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HSE Training Procedure

Petroleum Development Oman LLC

Revision: 1.0

Effective: January 2012

Petroleum Development Oman LLC

Revision: 1.1

Effective: July 2012

Petroleum Development Oman L.L.C.

Document Title:

Health, Safety and Environment Procedure:

HSE Training Selection & Compliance Monitoring

Document ID

PR 2010 Part I

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Learning and Development

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HLD - Head of Learning & Development

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February 2012




HSE, Training, Courses, selection, compliance, monitoring

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January 2012

Ian Bowen

Corporate Adviser, HSE Training & Competence

Origination of PR-2010 Part I, originally incorporated within SP 1157 HSE Training Specifications. The current document aligns fully with the revised CP-122.


February 2012

Ian Bowen

Corporate Adviser, HSE Training & Competence

Changed status of workplace Core HSE performance assessments to recommended rather than a requirement.

Minor editorial corrections on Pages 9, 10, 41, 42, 52, 53, 54 and 55.

User Notes:

1. The requirements of this document are mandatory. Non-compliance shall only be authorised by a designated authority through STEP-OUT approval as described in this document.

2. A controlled copy of the current version of this document is on PDO's live link. Before making reference to this document, it is the user's responsibility to ensure that any hard copy, or electronic copy, is current. For assistance, contact the Document Custodian.

3. Users are encouraged to participate in the ongoing improvement of this document by providing constructive feedback.

Related Business Processes & CMF Documents

Related Business Processes


Business Process (EPBM 4.0)

Parent Document(s)

Doc. No.

Document Title

CP 122

HSE Management System Manual

Other Related CMF Document(s)

Doc. No.

Document Title

PR 1171 Pt II

Contract HSE Management

PR 1251

Training requirement for Lifting Operations personnel

PR 2010 Pt II

HSE Training Provision Approvals and Quality Assurance Procedure

SP 1157

HSE Training Specifications

SP 2000

Road Transport Specification

GU 673

Core HSE Assessment System

The related CMF Documents can be retrieved from the Corporate Business Control Documentation Register CMF.


2Document Authorisation

3Revision History

4Related Business Processes & CMF Documents


71.1Purpose and Objectives

71.2Scope and Applicability

71.3Review and Improvement


82.Compliance Requirements


92.2Compliance Reports Responsibilities & Accountabilities

92.2.1Asset and Functional Directors, contractor CEOs

92.2.2HSE Training Focal Points

102.2.3HSE Advisers

102.2.4PDOs Approved Training providers (ATPs)

102.2.5PDOs HSE Training Quality Assurance Team (HLD8)

113Nine (9) Steps to Achieving HSE Training Compliance

113.1STEP 1: Identifying HSE training and reassessments applicable to specific individuals

113.2STEP 2: Assessment first or Training first?

123.3STEP 3: When must HSE Training or Assessment be carried out?- Attendance Classifications

123.4STEP 4: Planning Training and/or Reassessment

133.5STEP 5: All staff What / Who are Approved HSE Training Providers?

133.5.1PDO staff Who is contracted to provide HSE training and Assessments?

133.5.2Contractor staff Which ATPs can provide HSE Training courses and Assessments?

143.6STEP 6: Course Nominations, Confirmations, Cancellations

143.6.1PDO principles: Learning & Development event nomination and attendance

143.6.2PDO staff Using Insight Browser

153.6.3PDO staff - Conventional nominations

153.6.4Nominations for PDO new hires.

153.6.5PDO staff - Confirmations of nominations

163.6.6PDO staff - Cancellations or Amendments

163.6.7Contractor Staff - Nominations

163.6.8Contractor Staff - Confirmations

173.6.9 Contractor Staff Cancellations or Amendments

173.7STEP 7: Attendance and HSE Performance Records

173.7.1ATP records

173.7.2PDO Records

173.7.3Contractor Records

183.7.4Individual records - HSE Passports

183.8STEP 8: Workplace based reassessments of Core HSE performance requirements

193.9STEP 9: Performance Reassessments and Recertifications

21Core HSE Learning Ladder courses


22Appendix A General, Level 1 (HSE) course selection Table

25Appendix B - First Aid, Level 1 (HSE) course selection Table

26Appendix C - Defensive Driving, Level 1 (HSE) course selection Table

30Appendix D - Lifting & Hoisting, Level 1 (HSE) course selection Table

33Appendix E - General, Level 2 (HSE) course selection Table

39Appendix F - Defensive Driving, Level 2 (HSE) course selection Table.

40Appendix G - Professional HSE qualifications, Level 3 HSE course selection Table

48Appendix H - International English Language Testing System (IELTS) Bands and definitions

49Appendix J Abbreviations and Definitions

54Appendix K Non-Supervisory staff Core HSE Performance Criteria for recommended workplace assessment

55Appendix L - Supervisory and Managerial staff Core HSE Performance Criteria for recommended workplace assessment

1 Introduction1.1Purpose and Objectives

PDO needs to ensure all those working for it are properly trained in the common hazards, risks and controls associated with its oil and gas exploration and production activities. This training provides sufficient HSE knowledge and understanding, generally at an Awareness level, of the common workplace hazards, risks and controls to be found and used within its concession area, in the Sultanate of Oman.

This Procedure sets out how PDO and contractor staff identify, select, book and attend the correct HSE courses and assessments, and how their compliance against contract requirements and PDO HSE training specifications should be monitored.

1.2 Scope and Applicability

1.2.1This procedure sets out the way in which people identify:

the PDO Approved HSE training or Assessment they require,

when they require it,

where they can receive it,

how they can book a course or assessment,

How course or assessment bookings should be confirmed,

how attendance and performance is recorded,

when they must be reassessed,

how to schedule the required performance reassessments, and

how compliance with specific contract requirements in Document C9 and PDOs HSE training requirements are to be recorded.

1.2.2 This Procedure applies to all PDO staff and PDO contracting staff, irrespective of their physical location in PDOs concession area.

1.3 Review and Improvement

1.3.1 This specification will be reviewed at least every 4 years to ensure it continues to meet company HSE training needs.

1.3.2 Annual reviews of individual course specifications detailed in SP 1157 HSE Training Specifications will be carried out. Any major revisions or inclusion of additional courses thought necessary, will produce a review of that document as a whole, and as a consequence may lead to amendment, addendum or revision of the summary details in Appendices A G and elsewhere in this document, at the same time.

1.4 Distribution

1.4.1 The following groups will be advised by email of any revision to this document, either directly or through their contract holder. An electronic link to the revised document will be included in the advisory email to enable viewing or download.

PDO Heads of Corporate MSE and Learning & Development, the HLD8 HSE Training team,

PDO & Contractor Line and Functional HSE Advisers/Managers, and HSE Training focal points

PDO HSE Training course Technical Authorities and their respective CFDHs.

PDO Contract Holders

PDO Approved HSE Training Providers (commercial)

Contracting companies approved to deliver PDO HSE courses in-house to their own staff.

PDO and Contractor Skill pool managers

PDOs HSE Training Services Contractor.

PDOs First Aid Training Services Contractor.

PDOs Defensive Driving Training Contractor.

PDOs Defensive Driving Assessment Contractor.

1.4.2 All other PDO staff will be advised of revisions to the document via a News List announcement using the Companys intran