How to Recover pictures from Formatted Memory Card

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Memory card is a type of storage media that is used to store music, videos, pictures and other data, but it is observed that due to various reasons many of us face problem of data loss due to various reasons. So know how to recover deleted pictures from the formatted memory card


<ul><li><p> How to Recover Deleted Pictures From Formatted Memory Card Recover Your Deleted Pictures From Formatted Memory Card </p></li><li><p> How to Recover Deleted Pictures from a </p><p>Formatted Memory Card </p><p>Memory card is a type of storage media which is commonly used in digital </p><p>cameras, handheld computers, digital camcorders, cell phones, game consoles, </p><p>MP3 players, PADs and printers in order to store music, videos, pictures and </p><p>other data. The most common example of a MicroSD flash memory card is </p><p>picture. </p><p>There are different kinds of memory cards available in the market and each of </p><p>them vary in size, storage capacity and compatibility. Below mentioned are </p><p>some of the commonly used memory cards used in daily life: </p><p> MicroSD </p><p> SD Card </p><p> CompactFlash (CF) </p><p> MMC </p><p> SDHC Card </p><p> SmartMedia Card </p><p> Memory Stick </p><p> xD-Picture Card </p></li><li><p>Nowadays, everybody has a digital camera. Most of the people use digital </p><p>cameras in order to record memorable and wonderful moments. But it has </p><p>been observed that digital pictures are easier to lose than traditional film </p><p>pictures because the digital camera has a useful but unfortunately it has a </p><p>dangerous delete button or feature. An accidental operation may delete one </p><p>or all pictures from your memory card. Sometimes pictures may also get </p><p>deleted from memory card because of the corruption of memory card which </p><p>may takes place due to several reasons: </p><p>Reasons behind the Corruption of Memory card: </p><p> If you turn on a camera before an image is completely written to the </p><p>memory card. </p><p> Removing the memory card from a camera when an image is being </p><p>written to the card. </p><p> Low battery when files are being transferred directly from the camera </p><p>to the computer. So always, make sure that the battery is fully charged </p><p>while performing these tasks. </p><p> Removing the card from a memory card reader when files are still being </p><p>transferred to a computer. </p></li><li><p> When you open, rename, delete or move files on the card while its </p><p>contents are open on a computer. </p><p> When you remove the card from card reader while folders and files </p><p>from the card are open on a computer. </p><p> Using those memory cards which have not been formatted in the </p><p>camera. Always use the erase/delete function if required. </p><p> Taking photos when the camera batteries are nearly dead. </p><p> Taking photos too rapidly and the camera cannot complete writing one </p><p>image before starting the next. </p><p> When you insert a secondary memory card into a card reader before </p><p>closing and remove the first when view images on the card from a </p><p>computer. </p><p>These are some of the reasons behind the corruption of memory card. </p><p>How to Recover Pictures From Memory card: </p><p>When it comes to recovery software then Card Data Recovery is the best </p><p>option. This software is specifically designed for memory card which is </p><p>generally used in camera and cell phones. It can successfully recover deleted, </p><p>lost, formatted or corrupted files such as videos, music, pictures and so on. </p><p>Special Features of Card Data Recovery: </p><p>i. It can recover SD/memory card, mobile phones and USB/local drive. </p><p>ii. It can recover corrupted, formatted, lost or formatted videos, music </p><p>and pictures. </p><p>iii. It can also recover audio files, photos, videos, emails and so on. </p><p>Steps to Recover deleted Pictures from Formatted Memory Card: </p><p>Step 1: Download, install and run card recovery tool. This tool normally displays only removable device i.e. card, USB drive. Click Show Local Drives Button to show local drive. </p></li><li><p>Step 2: After it selects the drive from where you want to restore files and click on the Next button, it will automatically scan your selected drive. In this step you can choose which types of files you want to find, in order to perform this task, go to the Advance Setting button. </p></li><li><p>Step 3: After scanning, this tool will display the recoverable items in the original tree structure; you can preview the listed item. If you want to search any specific files use the Search button. </p></li><li><p>Step 4: To recover data, select them and click on the Save button. Give the path to store the recovered data. </p><p>In this way, you can easily recover deleted pictures from damaged memory card. The above mentioned steps are very easy to use so there is a no need to take any technical support. </p><p>For more information, please visit:</p><p>recover-photos-from-erased-or-damaged-</p><p>memory-cards </p></li></ul>