How to revamp facebook fan page design

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  • How to Revamp Facebook Fan Page Design

  • The look and feel of Facebook fan page design can be improved if

    certain strategies are implemented. Using the name of

    your business as the page title, creating customized

    apps, and creating a simple username are some of the things

    to consider.

  • Company Name as The Fan Page Title

    To get noticed, it is always wiser to use the

    name of your company as the page name.

    The best way is to include every details of

    businesses in a single page.

  • Custom-Made Apps

    With the introduction of 'Timeline', there are no landing tabs anymore. Instead, you can attract users using 3 apps. These are located just below the cover image and are quite useful. Make sure that you include call-to-action such as 'Follow us', 'Sign up' or 'Subscribe now'

  • Connect Well with Targeted Audience

    To get beneficial results, you should

    always connect with your targeted

    audience. The best way to improve

    business opportunities is by connecting

    with your targeted audience like

    suppliers, business partners and

    prospective clients.

  • Short and Simple URL

    Instead of confusing people with a lengthy

    and messy looking URL, create something

    that is short and easy to understand

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