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  • 8/4/2019 How to Pronounce Them



    Sound cards are picture cues with each sound represented by a picture withassociated actions. Show the picture, say the line below for each and do the action in

    brackets as you produce the sound - each movement should be repeated each timeyou say the sound. Need to make it quite entertaining, use tone of voice, facial

    expression and hand and body movement! Also helps to make some physical contactwith child (e.g. for v - vacuum on their arms, h - let them touch the card, pretend

    its hot).

    a - "The ant goes a-a-a" (wriggle fingers on right hand like its the ants feet)b - "The bubbles go b-b-b" (use hand as bubbles that are bursting)

    c/k - "Eat your carrot, k-k-k" (mime eating a carrot and 'twist' carrot by mouth foreach k) BIG TIPshow your child to place his finger on his tongue, it makes the

    sound easier to maked - "The tap drips d-d-d" (mime water drops going down)

    e - "The egg goes e-e-e" (mime cracking an egg - use left hand as egg and rightfinger to 'crack' it)

    f- "The cat goes f-f-f" (mime cats claws scratching)g - "Drink your juice g-g-g" (put head back and mime cup with hand - drinking) BIG

    TIPshow your child to place his finger on his tongue, it makes the sound easier tomake.

    h - "THe fire is hot h-h-h" (put hand on fire picture and pull off quickly as if it is realand hot)

    i - "The mouse goes i-i-i" (mime being a small mouse - shoulder up, hands as paws)j - "jumping! j-j-j" (either actually jump or move your legs as if jumping, staying


    l - "singing! l-l-l" (mime conducting a choir with your index fingers)m - "eat your food m-m-m" (mime eating with a spoon)

    n - "mommy says n-n-n"o - "the bunny hops o-o-o" (make fingers hop as if bunny on the children)

    p - "the balloon goes p-p-p" (use had to show popping balloon - like bubbles action,but bigger)r - "the lion goes r-r-r" (mime big cat paws and use facial expression)

    s - "the snake goes sssss" (use finger as snake and move it towards children as ifsnake)

    t - "the watch goes t-t-t" (use index finger to point to watch and tap for each 't' as ifticking)

    ts - "spray the water ts-ts-ts" (pretend your finger is pressing spray bottle or use anactual spray bottle with water in)

    u - "the rocket goes u-u-u-up" (use finger to point up higher and higher with each'u')

    v - "the vacuum goes vvv...." (run hand over their arms as if its a vacuum)w - "the dog goes w-w-w" (use hand as barking dog)

    y - "the yo-yo goes y-y-y" (mime letting go and catching a yoyo)z - "the bee goes zzzz" (mime bee buzzing around them)

    sh be quiet shhh (in whispered voice with finger in front of lips)ch the train goes ch-ch-ch (use arms in alternating movement of train)

    th the teeth sound th-th-th (show tongue between teeth)