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<p>How to Set Up a Facebook Ad: Open House</p> <p>An open house can generate massive amounts of interest in your listing, which is </p> <p>crucial to appeasing your sellers need for you to market their home to potential </p> <p>buyers. As we all know, however, it is unlikely that the person who ends up </p> <p>buying the home attends the open house. Instead, the real benefit for you as an </p> <p>agent is that you can drum up home buyer leads. Take this tried-and-true </p> <p>strategy online to impress your sellers, intrigue your potential buyer clients, and </p> <p>increase your overall presence in your market area.</p> <p>Open Google Chrome and log in to Facebook</p> <p>Navigate to your Facebook Business Page</p> <p>Click on Event/Milestone</p> <p>Choose Event</p> <p>Enter a Name for the event, such as Open House at [Address]</p> <p>Enter Details for the event, including the date/time of the Open House and some info about the home</p> <p>Next to Where, input the address of the Open House</p> <p>Leave Tickets blank</p> <p>Select the date and time for the Open House next to When</p> <p>For Category, choose Community then Neighborhood</p> <p>Hit Create</p> <p>Find the Add Event Photo button</p> <p>Choose Upload Photo or find a picture from your Facebook accounts</p> <p>Review your event page for typos and other errors</p> <p>Click Save Changes</p> <p>Go to to</p> <p>Click Download to Power Editor, select your account, and hit Download</p> <p>Click the plus symbol (+) under Campaigns</p> <p>Enter in the Name of your Campaign using the naming convention</p> <p>[Page Name] - [Objective] - Open House [Address]</p> <p>Leave Buying Type as Auction</p> <p>Change Objective to Event Responses</p> <p>Select Create</p> <p>Click on the Ad Sets tab and then the plus symbol (+)</p> <p>Click on Use Existing and select the campaign you just created in the drop down menu</p> <p>Add audience information to your Ad Set Title using the naming convention</p> <p>[Page Name] - [Objective] - Open House [Address] - [Audience Segment] </p> <p>Hit Create</p> <p>A good place to start with your Budget is a daily budget of $2</p> <p>Select your Start Date</p> <p>Deselect the box next to Run my ad continuously from the start date </p> <p>Choose an End Date and Time for your ad</p> <p>Click on the Ads tab and hit the plus symbol (+)</p> <p>Select your Campaign and Ad Set from the drop down menus</p> <p>Name your Ad using the naming convention: </p> <p></p> <p>[Page Name] - [Objective] - Open House [Address] - [Audience Segment] - [Ad Variation]</p> <p>Hit Create</p> <p>Choose your Business Page under Facebook Page in the Creative tab</p> <p>Select the Open House under Event</p> <p>Copy the event Details you wrote in the event page into the Text field</p> <p>Deselect Desktop Right Column under Placement</p> <p>Click on the Audience tab</p> <p>Edit Location</p> <p>Edit the Age of your audience using your knowledge of who is buying homes in your area </p> <p>Under Home Ownership, choose Renters and Owners</p> <p>Click on the Optimization &amp; Pricing tab and select Optimized CPM</p> <p>Review your ad for any typos or changes youd like to make</p> <p>Click on Upload Changes</p> <p>For further instruction and guidance on using Facebook in your real estate business, please contact us at </p>