries?In South Carolina a key building block to financial capability is the extent to which households build savings. In South Carolina, 22% of individuals reported that over the past year, their household spent more than their income (not including the purchase of a new home, car or other big investment). Individuals who are not balancing monthly income and expenses are not saving, and thus may find themselves struggling to make ends meet.

55.) Why Should I Become Financially Literate?Have better understanding of financial and banking products. Control your money from being stolen, lost etc.

6.) Where Do I Go For Information If I Want To Improve My Financial Literacy?Library, Internet, Primary and Secondary sources. Anything or anyone that holds information for Financial Literacy.7.)What if I want to have fun while Im learning Financial Literacy? Where do I go and what do I do?

Anybody agree? -___-

8.)What do I do to Promote Financial Literacy and to become Financially Literate?Improve your Financial knowledge, obtain more experience, and do your best.

9.) Who is Promoting Financial Literacy?Anybody who owns or works a business. Wanting to expand their business.

10.) Are there any big programs/plans happening in Financial Literacy?Changes are often occurring whether you know it or not. Laws, policies, rules, etc.You must be prepared for any surprising changes in your economy.

11.) Why is a business plan important and who should write it?It helps in any way if anything unexpected should happen in or to your business.Expect the unexpected.

12.) How do I Determine my Start-Up costs and other expenses?Optimism is all to determine my start-up cost for a business.

13.) Why is competition Important?You need something to keep you motivated. What better way to try to defeat your rival?

14.) What makes a successful marketing strategy? Anything beneficial to your business.

15.) Where can You or a Business owner go to receive advice or assistance W/ Your/Their Business?Business developing counsel technical assistance and online communities where owners can give and receive advise.