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Theory about how ed endings are pronounced.


  • How to pronounce the ed ending of regular verbs?

    In 3 ways:

    If the verb finishes in t or d, we pronounce /id/ want wanted mind minded If the verb finishes in f, k, p, s, sh, ch, or th, we pronounce /t/ laugh laughed fish fished ask asked If the verb finishes in b, g, j, l, m, n, z, v, ng or th, we pronounce /d/ love loved fry fried rob robbed Classify these verbs, put them in past, translate and pronounce them: Add, admit, answer, bless, check, close, describe, develop, explain, expect, face, guess, hope, invent, jump, launch, listen, miss, need, obey, push, remove, sneeze, trust, use, visit, walk, yawn.

    /id/ /t/ /d/