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HTC Wildfire · PDF fileContents Getting started Inside the box 8 HTC Wildfire S 8 Back cover 10 Storage card

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  • User Manual

    HTC Wildfire S

  • Contents

    Getting startedInside the box 8

    HTC Wildfire S 8

    Back cover 10

    Storage card 11

    Battery 12

    Switching the power on or off 13

    Finger gestures 14

    Ways of getting contacts into HTC Wildfire S 14

    Home screen 15

    BasicsAdjusting the volume 17

    Sleep mode 18

    Status and notifications 19

    Notifications panel 21

    Connecting your phone to a computer 23

    Copying files to or from the storage card 23

    Copying text, looking up information, and sharing 24

    PersonalizingMaking HTC Wildfire S truly yours 26

    Personalizing HTC Wildfire S with scenes 26

    Changing your wallpaper 27

    Applying a new skin 28

    Personalizing your Home screen with widgets 28

    Adding icons and other shortcuts on your Home screen 29

    Adding folders on your Home screen 30

    Rearranging or removing widgets and icons on your Home screen 30

    Rearranging the Home screen 31

    Using sound sets 32

    Changing your ringtones and alarms 33

    Rearranging or hiding application tabs 33

    Phone callsDifferent ways of making calls 35

    Making a call on the Phone dialer screen 35

    Using Speed dial 36

    Calling a phone number in a text message 36

    Calling a phone number in an email 36

    Making an emergency call 37

    2 Contents

  • Receiving calls 37

    What can I do during a call 38

    Internet calls 39

    Using Call history 40

    Call services 41

    Turning Airplane mode on or off 42

    Search and Web browserSearching HTC Wildfire S and the Web 43

    Using the web browser 44

    Downloading from the Web 46

    Viewing bookmarks and previously visited pages 47

    Setting browser options 48

    Accounts and syncAbout online accounts 50

    Synchronizing with a Google Account 50

    Adding a social network account 51

    Managing your online accounts 51

    PeopleAbout the People app 53

    Setting up your profile 54

    Adding a new contact 54

    Importing a contact from an Exchange ActiveSync account 55

    Merging contact information 56

    Filtering your contacts list 57

    Backing up your contacts to the storage card 58

    Contact information and conversations 58

    Sending contact information as a vCard 59

    Contact groups 60

    Adding People widgets 62

    SocialFacebook for HTC Sense 64

    Twitter for HTC Sense 65

    Tweeting on the go using Peep 66

    Using Friend Stream 68

    Chatting in Google Talk 70

    CameraCamera basics 73

    Taking a photo 74

    Recording video 75

    Adding effects 76

    After capturing 76

    Changing camera settings 77

    3 Contents

  • Photos, videos, and musicGallery 79

    Music 87

    Market and other appsFinding and installing apps from Android Market 91

    Using the Clock 93

    Checking Weather 96

    Watching videos on YouTube 97

    Recording your voice 98

    Sharing games and apps 100

    MessagesOpening Messages 101

    Sending a text message (SMS) 101

    Sending a multimedia message (MMS) 102

    Resuming a draft message 104

    Viewing and replying to a message 105

    Forwarding a message 106

    Viewing and saving an attachment from a multimedia message 106

    Push messages 107

    Managing message conversations 107

    Setting message options 109

    EmailGmail 110

    Mail 111

    CalendarAbout Calendar 119

    Creating an event 119

    Changing Calendar views 121

    Managing Calendar events 122

    Dismissing or snoozing event reminders 123

    Displaying and synchronizing reminders 123

    Changing Calendar settings 125

    About the Calendar widget 125

    Maps and locationLocation settings 126

    Google Maps 126

    HTC SyncAbout HTC Sync 131

    Installing HTC Sync 131

    Setting up HTC Sync to recognize HTC Wildfire S 132

    Getting to know the workspace 132

    Setting up synchronization 133

    4 Contents

  • Synchronizing HTC Wildfire S 136

    Installing an app from your computer to HTC Wildfire S 136

    Synchronizing another device with your computer 137

    Downloading the latest HTC Sync upgrade 137

    KeyboardChoosing between Swype and the Onscreen Keyboard 138

    Using Swype 138

    Entering text using Swype 138

    Entering text by typing 139

    Adjusting Swype settings 139

    Using the onscreen keyboard 140

    Entering words with predictive text 141

    Entering text by speaking 143

    Editing text 144

    Adjusting input settings 145

    Internet connectionsData connection 146

    Wi-Fi 146

    Connecting to a virtual private network (VPN) 147

    BluetoothBluetooth basics 149

    Connecting a Bluetooth headset or car kit 149

    Disconnecting or unpairing from a Bluetooth device 150

    Sending information using Bluetooth 151

    Receiving information using Bluetooth 152

    SecurityProtecting HTC Wildfire S with a screen lock pattern, PIN, or password 154

