How To Take Better Portrait Photography

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  • How To Take Better Portrait PhotographyKeith S. Black part in photography is one of the most exciting and popular hobbies, worldwide. Capturing the moment has been and always will be fun. Taking good portraits is achievable but to do it you have to learn the different methods of doing so.

    I would define a good portrait capturing and enhancing the physical features and character of your subject. Depending on the subject, taking portraits can be somewhat of a challenge. I'm going to provide you with a few tips for taking better portrait photography

    Tip#1 Subject Character-For great results with your portraits, try to capture the subjects best features in addition to the the subjects uniqueness. If you have time try to get a feel for the subject before you take the shot. This will help you somewhat get to know them and allow you to bring out the best features in the subjects images.

    Tip#2 The present moment is the best time to take images-What you want to do is attempt to get your subject to be relaxed as possible. Do not take any sort of shot if they appear tense. What you want to do is start conversations about things of interests to them and even though they will be talking you can still starting the photo session and start to shoot. Doing so will get them to relax more and it will let you take great shots.

    Tip#3 Be Prepared- As a photographer, you're in control of the photo session. You have to present to the subject confidence that gives them faith that you know what you're doing and are very experienced with bringing out the best in the subject. As the photographer, you also have to be just as relaxed as the subject.

    Tip#4 Great Lighting- The best light that any photographer can use to capture a great portrait is natural light. The downside of natural light is it is not stable and consistent. As a result, photographers use artificial lights like lamps and flashes.

  • Tip#5 Background drop- The background can make or break a picture. There are a variety of options to use when creating your background. Be sure to add the appropriate background for the subject. You want your background to enhance the image not add distractions to it.

    The above 5 tips will help you get focused and on the right path to creating better portraits and thus enhancing the subjects photography experience. If taking portraits I your medium of choice, stick to it until you become really good at it than if you decide to do so, take on another medium.


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