    SettingsSettings on your phone 156

    Changing display settings 157

    Changing sound settings 159

    Changing the language 160

    Optimizing battery life 160

    Managing memory 161

    Checking information about your phone 162

    Update and resetHTC Wildfire S software updates 163

    Restarting HTC Wildfire S 164

    Resetting HTC Wildfire S 164

    Trademarks and copyrights

    5 Contents

  • Index

    6 Contents

  • Conventions used in this guideIn this user guide, we use the following symbols to indicate useful and importantinformation:

    This is a note. A note often gives additional information, such as what happenswhen you choose to do or not to do a certain action. A note also providesinformation that may only be applicable to some situations.

    This is a tip. A tip gives you an alternative way to do a particular step or procedure,or lets you know of an option that you may find helpful.

    This indicates important information that you need in order to accomplish a certaintask or to get a feature to work properly.

    This provides safety precaution information, that is, information that you need to becareful about to prevent potential problems.

    7 Conventions used in this guide

  • Getting started

    Inside the boxYou will find the following inside the box:

    HTC Wildfire S


    microSD card (preinstalled)

    USB cable

    Power adapter

    Basics Guide

    Safety and regulatory guide

    HTC Wildfire S

    Front panel

    1. Notification LED

    2. Proximity sensor

    3. Earpiece

    4. Touch screen

    5. Home

    6. Menu

    7. Back

    8. Search

    8 Getting started

  • Left panel

    1. VOLUME UP


    3. USB connector

    Back panel

    1. LED flash

    2. 5 megapixel camera

    3. Speaker

    4. Microphone

    5. Lanyard hole

    Top panel

    1. 3.5mm headset jack

    2. POWER

    9 Getting started

  • Back cover

    Removing the back cover

    Remove the back cover to access the battery compartment and storage card slot.

    1. Turn off HTC Wildfire S and hold it securely with the front facing down.

    2. With your finger, pry open the back cover from the small opening near thePOWER button.

    Replacing the back cover

    1. Insert the lower half of the phone into the bottom of the back cover.

    2. Press the sides and top part of the back cover towards the phone to lock thecover in place. You'll hear a click when the back cover is locked in place.

    10 Getting started

  • Storage cardUse the storage card to store your photos, videos, and music. Youll find the storagecard already inserted in HTC Wildfire S.

    Inserting the storage card

    1. Take the back cover off.

    2. Insert the microSD card into the storage card slot with its gold contacts facingdown and slide it in until it is securely in place.

    Removing the storage card

    If HTC Wildfire S is on you must first "unmount" the storage card before removing itto prevent corrupting or damaging the files in the storage card.

    1. Take the back cover off.

    2. Slide the storage card out from its slot.

    Unmounting the storage card

    When you need to remove the storage card while HTC Wildfire S is on, unmount thestorage card first to prevent corrupting or damaging the files in the storage card.

    1. From the Home screen, press , and then tap Settings.

    2. Tap SD & phone storage > Unmount SD card.

    11 Getting started

  • BatteryHTC Wildfire S uses a rechargeable battery. How long the battery can last before itneeds recharging depends on how you use HTC Wildfire S. Among these are thefeatures and accessories you use (for example, leaving your Bluetooth connectionalways on uses more power). Long phone calls and frequent web browsing uses up alot of battery power. Also, consider your location: poor signal strength from yourmobile network and extreme temperature make the battery work harder.

    Inserting the battery

    Please use only original batteries that came in the box or replacements that werecommend.

    1. Take the back cover off.

    2. Insert the battery (with its exposed copper contacts first) into the batterycompartment.

    Removing the battery

    1. Take the back cover off.

    2. With your thumb or finger, lift the battery from the battery compartment.

    12 Getting started

  • Charging the battery

    Before you turn on and start using HTC Wildfire S, it is recommended that you chargethe battery.

    Only the power adapter and USB cable provided in the box must be used tocharge the battery.

    Do not remove the battery from